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  1. i am thinking of a 2x2 ft pond just to keep a few simple fishes, more of a decorative item in the house. just for fun
  2. cool... going to try tat out!
  3. oh, u mean i should remove the zeolite to increase the ammonia level? but for how long then should i place them back? i have been adding baking soda everyday to raise the pH up to 7. but it will go back down to 3 or 4 the next day...
  4. oh my god... i feel sad and sorry for u, if i were u, at least let me find the bones or something... at least a part of the fins? it cant be missing just like tat?
  5. oh, FYI. i only have 3 fishes... 1 oranda, 1 red and white ranchu and 1 black ranchu. my tank is abt 2 ft x 1 ft x 1.5 ft
  6. i pretty sure its not the tap water... but i am trying to guess if my ammonia is not rising might be due to the zeolite rocks in my filter. should i remove them so that the ammonia level goes up and my pH can stabalize?
  7. I am in a dilemma now, I am planning to move in my new flat in less than 6 months. But my concern now is what to do with my fish tank? I am thinking of putting a small pond with a little fountain. But this way I can enjoy my fishes as I used to in front of my fish tank. Please, give me some advice?
  8. look like everyone seems to like looking at their fishes... same here!
  9. the tap water seems fine. now my fishes are getting better, i added half a teaspoon of baking soda and tested the water until it reached 6-7ppm pH. but for the past few days it seems the pH will drop again gradually. do i have to keep adding bit by bit everyday if the pH will to drop?
  10. OMG?! you better do something to tat tank of yours! pls do provide the details of the water conditions as stated so that the appropriate help could be suggested and implemented soon... :phone
  11. i know its no use swearing... just feel so tired coming back from work and all you wish to see is your fishes all happy. i managed to find out the ammonia and nitrite levels are 0ppm. have added baking soda into the tank... hope to see the water getting better... but dont you worry cos i have quarantined my fishes to a smaller tank for the time being and constantly monitoring their conditions. wat else do i need to check?
  12. i am so pissed off... used to have this problem of high ammonia level and low pH few months back. i managed to resolved this problem by putting lots of Zeolite in my filter. now i have 0 ammonia and nitrite which should be alright for the fishes but the pH level drops to a low of 4.5!! now i have to remove my fishes to quarantine them till i fixed my bloody tank.
  13. using corals and shells to buffer the water? i tot its not a good idea to use corals? why do you recommend that?
  14. ah, there it is. this was the topic i started about the question on high ammonia levels that didnt kill my fishes. maybe you are right on the lower pH level...
  15. oh, tat explains why my fishes are still ok even when the ammonia levels are high from one of the topics i started before fi5hkiller. so why not we use pH-down instead of pH-up lotions to keep the danger levels of ammonia lower in our tanks?
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