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  1. I had a black moor that was immobilized just like your fish. I was heartbroken every time I looked at her. It is a decision that you have to make on your own. Some people will not euthanize at all and feel that if she/he has the will to eat then they have the will to live. If you feel in your heart that it is time to let him go than that is the right decision for both of you. Good luck and you have my sympathy, and support for being there for him.
  2. I had one like that before. It means minimum I think but I allowed my water to go down an inch or so below due to evaporation. I also had it filled over the line and even submerged a little. I think they mean not to let the heater be exposed to air because it will overheat and burn out or break. In the end I left it on during a water change exposed to the air and it burned itself out and there was a burnt smell. edit: its not a submersible though if it has a water line also if you have HOB filters the lower water level is good to create bubbles/o2, just a little noisier.
  3. Well if it good for the fish I may just keep it. Does it require less WC or something? The full spectrum light simulates sunlight, when I bought the light I figured something like sunlight would be more natural. I know my nitrates have been so low as of late. UV sterilizers I know nothing about, so I don't see that in our future. An upgraded tank is more likely down the line when we get a house. I am away for 3 days and am curious how the water will look when I get home, gosh I worry about the little boogers when I am away.
  4. So an 80% wc solved the issue for now: What causes green floating algae in the tank? In my 3 years of goldfish keeping I have never experienced it. I think I have enough airation, I have two bubblers both rated for 20-30 gal tanks. I am not a fan of cloudy water. Is this something that is going to persist/permanent?
  5. Today the water got super cloudy again while I was at work today. I dont know whats going on. Its green like, I will attach a picture. Google seems better swimming around with fins acting fine. I am going to do a 80% water change now to straighten things out. Yes minimal feedings for sure while I am away. Shellbell4ever/hidr you think having them fed once or twice while away is enough? I am scared to introduce a plant in case or parasites but maybe a dip in 9:1 bleach will do the trick. As for the water quality it surprises me because usually things are pretty good. Sometimes a little cloudy before wc but not this bad. edit : I just found out my filters were off all day
  6. It is like a bacteria bloom, I dint know you could get them in a fully cycled tank though, it has been a while since any sort of cycle bump. I leave Oct 10th. Will be doing big wcs before leaving and leaving little food. Light is T5 24 watts.
  7. A-0 Nitrite-0 Nitrate-4-5 ph 7.6 (maintained through crushed coral) API/Hagen - Drops 78F 27gal - two years 2- 50 AQ (400gph) 80% Weekly Two telescopes 4-5inches(Peepers) and 5-6 inches(Google) Goldfish Plus waterconditioner, prime, melafix(stopped a few days ago) Try to feed twice daily but lately been feeding once daily as Google is floaty. Feed gel brine shrimp, frozen blood worms, Hikari Saki, homemade gel food. peas No new fish Google has clamped fins. Dorsal fin is down(somewhat) and tail fin is down(top part). Google is floaty and spends all day at the surface. Water quality seems to be an issue right now as well. Levels are fine but water is cloudy and has a green tinge. I just did a 30% wc to get by until I can do more. Since I got a full spectrum light strip I have had so much brown algea it has been unbeleivable. I don't think I am overfeeding, I try to keep with the two minute rule. Pellets make Google floaty. I am going away for 10 days and am leaving them in the hands of an inexperienced goldfish keeper. I was planning on doing a huge wc(90%) before leaving and leaving evenly distributed portions(hikari lionhead) to be fed daily, probably fast a day in there. Hopefully Google isnt sick here before I go away in a week and that she doesnt get too floaty when I am gone.
  8. What size is the big tank that you speak of? Giving experienced members a specific size may help them give you advice on their experience with those sorts of species in your tank. Gallons per fish rule in my opinion is something fish store employees will throw at you when you are buying fish, usually unreliable, especially when you are mixing many different types. My advice: start with a little and test your nitrates ( assuming a nitrogen cycle is established) and see the results. Stocking a tank shouldnt be about how much you can push the limits but about how you can manage the results.
  9. I second the turkey baster. Works like a charm
  10. Agreed with the others, take care of their nutritional requirements first and let them grow as they will.
  11. Thanks caitie I am working with melafix at the moment and it seems to be working. He was getting white fungus on his tail where before in another thread we chalked it up to breeding stars. But now it is more prevalent. I am not sure why he is so susceptible to this, I have clean healthy water.
  12. Well he has developed a little more white fungas type patches (small) on his body and on his tail fins. I bought some more Melafix 4 days ago and it seems to be clearing up again. Is Pimafix better for fungal infections?
  13. Everything is fine here. Just a lot of high winds and rain yesterday. Today is just a bit windy no power outages thank goodness. I am on my mobile device visiting northern new Brunswick. Hope all is well all. Toodley doo
  14. Oh my gosh stakos!! sorry for the bad vibes. Thank goodness you have a generator! I have heard people have left them run in their garages that are connected to the house and the carbon monoxide leaks into the house, just a heads up I am not sure where yours is. Hopefully you get power back soon, but you have kokos so that helps Good news Chrissy! you are lucky this time. I am heading up north after this blows over for a few days so luckily my HOBs stay filled up when they turn off, they usually start back up too after the power goes back on. Good ol AC. It is just windy and rainy right now nothing crazy yet. I'll have to turn the weather network back on and see whats going on. redfish: maybe you are going to the Dieppe location, not sure. The one on Mountain road is twice the size. They are on sale for $12 right now when usually they are $17. But yes going out right now is not a good idea!
  15. Yeah I am in NB too. Looks like NS got the worst. It has been downgraded to a tropical storm now. Still high winds and rain to be expected. It is raining and windy here. I am in Moncton and picked up the pump at PU. Yes here is hoping no power outages(fingers crossed)
  16. Thanks everybody I just got back from the store where I got some emergency supplies. I am going to do that WC before it hits, great idea, I was thinking the same. I picked up another spare battery air pump for the tropicals too.
  17. Well it looks like I am in the path of hurricane Earl. Looking like it will sweep through in about 4 hours. Rain up to 70mm and wind to 90km. Power outage is what I am thinking. I have a battery powered airstone which I am about to head out and get batteries. I know keeping the media wet is another thing to do during power outages. I have another tropical tank with two small platies and one mollie. I hope they will be okay.
  18. I have Epsom salt in the tank right now at 1/8 teaspoon per 10 gallons in my 27 gallon tank. I am going to start using aquarium salt (I am treating for fungus). Question is can I just do an 80% WC and then start the aquarium salt? I know the two salts cant be mixed so am I going to have to do a 100% WC before the changeover? I hate doing 100% WC because I don't like handling my fish. Thanks.
  19. Thanks RD I will be ordering some lionhead soon. And probably some more Saki. Thanks for letting me know.
  20. That is the coolest video I have ever seen!!
  21. Thanks for the info for sure It doesnt sound like the food for me given the size, nutritional value, and floating. I am limited to what I can mail order in canada. I like the Hikarir Saki but just wanted to try something different. I can get Lionhead and Oranda Gold but they sound like specialty foods for those types of fish, not telescopes
  22. I am finding this product in the koi section. It says it is for koi and larger goldfish. Could I feed this to my telescopes? They are 5 inch and 6 inch including tail, with one of them having a tiny mouth. Also if you do feed this to your goldies what is your experience with it?
  23. If you have an impeller cleaning brush they fit down into the test tubes and clean them well.
  24. If you have just the one goldfish a 50 gallon filter is enough for the 30 gallon. Just my opinion.
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