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  1. I'm interested in shopping, however . . . not sure if my budget is ready for buying. lol On another subject for everyone, do Mulberry trees grow where you live? Here, the mulberry trees are in season and ripe mulberries are ready for picking! There are trees all over the city and I love to pick the juicy fruit. Also Loquats are in season too! I haven't picked any yet, but this week I'm going to pick some. They are also planted all around the city. Mulberry: Loquat:
  2. That's pretty cool! Koko, do you still have an Etsy store? I can't find it . . .
  3. Figured it was something like that. But it's life and we will all survive! For anyone who is still holding their breath, check it: https://kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/topic/135879-give-away-acrylic-painting-4-22-2021-to-5-1-2021-winner/
  4. The thread was simply closed . . . no announcement of who won, no "congratulations" for anybody. We need to know! We need closure! lol What is the end result for the give-away? https://kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/topic/135815-give-away-acrylic-painting-4-22-2021-to-5-1-2021/#comments
  5. Yeah, he has been selling food the whole time, just not fish. This is what his website says about it: Please buy SUPER GOLD here, and continue to support Dandy Orandas during this break in fish sales. I've had several people ask if I'll still be selling SUPER GOLD once fish sales cease. The answer is YES!...and without fish to sell, truthfully I will need all the support I can get! While you can buy SUPER GOLD from sites like Amazon, I don't get a penny from those sales, so I ask that you please buy from me on this site. You won't find it any cheaper anywhere else, and I also have a couple exclusive size offerings not found elsewhere. Most important, I feel that this is the absolute best food you can feed fancy goldfish. I've fed nothing else for nearly three years now, and have had amazing results. I'll be releasing a couple videos about SUPER GOLD soon, with tips on making it, and info about the benefits of it over foods out there.
  6. Better than an alarm I suppose??? Cat toes are so cute! I always want to play with them, but they always seem so sensitive that most cats act ticklish and they won't let me play with them. lol
  7. Hello, Now, I am no expert at goldfish illness, however I can help move things along, so those that are knowledgeable on goldfish illness can help you and your fish. So, now we are dealing with two things. One is getting your pond (and you) in good shape for success. You'll have to learn about keeping the pond in good health while being overstocked. That will include things like monitoring the water with your test kit, and making appropriate water changes when needed. This forum will help with that, as we have much solid info available with a simple search, also some awesome members who can help guide you along. You should also consider; if you are willing to work harder (monitoring, water changing), and enjoying more fish, OR if rehoming some fish and enjoying less monitoring and water changing would be better. The important thing to remember, is that you are caring for water. If you can keep the water healthy, you'll likely have healthy fish. The second thing we are dealing with, is the current (quarantine) tank you are keeping the sick fish in. You say the fish is looking worse. In order to help you and the fish, we now need to know the details of the current setup. Please fill out the form above (copy and paste again) with the info for the current setup. Important things to address: do you have a filter running on the tank with the sick fish? Are you treating the quarantine tank's water with a water conditioner? What is the Ammonia, PH, NitrIte, NitrAte, hardness of the quarantine tank's water? How many gallons? Again, I'm not an expert on illness, but this may be fixable with a simple salt treatment and healthy water. But I'd wait till a few other members chime in before taking action. For now, just get us the details on the current quarantine tank. Good Luck!
  8. Thanks! I try to have them every now and then! Guess what everyone? My cat has adorable pink toes! I'm hoping to get a 2nd kitty soon, so she can have a friend again.
  9. Run it with solar. I've found solar panels for cheap on Craisglist. You won't need a lot of power to run a few pumps and airstones.
  10. Invasive Zebra Mussels are bring spread all around the USA through the sale of Marimo 'moss' Balls! Please see the links below and tell anyone and everyone you know that keeps aquariums! https://www.reef2rainforest.com/2021/03/04/invasive-zebra-mussels-reported-in-marimo-moss-balls/ https://www.reef2rainforest.com/2021/03/05/pijac-update-zebra-mussel-problem-growing-in-scope/ https://www.dfw.state.or.us/news/2021/03_mar/030321.asp https://wgfd.wyo.gov/News/Zebra-mussels-found-in-several-WY-pet-stores?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=Social&utm_campaign=ZEBRAMUSSELS&utm_term=ZEBRAMUSSELS&utm_content=ZEBRAMUSSELS_PUB_030421&fbclid=IwAR3opTliUDr10dBM7zyZYXajH-AZY8jzVvTUGEgdThhNziUliN2o2heBAIA https://ksltv.com/456841/warning-invasive-zebra-mussels-sold-in-aquarium-moss-balls/? Zebra Mussels are a super dangerous invasive species. Please prevent them from harming your natural ecosystems and native animals and plants!
  11. I didn't read this whole thread, but I always liked canister filters more than hob filters. In my experience, with a big canister filter, it always cleaned the water, and needed cleaning less often than hob filters. However, I think the best filter is a sump filter. If you have the space and want to grow some plants, an aquaponics type filter would be even better.
  12. Are you volunteering Koko?
  13. It looks exactly like it did when he closed . . . I haven't seen any auctions. I'll check this weekend. Where did you find recent reviews?
  14. Yeah, I think I might try and hire the guy who runs the hydroponics/aquaponics store. I got the stock tanks and grow beds from him. At least, I'd like to have him help me set up the first one and I'd try the other 2 myself.
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