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  1. I'm going out of town for about a week! I won't have internet access . . . Now's the time for you to post a bunch, so your posts out number mine, and you get a better chance at winning!
  2. Happy Lunch-Time Everyone! Oh and remember . . . "Every post is an ticket into the drawing" So post up! The more you post the better your chance to win a Koi !
  3. Happy Monday to you! Almost dinner time again!
  4. 'Bout to have dinner! Have a good night everyone!
  5. After Monday, my weekend starts! Have a great week everyone!
  6. Gotta clean the fish tank today or Monday! 🙂
  7. Super cool Koko, those Koi are beautiful! Your give aways are always so fun!
  8. I'd like your thoughts on Aquarium Filter VS Pond Filter for a large tank. I'm mostly referencing Aquarium Canister Filters, but any Aquarium Filter can be considered. Please share your thoughts and experience.
  9. That's crazy, totally new to me! I found this info: https://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/publication/FA181
  10. I'll shoot this question to all of you keepers with better fish disease knowledge than me, but could those growths be removed? Like maybe in the same manner that a wen is trimmed?
  11. Wowza! That's like bullets or meteorites falling from the sky! Glad you are OK! Good Luck with the Roof!
  12. That's some irresponsible fish dealings that they have going on. Good luck with the one that made it! Did you let them know what happened?
  13. I was looking at this fish website and they have one goldfish for sale with messed up eyes. Any idea what's wrong with it? Here are photos from that website, I can't believe they are asking $36.00 for it! I've been watching their fish for a few months and I've never seen a bad looking fish like this poor goldfish!
  14. Good Luck to you and your fishies!
  15. I've never kept them, tell us more! What makes them "such entertaining fish"?
  16. Meh, I don't think the lil pumpkin (size of a golf ball) is going to take. It's starting to shrivel. I'll keep trying!
  17. I think the pumpkin is a 'big max' pumpkin. They could grow up to 100 lbs, but I doubt mine will get that big. But we'll see! Super lovely!! Those iris are poppin'!
  18. I think a pumpkin is starting to grow on my pumpkin vine!
  19. Went to the Beach today! Had a yummy Crab Cake for lunch!
  20. That is hilarious! lol
  21. Love the tank photos! You two are doing great!
  22. It's getting late, I've got to get ready for bed. 'Night everyone!
  23. Woah, those are luxurious! You really are doing all sorts of cool stuff with your paint pours!
  24. Sounds like an invitation . . . Watermelon Party at Kokos! Wear your Hawaiian shirts!
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