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  1. I agree, looks like a color change in progress. The color of the wen looks like it's changing too! I'm excited to see what color(s) your fish will end up! Keep us posted!
  2. Thank you SOOO much for this! This is the key to the puzzle we've all been piecing together! I used a website translator, and the name of the fish is Kumanomi Goldfish (Anemonefish Goldfish)! Found several photos of fish like this and some info (had to translate for that also)! Thank you everyone for piecing this together! I am stunned by these fish! Here are other good sites with photos! https://ameblo.jp/fairlady-sp310/entry-11867458289.html http://toukatukingyo.blog.shinobi.jp/金魚/クマノミキンギョちゃん http://www.gyoogle.net/wakin1/kumanomi.html Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jikin_goldfish I'm so thrilled to find that these fish are real!!!!
  3. That is really such a great recovery! You've done a great job! I'm not sure what to think about the markings under his scales. Maybe scarring but I am hardly the expert on sick or injured fish. But please continue the updates!
  4. From what I remember, when I would feed them to goldfish, they are hard and air filled. You could soak them for a bit and then squish them to push out some of the air bubbles, I used to do that. But I'd suggest Mysis Shrimp, they are softer and contain less air. They are sold by many of the common companies, at many common fish food stores. Both dry and frozen, but frozen is best. Check out a size comparison from dried Gammarus - baby shrimp (top) vs dried Mysis shrimp (bottom) next to a dime: Hope this helps, Good Luck! .
  5. JELLYFISH!!! I like it! Super cool! OH my gosh! Congrats!!!! Adorable!
  6. Cute littles! I like how you kept that veto power over the names. lol
  7. Wow, thanks for that source! I'd never heard of Tricker Water Gardens before. Actually, I've found a source for Yellows that I'm going to buy from (he sent me some videos and they are SUPER YELLOW and BIG) . . . but I'm keeping it a secret for now! The guy has limited stock (about 23 fish) and I want to get mine before I post his business info. If the fish are nice, and the experience is good, I will want to support him and I'll be glad to share the resource!
  8. Wow, I really thought you were in bad shape, but things are looking up! Good job helping the fish out! Keep it up!
  9. To help us, help you, please check out this link, and answer the questions! Good Luck! https://kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/topic/116133-help-request-check-list/
  10. Totally makes sense, but doesn't make sense. lol
  11. I looked up invision, and I gather that they design websites and forums or something along the lines of that?
  12. I don't know much about how this works, but what makes "https://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com" no longer usable? Why does it cause an error to happen? What changed?
  13. Well, if you ever miss them, I'll send them back. And I just want to be sure, does that purchase go towards the fund raiser? It's not bad when you have to get food from a church, its just what we have to do for the moment. And think of it this way . . . Its great the church is there and it's great that there is food! It could always be better, but it could always be worse (And it could always be worse, but it could always be better!). That thought helps me out sometimes.
  14. I just made an etsy order from your store! I'm also going to PM you some links now. Let's keep this place going!
  15. The seller's feedback looks good, so I imagine he/she is buying the fish and flipping them, which I have no problem with. It's the fact that he/she is claiming that they are "imported" and he/she should be using photos that they took of the fish. But yeah, I notified Next Day Koi about it, and they are going to ask the person to remove their photos. As for getting the fish, I'll buy from Next Day Koi once my stock tanks are setup and ready for fish! I may have to wait till they get some more of those "Creamsicle" types I like. I'm also going to get some Lemon Yellow Hibuna goldfish that I found from another seller. The Lemon Yellows look like the types Rain Garden used to offer! .
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