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  1. Thanks for the info. I fed some brussel sprouts and kiwi the other day. He seems to do better off the pellets.
  2. The gulping at the surface is beyond the normal amount that I have observed in the past. The only chance I get to see the behavior after feeding is not very often, as I work a weird shift so he usually gets fed on the way to work or before his bed. At night I get to see a little of what goes on. He usually gulps for a few hours and then floats for hours. I slept on the couch last night and woke 5 hours after his feeding. He was still floaty but not gulping. By morning he is usually fine but I am noticing a little bottom sitting lately in the morning, he might be sleeping but he is usually pretty active at that time. Last nights feeding was three jumpstart pellets. He could be sensitive after the round of Jumpstart as it is a pellet and can stop him up. I am mixing it up again with the gel food, peas. I am worried because I saw white poop about a week ago for a few days. I am scared something internal again. The gill plate has always been curled on both sides. There is some spinach in his gel food, I'll have to try some cucumber. Thanks
  3. I took the glass beads out of the tank and when they dried out they sure stunk, I assume they were harboring some bacteria. His tail is healing pretty good. He seems to spend quite a bit of time on the surface gulping the surface after feeding. I worry as this was the behavior before he got sick before. I just hope one of his organs is not being attacked. I am starting to cut back on the Jumpstart because that seems to make him floaty more than the gel food and such. I feed him oranges about three times a week. Not sure what else has good vitamin C, kiwis I hear, broccoli?
  4. I am in the north end as well. My tank will drop to 6.0 at the end of my weekly wc schedule. I use crushed coral to maintain about 7.8-8.0 and Goldfish Plus water conditioner to get it to around 7.8 during wc. I want to try Buff It Up to help with the ph problems I have with our water. I get so frustrated with our water with its low kh/gh. I didn't notice any drop in the tap ph, but I hadn't been testing it too much as I use the Goldfish Plus to get it to 7.8ish
  5. Thanks all for your replies I did use a gallon of bottled spring water for topping up the tank. I used some prime just to be safe. It had a ph of 6.5. Never thought of boiling it and allowing it to cool, lol, I guess that's what a boil order is. I forgot Red you were in the same city. The order was lifted yesterday at 4 pm. Do you get a soft water with ph of 7.0 as well?
  6. A water main broke in our community so there is now a boil order for a few days. I just need to top my tank up a gallon or two. Just a silly question, I am sure it's okay, but can I use spring water?
  7. It must be the marbles and rocks with the algae on them that is causing the bacteria. Do you think? They have been in the tank for two years and have never been scrubbed off. They mostly have brown stuff on them but there is a little green as well. Do you think it is mold? I thought it was just green algae.
  8. Filters and intakes are spotless, I scrub once a month. The only place I can think of would be the airstone I have tucked in the corner. Or could be the marbles and rocks I have on the bottom, they have lots or brown and green stuff growing on them. Fresh foods as in fruits and veggies right? Thanks edit : also the media bags I use are kind of old, I scrub them though.
  9. His tail is not getting any better, actually kind of worse. Its not really like something on the surface of the tail but like the tail itself is white on that edge. Salt history: .3% for 10 days, .2% for 4 days and now .1% for the past 11 days. The discoloration has been there for about two months. Any help would be great I am not sure what this is. The salt doesn't seem to help and I tried Pimafix before that.
  10. I've had to make some modifications to hang on back filters before with extended pieces of plastic and of the such to have them sit lower. Perhaps you can find something to modify the design so it sits lower. The LFS sometimes sells suction cups that you might be able to modify to fit the heater, or something along those lines. I always save all the parts from all my old equipment in case I need something.
  11. Okay great The salt is at .1% now. Jumpstart starts tomorrow. Here is his tail: you can see the edge there where it is white. I am not sure what this is he has had it for a while now.
  12. Thanks for checking in with me helen He is doing much better. The fungus on his head is gone. I salted .3% for 10 days and then cut it to .2% for 4 days. I am thinking of salting at .2% for a little while longer to be sure, but I might just remove it today with my wc. He still has white markings on his tail, I don't think it is fungus as it should be gone by now. The MM ends today as it has been 14 days and I will use Jumpstart for a while now. I'll get a photo of his tail later after my wc.
  13. As far as agression towards a new fish I have never had any problems introducing baby fish in with adults. I guess it depends on the fish as well, some can be more agressive during feeding time. I personally like to have one male and one female together as they can take part in breeding behavior. I don't know much about sexing goldfish but I think it is hard when they are tiny. The main thing to look for there is the anal vent. If it like an "outie" belly button then it is a female, an "innie" would be a male.
