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  1. Looks amazing! What is the final plan? Did I miss that info somewhere? How many gallons do you expect to have?
  2. Halloween is tomorrow and I'm excited! We'll be dressing up as Spooky Scarecrows!
  3. That is fantastic! I'm excited to see what you do! Good Luck!
  4. I agree, first photo looks like fish lice, but I would like to see a clearer photo. However, I can show you some photos of fish lice to help your ID at home. I think they are cute, but I wouldn't want them on my pet fish. Good Luck with your new Goldfish Adventure!
  5. Nope, not trying to subtly find out if you are over stocked. If I wanted to ask that, I'd do it outright. But I still want to see a full pond photo! It's been months longer than I had planned, but I am still trying to get my indoor pond system(s) set up and I love seeing what others are working with to get ideas.
  6. Wow, lovely fish! I do like those "larger blocks of color" too, and your fish totally have that! They look big, maybe I missed it above, but how large are they? Also, any chance you'd post a picture of your whole pond? Those plants look great! About how many more fish can your pond handle? Are you just looking to add one Black, White and a Yellow?
  7. I love the fact that we are having an intelligent conversation where nobody is getting angry or rude. 🥰 I wonder . . . is it possible that the pictured fry (above) will develop Snake coloration? As we all know, many goldfish gain and lose color as they grow. Why would that be different for Snake coloration?
  8. Thanks! I love those koi! I'm happy to win, I did want a lil more competition though! I'll message you Koko!
  9. I'd suggest posting on Craigslist for someone who has an active pond that may be able to accommodate your fish. You'd also get to check out their setup upon delivery. Good Luck!
  10. Um . . . NextDayKoi does have "see what you get" individual fish (and group) listings. Did you check their website? Let me get that link for you: https://nextdaykoi.com/koi-fish/goldfish/pond-goldfish/ And remember, they update every few weeks to a month, so if something is low in a category, it will be filled soon enough. As for Blue Ridge . . . lol . . . they supply NextDayKoi with fish! I'll get that webpage for you as well: https://nextdaykoi.com/about/our-suppliers/ Hopefully those links help you with your research; you should really explore their website. As for RainGarden, I've tried Emailing them, I think Koko even tried emailing them, but they give no reply. On their website, they said "fish will not be available for sale again until late 2020 or early 2021" but that has gone and past. I'd be (pleasantly) surprised if they came back, and if they did . . . I'd buy a breeding group of their yellow fish! http://www.raingarden.us/goldfish.htm Another goldfish supplier that had yellow goldfish (sometimes) was DandyOrandas, but I think they are closed too. They used to have auctions on weekends, but I keep forgetting to check on the weekend! There was also a seller on Ebay called lewnews that had Yellows sometimes. But I haven't checked his listings for several years (except for just now, but I didn't see any yellow fish tonight). I do have a source for Yellows from a private guy. He used to sell on GetGills, but I haven't seen him posting there in a while. I'm hoping to buy from him, once I have my new setup ready. However, I do have his email. Send me a PM and I'll give you his info. Note, I have no idea what his reputation is, but he was nice and very informative when we talked via email. Good Luck!
  11. Only 2 hours till the Painted Koi Give Away ends!! Check the link and Post up now! https://kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/topic/136850-painted-koi-give-away/ Good Luck!
  12. You're welcome. I want to bring people in to "play" for the Koi. Sure I want to win, but I want others to win too!
  13. Just a couple more days before this ends! Get your posts in to win! The more you post, the better your chance! Ask questions, tell stories, comment about your day or your fish!
  14. Your anubias wall looks great! Super good start, I'm looking forward to seeing how it grows in! Please keep the updates coming and good luck!
  15. Hey there! I'm also a fan of long bodied fish. I had not heard of Blackwater Creek, but after checking them out, they do seem to have some beautiful goldfish in unusual colors. Please post photos of the fish you got from them! Good to hear they have good customer service. As for another source, I'd suggest checking out NextDayKoi. They offer black, white and apricot color goldfish (pure yellow is difficult to find in the USA) and many others. Their sock changes once a month to every few weeks. They also offer different fish (goldfish and koi) on their ebay page. I haven't bought fish from them yet, but I've been watching their website for a long while now. Good Luck on your search!
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