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  1. Cool cool. When would it start and how do we cover shipping if we get something?
  2. Acro


    Cool, I hope to message you around that time to make some plans!
  3. I am really liking this thread! Congrats on the rice fish, fixing the leak and . . . chickens!
  4. Give Aways are always fun! How would it work?
  5. Acro


    If you can wait till mid to late May, I'll take them! But if you can rehome them before that, then please do so. I think you already know that I'm in GA.
  6. Wow . . . That's so funny! Does feeding citrus affect acidity of the water much?
  7. Ahh yes, I remember. I didn't connect that those were your photos. So lovely! I'll post the link to make it easier for others to see if interested: https://kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/topic/133660-sunset-feeding-time/?tab=comments#comment-2053327
  8. Huh! I've never heard of that! But hey, that's what this forum is about, learning new things and sharing!
  9. Hey Justine! Welcome to the Forum! I had 2 cats and one recently passed away, but I'm hoping to get another cat soon, so my current cat isn't lonely. And a funny thing, I haven't had a goldfish in about 3 or 4 years but I still come on this goldfish forum! lol However, I hope to keep goldfish again soon, maybe in a few months after I set up my big tank. It's fantastic that you went to help out that fishie! It's totally you, and you're awesome for that. Congrats on the new baby! It's you! Come back! Wow, lol Even your font is different.
  10. That looks like a nice setup! Can you post a picture of the whole thing?
  11. Are you joking? I've never heard of that . . .
  12. Good Luck! Please post more photos when it's up and running! Rice Fish!
  13. Acro

    Free Seeds!

    Yes, you can eat all of them and they are all pretty good eating! I can't believe I forgot to mention that! Let me know if you want some seeds!
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