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  1. No need to soak pellets in warm water. Just use tank water, that way you won't have to de-chlorinate the water every time. Unless you are heating up tank water
  2. Hey I talk to my fish! Doesn't that make them people?
  3. Finding parts for it is relatively easy as well, if you need to extend the intake tube for example.
  4. So sorry for your loss I know how hard it is to lose a friend. I just wanted to add for reference purposes: I use the whole bottle (8ml) with about 200ml water shake it up really good and add it to 1 liter of water that the fish is in. No movement or breathing after 30 seconds and the fish passes peacefully.
  5. Well I buried Google about a month ago. I had to keep her frozen until the ground had thawed. I bought a little wooden box at the dollar store and some material(the same color as her). I placed her in the box and buried her next to Oscar my Black Moor that had passed the year before. I had some marbles that she used to move around the tank and put them in a vase that I used for plants for the grave marker. Her box: With the liner: And the resting place: I hope this gives anyone ideas about how to remember their loved one.
  6. Don't they know it loses half its value as soon as they drive it off the lot
  7. YAY for Koko!! I love this site, this might be the only good thing that came out of a bowl.
  8. My experience/advice: Make sure all your test kits are up to date, i.e. not expired. Keep ammonia less than .25 Try Nutrifin Cycle - it helps big time. Be patient. I believe overstocked tanks take longer to cycle. Try not to disturb the filter until you are cycled, unless water flow is restricted. Feed sparingly. If you have no nitrates/nitrites you lost your cycle, not something I would call a bump. Since you are now cycling all over again the process can take up to 6 weeks. What type of filter are you using? What is your water temperature?
  9. I didn't clarify my response, sorry. I meant as in electrocuting the fish.
  10. I am not disagreeing with anyone, I think you should take everyone's advice. I am just sharing my experiences here. I have had three air pumps running for almost 4 years and I have never installed a check valve. We loose power here in New Brunswick all the time. I have never had a problem. My air pumps rest on the floor so there is no chance of the water ever reaching the plug/socket. Also just wondering, I am not an electrician here, but I didn't know electricity can travel through rubber. If you plug in your pump into a power bar with a trip circuit, and ground plug this would never happen anyway. My Might be worth the couple bucks for a check valve though, if you want to be sure
  11. Thanks for the link I don't see any for my area though The silverfish are gone for now, hopefully it will stay that way although the exterminator said they might. Yeah that would be nice, I wish I could eliminate the moisture around here. We live in a ground floor apartment building and the humidity/moisture gets bad starting this time of year. With all the snow melted and the rain. The lawn outside the building gets really soggy and stays that way till about mid summer, We have improper drainage here. We have a de-humidifier to help and a window air conditioner in the summer. Its a real hassle for sure. But nothing short of moving is not going to solve our moisture problem. Believe me we did our reading as well.
  12. Oops I meant to say one fancy in a 20 gallon. My bad. I was thinking about the olden days at kokos, lol.
  13. I think the signs are an excellent idea! I worry though they will scare off potential goldfish hobbyists. How many of us started out overstocked and undereducated? And look at us now. I believe for the signs they should state the bare minimum and then preferred or ideal conditions, not one or the other. I feel that if someone could just afford a 10 gallon and one fancy that would be better than getting scared away from the hobby. I also think, as mentioned on the forum before, that a phamplet should be available and given to customers to take with them on goldfish care.
  14. I never thought of that. I better let the wife know it's not. Oh and Peepers absolutely loves it. It didn't even make him floaty, and believe me he floats on almost anything.
  15. My caps get loose and tend to leak as well. They seem to get worse over time. My older ones leak the worst.
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