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  1. I always welcome people to comment and revive my old threads, more so, if there is something to add like you've done! I don't use FB, is there a title of the video so maybe I could look it up on youtube? Or is there another way to view it? I really want to see those fish swimming around! Thanks!!!
  2. After the pandemic, I may take you up on the offer! :D
  3. Super pretty! I'm really liking those streamlined fish!
  4. Number one on my list . . . don't let the glass and tank get so dirty. Second get a test kit (if you don't have one already) and test the water to see what your ammonia level is. Three, you can pinch off the poop leaving a tiny bit near the fish vent (butt) so it does not get caught on stuff. Fourth, maybe look for the goldfish behind the tank, it may have jumped out?? Either way, good luck! And be sure to give us more detail so we can help you more. Also, photos are real helpful!
  5. Those fish are beauties! Congrats on getting a tank (and fish) again!
  6. I'd make it . . . but I'll need sources since I've been out of the "Goldfish Game" for several years now. Only ones I can think of are Dandy Orandas and RainGarden and they aren't really selling right now. There is an ebay seller I remember talking about a while ago . . . I'd have to scan through a few of my old posts to find the name. What business does Gary and Cynthia run?
  7. Beauties! Where did you get them from?
  8. Do we have an "official" list of Goldfish Sources? I'm talking about, places that ship fish around the USA? Course, we could make a list for other countries too. But either way, the list would not include local stores or chains, just places that sell through a business website or through a website like ebay (etc.) and that are mostly goldfish (or pond fish) focused. We can update if their business changes (closes or reopens, etc), and link to our review boards if someone has done business with that company. Also, do we have any updates on Dandy Orandas (did he take his "GOLDFISH ACROSS AMERICA TOUR"?) or Rain Garden (Will he be selling fish again in the end of 2020/beginning of 2021)?
  9. I'd go for egg or lion type names. You know, characters, cartoons, brand mascots, stuff like that that use lions or eggs. Where did you get the pictured fish from? It's a beauty! Got photos of the other 2? :D
  10. I've never seen Anubias barteri var. 'Ghost'. I might have read about it years ago, but it does not seem to have taken hold in the "hobby". Some anubias appear for a while then vanish for one reason or another. Anubias barteri var. nana ‘Stardust’ has mostly vanished too. It was all the rage for a while, but almost everyone who bought one, had it shrink and eventually die over a period of years to months. It does well when grown emerged (think terrarium), but submerged (as in an aquarium) it slowly shrinks and eventually dies. It is pretty impossible to find a Stardust and if you do, it's likely to be super tiny (and on it's way out). For some reason, there aren't many who grow it emerged either. The only big strong ones seem to come from Europe or (normally) Asia.
  11. I used to collect their teeth. They are real neat! When I had sand, I never really noticed their shed teeth, but when I did bare bottom, I would find shed teeth all the time! Here is a photo (not mine):
  12. Super beautiful! I want to swim in there with the koi and goldfish! :D But really, thanks for posting those photos! :D
  13. Do you let it float, or do you root it in the substrate? I've always enjoyed growing different species of Anubias with goldfish. I like using the larger species, only planted on wood or rocks with nothing planted on the bottom.
  14. First thing that came to my mind was to lay down a layer of EPDM pond liner, right on top of the old preformed pond liner. The new pond liner would have to be secured, just like if a fresh hole was dug, but there is much info out there about that subject, so I won't type all that out. Might be worth a try. Let us know what you plan to do!
  15. Your ferns are attached to the glass? Like rooted onto the glass? I haven't sold any rooted Anubias for a long time (actually I wasn't even growing any for a while) but now I've got 2 in the works! I'm hoping to offer them on our forum in the next few months . . . but as you know, they are famous for their slow growth! I wish I had saved photos of all the Rooted Anubias I've sold. I've grown them on wood, rocks, and aquarium décor, but after they sold, I'd always delete the photos. I wonder if anyone still has the plants I shipped them years ago!)? Please tell more about your Anubias Raft idea, it sounds cool!
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