  14. I do an 80% water change and leave the fish in the tank. Just make sure you don't pour the water right on top of them when re-filling the tank, and pour it back in gently.
  15. Here is how he looks today: The picture is blurry and distorted (it is so hard to get a good picture) but it kind of shows how things are. The fungus is mostly gone on his head and it looks like a little wen on his head. There is still some fungus on his fins. How long am I to salt the tank? Until no more signs of fungus and then some? Glad its not Hole in the Head.
  16. Double post alert, lol. I just like to follow up with my threads when new information arises. I received the test color chart in the mail from Hagen, it took no time at all. Hagen was so great to send me the chart. As they stated the varience between printers can result in incorrect readings so I thought I would post the results of my printer: Not a huge difference, but I can see a few spots where incorrect readings would come out like in the fresh water reading 5.5 could be confused with 5.0 on the my printed version. I guess with the varience in printers, scanners, cameras and even monitors can throw off the colors. I am in no way complaining about the help I got from catie with the color chart, it helped big time. Just an FYI for everyone
  17. lol, glad you guys like him. I'll pass it along Yeah things are going well. He is back to himself on his fins. So really possibly it just could have been fungus and a wen growth instead of Hole in the Head? Do ya think? I don't know why the bottom sitting though. Either way it's been two days on the MM, so I have to stay the course with that. I didnt know it could be used a month apart, which is good to know, unless I got that wrong as always thank you
  18. Thanks Trinket for responding to my PM, it is well appreciated I tried to rub some off gently but nothing came off. It could be because there is not much there now, just a thin layer, I think the salt is working. He is much better today swimming around normally, a big change of how he was yesterday. I fed the MM for a day and a half now. Here is an updated pic (a little blurry) but I think you can see the fungusy type stuff is getting better. Thanks again
  19. He does seem better now since I got off work. He is still on the bottom but he gets up when you come close to the tank and begs for food. Which is better than this morning when he wouldnt get off the bottom at all. I want to feed the MM again tonight, he had a feeding this morning. I am still wondering if he can be started on this again. I'll certianly up the wc while he is sick. But for maintence I hear lots of members do 80% a week and that is enough. His Nitrates are always low and I have good filtration. Two 75% a week seems excessive for one fish in a 27 gallon. Thanks for all your help and concern
  20. Okay I just did a 50% wc and brought the salt to .3% ( I already had it at .2%) I did do a feeding of MM a couple of hours ago. I will wait for a mod about continuing with that though. i'll pm one tonight if I havent heard then. I am off to work... Thanks
  21. I think he might just be bottom sitting as a result of the disease. He doesnt seem bloated. I am about to do a 50% wc, all I have time for before work, and bring the salt to .3%. And keep up with MM and see how that goes. Waterchanges have been pretty consistent at 80% weekely. Oh yeah and I used MM not too long ago, is that going to lead to resistant bacteria?
  22. Thanks Guys I have been using the Pimafix for about a week now, the little bottle I bought is almost all gone. He seemed to handle it fine, but it never helped with any of the fungus type stuff. He didnt used to be sensitive to salt, but I just did raise it to .2% last night and now today this bottom sitting. Medigold I can get here in about 3-4 days if I order today. Stuff is going to run me $40 bucks but you say it is better for fungial eh? Do you think I should run MM for the 3-4 days until MediGold? Not sure what do you think? Salt and MM, or MediGold alone.
  23. Sorry about all the posts but I have been researching and all the symptoms are there for Hole in the Head disease. I am about to feed MM, bring the salt to .3%. and turn off the tank light.
  24. He has that white stuff all over the top of his head and just behind that near the top of the gills, also on his tail fin a little. Today I am worried, he is cuddled in a corner facing the back of the tank motionless. He wont come out. Iam treating with the Pimafix and .2% salt right now. Is it okay to start the Metro Meds? Edit: Here is a picture I got of him in the corner, you can see the affected area on his head. I coxed him out of the corner with my hand, he is very lethargic and went right back in the corner.
  25. I will most likely give things a rinse in diluted bleach now seeing that eggs can live dry. I heard that some parisites may not affect some fish but for another it may, given that I would assume to sterilize even if the fish were not showing symptoms. I wonder how long they live dry. Sounds like some sort of super organism from a movie, can't think of one now.
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