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  1. Changing to a HOB filter on my 10G (30ish litres), kind of always wanted to try one, but they're pretty hard to find here in the UK (I can't even find an aquaclear on eBay). Found this one: http://www.allpondsolutions.co.uk/aquarium-filters/hang-on-filter-external/aquarium-hang-on-filter-400l-h.html My betta Pepper is pretty used to a current, plays in it sometimes, but I think 400 l/h an hour might be pushing it. That said, the flow is adjustable and I could attach some sponge to reduce the flow somehow. I also CONSTANTLY have an oily film on the surface of this tank (I have tried EVERYTHING to get rid of it - increased water changes, different foods, absorbing it, stripped the entire tank down and started again, etc), this model has a 'skimmer' which might be useful. My other option is an Azoo mignon but heard mixed things about these. Thoughts anyone?
  2. I can get either a Juwel 180 or a Fluval 200 soon, I'm just wondering which is the better lighting, as it isn't something I'm really clued up about. I have plants that do grow really well considering I only have clip on lights, but my current tank does get a fair bit of natural light. I'd really like to experiment with more plants as I seem to have done ok so far! I'm leaning towards the Fluval as it's 200 litres and slightly cheaper (only ?20, but still cheaper). But it is only 20 litres bigger than the Juwel. The internal filter of the Juwel doesn't worry me as I have always used internal filters, so the filter isn't a factor in deciding. Anyway: Fluval GLO lighting unit One Power-Glo Fluorescent Aquarium Tube 30W 91.44cm (36in) T8 One Aqua-Glo Fluorescent Aquarium Tube 30W 91.44cm (36in) T8 OR Juwel High Lite Light Unit Juwel High Lite Day, T5 length 895mm, 45 watts Juwel High Lite Nature, T5 length 895mm, 45 watts, T5 or T8? 30w or 45w? Which is better? Thanks.
  3. I've just acquired 4 harlequin rasboras and I love them, their coppery colours look lovely in a well planted tank and they're really active, and school together a lot, more than my tetras. When I get a larger tank I'm going to add more of them for sure. Glowlight tetras or similar would also look nice in a planted tank. Any type of small tetra really. Personally I would say a group of male guppies and a few corys would work best in a 10G. No risk of breeding guppies, and movement in all areas of the tank.
  4. Before anyone points out that I am massively overstocked - I know, that's the point of the post! So my friend's parents had fish that they had lost interest in entirely and wanted rid of (to the point that they couldn't remember the last time they'd changed any water, fed them once or twice a week, and didn't even know what they had in there.) The tank itself was also tiny and pretty grotty and I didn't want to take it, so just took the fish, sort-of QT'd them (well, in a storage tub for a few days) and they're now in my tank. All in pretty good condition all things considered and it's going well. I'm monitoring my readings carefully, doing good water changes and feeding sparingly. It's fully cycled and heavily planted. So really the only issue is they're a bit crowded. But... it's only about 24G (3ft long) and now I have a LOT of fish in there: 11 neons (actually suspect 2 or 3 are cardinals but haven't got a good look) 6 corys 4 WCMMs. 4 harlequin rasboras 3 otocinclus (I have plenty of algae they're working on) 2 young platys (but they can go asap, no more babies, please!!!) 1 endler guppy 5 shrimps I think that's all of them! Well I wanted a new tank anyway and have room for a much larger one. So what would be a) the bare minimum I could get away with, and b) what would be ideal for a more generous living space for them? Can't go TOO mad, not made of money. Must stop doing this
  5. TBH I have only ever had problems with females picking on each other, not males. I think two will be fine.
  6. A small group of Endler's livebearers (similiar to guppies) might work well, if you can find them. Don't get much bigger than an inch and there are a few pretty varieties.
  7. Bettas only find themselves in small pools of water in a rice paddy until the paddy floods again...they don't permanently live in a puddle. You could set up any nice planted environment for your betta and it would still be natural.
  8. Mine have only bred a couple of times over the past few years and have just scattered the eggs on plants (none survived, got eaten). If they have been breeding it could be some kind of milt floating to the surface? Never seen that myself though.
  9. lclayton

    Betta Toys?

    I've heard of some liking bright marbles to nose at. Never tried toys myself though. Mine goes nuts when he finds a bubble to chase so thinking of getting one of those bubbling toys that open and release a few bubbles when the air builds up.
  10. I've had a bumblebee one before, very cute never seen the tiger ones though, of course I want one now.
  11. Looking good - apart from that tall vase. It's really far from ideal, like others have said. I think you'd have a lot of problems in the long run and it isn't fair on the fish.
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