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  1. Cute littles! I like how you kept that veto power over the names. lol
  2. Wow, thanks for that source! I'd never heard of Tricker Water Gardens before. Actually, I've found a source for Yellows that I'm going to buy from (he sent me some videos and they are SUPER YELLOW and BIG) . . . but I'm keeping it a secret for now! The guy has limited stock (about 23 fish) and I want to get mine before I post his business info. If the fish are nice, and the experience is good, I will want to support him and I'll be glad to share the resource!
  3. Wow, I really thought you were in bad shape, but things are looking up! Good job helping the fish out! Keep it up!
  4. To help us, help you, please check out this link, and answer the questions! Good Luck! https://kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/topic/116133-help-request-check-list/
  5. Totally makes sense, but doesn't make sense. lol
  6. I looked up invision, and I gather that they design websites and forums or something along the lines of that?
  7. I don't know much about how this works, but what makes "https://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com" no longer usable? Why does it cause an error to happen? What changed?
  8. Well, if you ever miss them, I'll send them back. And I just want to be sure, does that purchase go towards the fund raiser? It's not bad when you have to get food from a church, its just what we have to do for the moment. And think of it this way . . . Its great the church is there and it's great that there is food! It could always be better, but it could always be worse (And it could always be worse, but it could always be better!). That thought helps me out sometimes.
  9. I just made an etsy order from your store! I'm also going to PM you some links now. Let's keep this place going!
  10. The seller's feedback looks good, so I imagine he/she is buying the fish and flipping them, which I have no problem with. It's the fact that he/she is claiming that they are "imported" and he/she should be using photos that they took of the fish. But yeah, I notified Next Day Koi about it, and they are going to ask the person to remove their photos. As for getting the fish, I'll buy from Next Day Koi once my stock tanks are setup and ready for fish! I may have to wait till they get some more of those "Creamsicle" types I like. I'm also going to get some Lemon Yellow Hibuna goldfish that I found from another seller. The Lemon Yellows look like the types Rain Garden used to offer! .
  11. Hey, It looks like spilled dechlorinator. A moist (with water) clean sponge or paper towel should remove it easily. Good Luck.
  12. I decided not to buy from this ebay seller! Be sure to check both links. LOL Good for him/her for reselling, but shame on him/her for the lies. (I hope I'm allowed to post these links) https://nextdaykoi.com/shop/goldfish/pond-goldfish/sarasa-comet/6-creamsicle-sarasa-comet-16/ https://www.ebay.com/itm/SALE-IMPORTED-SHOW-QUALITY-6-5-24K-GOLD-AND-PLATINUM-HIBUNA/164526183582?hash=item264e86549e:g:8zcAAOSwNDFft-4P
  13. I'm thinking about getting this group of fish (pictured below) as a breeding project and I'd like your feedback. I haven't been in "the goldfish game" for a while so I'm not even sure what's common (or uncommon) anymore, but I thought these fish were attractive and unusual. I haven't had a goldfish in years and I want to buy something I like (and I think these are beautiful, but expensive), but I am thinking about breeding and I'd like others to like the fish too (and maybe want to buy their offspring). So with this in mind, please evaluate the fish in the photos and let me know: Do you find them attractive? Are their colors unusual? What sex do you think they are? Do they look like "show quality" fish? As a group, do you think they would make a good breeding investment? Details and claims given about these fish from the person selling them: "Imported from Thailand" and "quarantined for several months" Described as "Show Quality" with "excellent body conformation" and as "powerful strong swimmers" and "TOP quality and very strong and healthy." Colors described as "24k Gold and Platinum" with "high sheen bi-color pattern" and "The gold looks exactly like a $20 gold uncirculated coin. A metallic yellow gold color". Referred to as a "Hibuna" and "very rare comet" "Four months old" Claiming they "Will grow very large" Fish One at 4" (I'd guess Male) Fish Two at 4" (I'd say Female) Fish Three at 5" (Female???) Fish Four at 6.5" (Possible Female) Fish Five at 6.5" (Male? Maybe????) Thanks for reading and please give your comments and thoughts! .
  14. In my research the words "redox potential and osmotic balance" haven't shown up much. It's late now, but I'll have to look into this, thanks!. As for the mineral content (which is what I think goes along with redox and osmotic, I was going to add oyster shell and/or marble and granite pieces to leech minerals into the water. I'm still working out how to balance everything, it's complex but so amazing!
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