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  1. She sure is a pretty girl and she has that Aussie grin and has the ears too. Aussies have that natural shyness at first then they want to be with their people all the time. It's a good bet that she has Aussie in her. I love the picture with the antlers. Very cute! Thanks for the pictures. She is adorable. Carli
  2. IF my tank ever cycles they will escape from the quarantine tank and go into their new home.
  3. Totally safe. Mine don't interact with the fish.
  4. I like the clear containers and the plants look so healthy. Pretty!
  5. Great idea. Pretty tank and fish Looking forward to see how this works out.
  6. I leave mine out all year but they start getting active when the water temps are 55-60, and the water plants are putting out new growth. Ideally you would want the filter bio to be active and growing. Acclimate the fish carefully and slowly. Try to match water parameters as closely as possible..temp, ph. Fish will eat their spawn more so than the 3-4 inchers. I keep big koi with small Wakins and they do fine. They ignore each other but when the adult Wakins spawn the eggs are gone in a flash.
  7. Clean it but leave any thick furry carpet algae on the sides. Barebottom is best for the same reason as in aquariums. Remove the water and replace. Just like an aquarium do partial water changes. Find and clean your pump and or filter. If you are only going to keep 2 fish in there and you intend to have plants in there then you probably won't need a filter, just a pump over rock to help aerate. Don't buy plants, I can send you some in the spring. Go to Americanponders.com and read. They are more into the goldfish and watergardening part of ponding than the koi sites and in the spring they have members that send plants for postage. Kat (a member) has nice prices on waterlilies too. As for the screen, get some bird netting, the kind used to cover fruit trees. Nothing is 100%, raccoons will go under it to fish, herons will stab through it but it's better than nothing. A scarecrow, a motion activated sprinkler is a good but slightly pricey alternative. A dog outside is a great deterrant. For sure you should have something set up in the pond for the goldies to hide in. I have heavy lily coverage but I also have a crate that the lily pot sits on and they hide in there. Just be aware that even with the best of precautions fish loss to predation is possible so if you really love them you might consider a couple of feeders for the pond and keep the fancies in the house. I know that sounds bad but it's realistic. Carli
  8. Thanks I'd be glad to help when you're ready
  9. Glad your tanks cycled Lolafish DeAnna, I'm in the same boat you are..patiently waiting and waiting and waiting.. Carli
  10. There are some Aussies with a laid back personality and some that need a job and take their responsibilities very seriously. I have one of each. Mags is the yard guardian and nothing gets in that she doesn't chase right back out. Molly on the other hand is content to be a house dog and only goes out to take care of business and one episode of perfunctory barking early morning to make sure everything knows that she's available to back up Mags Neither of them try to get in the pond but they consider it a big water bowl. Do you have a pic of your Aussie? Carli
  11. I agree. I got my 75 gallon with stand, canopy, rocks, lighting and filter for $200. Excellent deal.
  12. From the position of the tube I think that it's connected to a submersible pump on the bottom of the pond and it runs water over the rock for little waterfall. Look for the electrical cord. Cleaned but not scrubbed it will be a nice home for your finned kids. Carli
  13. Cute video, well done Beautiful healthy goldies too. Nice! Carli
  14. I like the pattern, nicely distributed. Is the red a deep red or more of an orange red? Hard to tell from pictures. The wen is not overpowering, smooth nice curve and good tail tuck. Sure not an expert but I like the overall appearance of your fish and it looks like it moves nicely in the water. Carli
  15. If that pond has an EDPM liner and you drain it be aware that sunlight will damage the liner over time. They are UV resistant but really need to be under water to avoid UV deterioration. Also, children can drown in as little as 18 inches of water so a sturdy fence with a lock is imperative I would think. As for taking care of a pond, the larger the body of water the more stable and easier to care for. I've never had problems with my ponds. I've had lots of problems with keeping the water happy in an aquarium. Carli
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