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  1. I am so happy. I finally have some nitrite and nitrate readings!!!! That "cycle" product from Nutrafin I think did something.
  2. Oscar is so funny, he is half blind and follows Fry around to find the food. I am going to try and get a hold of some Prime. There is a pet shop about half an hour from here that I got my kits at. Thanks for the filter advice, I have gathered some good advice here. I am about to do a water change and my ammonia is at 1.5, I am trying to get it lower but I guess I need a new tank or a rubbermaid! peace
  3. thanks for helping me out with my water situation. I just did a water change and used some "Cycle" conditioner along with my "Aqua Plus". I am about to check the water for ammonia but I am letting the tank turn first. So I have to keep the ammonia down, got it:) Should I use the cycle stuff every water change? It says to use it every week but if I am changing the water every day what do I do? My fish are a Red Cap Oranda(fry) and a Black Moor (oscar). They both look to be double tails however Oscar is missing a piece of one of his(I got him that way). They are each about 3 inches long. So I should get Prime? Is it the same as Cycle? I am thinking of upgrading to a bigger tank. I can see how the waste these fish produce can toxify the water and a bigger tank would at least help dilute it in some sense. Perhaps I should get a 20 gallon rubbermaid container like you said with a bigger filter. Does having them in a rubbermaid make it hard to see them? Should I be changing the filter more often, would that help?
  4. Thanks for your replies! I now realize I shouldnt have two goldfish to a 10 gallon, I had three and one died. My ammonia is about 2-4ppm when I do a water change. When I change the filter(once a month) I rinse the bio filter with tap water. For water conditioner I am using Aqua Plus from Nutrafin. I just went out and bought Cycle by Nutrifin, it was the only product I could find that helps with cycling. So I gather from your replys I should be doing water changes daily? The filter is an Aqua-tech 5/15.
  5. I have had my aquarium for 2 months now. I do about 40% water change every 3 days. My ammonia levels shows up fine with the test kists but I still get no reading with the Nitrites or Nitrates. I have 2 goldfish in a 10 Gallon tank. The expiriry dates on the kits are in 2010. Should I use prime to help it cycle? What should or shouldn't I be doing?
  6. Thanks a bunch! My next investment will be an airstone and hopefully the next one will be a 20 gallon tank.
  7. Thanks a bunch! This was very helpful.
  8. Is it safe to add water from the tap into a bucket, add water conditioner and then put in tank without it sitting overnight? I have to do this because if I let the water sit overnight the temperature is well below the tank temperature. I have to use warm water from the tap. I am on well water so there is no chlorine.
  9. Hi I am new to keeping goldfish and I was wondering if an air stone is needed? I have a 10 gallon tank with two goldfish. I bought the fish and tank before I learned the 10 gallon per fish rule.
  10. Thanks Nenn! You are very knowledgeable and I appreciate your advice. I am really enjoying my goldfish, it is really funny to watch them chase each other around the tank.
  11. Thanks for your speedy reply Nenn I have been reading "Cycle of the Tank" and I am wondering why I have no Nitrite or Nitrate reading? The tank is 15 days old and I should be getting at least some Nitrite reading. I started feeding them peas today because the salesperson at Wal Mart said I should as Oscar might have a swim bladder infection. He is pooping air bubbles and floating. Also she reccommended lettuce, what kind of lettuce should I get? I am going to do another water change tonight. The water has seemed cloudy these past few days, any idea what is causing this? I look forward to your reply:)
  12. Ammonia 1.0 Nitrite and Nitrate trace PH 7.6 10 Gallon Tank running for 14 days Aqua Tech filter 5-15 Change 25% water every two days 2 fish in the tank, 1 red cap oranda and 1 black moor both small fish about 2.5 inches long I use Aqua Plus water conditioner I feed them flake food. fed them peas once. fed them tubifex worms today. I have just started this hobby and have had the fish for two weeks oh yeah I had two red cap orandas when I started but one died last week.
  13. Hey there I am new to this forum and goldfish. My black moor's poop has air bubbles in it and he spends most of his time at the top of the water. Any ideas what is wrong with him?
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