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  1. Great to hear that your fish is doing ok! And I'd definitely work on that screening lol.
  2. OMG I am just stunned to see your babies going down so fast. And I'm so sorry. Try the carbon and cross your fingers that it works. And I'd still do daily large wcs. They will only help the fish remaining. I donno. It almost had to be the pesticide...
  3. So sorry Amber. I've never heard of this and I would most definitely take a photo and contact the seller.
  4. Thank you guys for all your advice, I think I'm getting the hang of this. I love all the ideas for biological materials. Especially anything that saves money! I'm a stay-home mom with a toddler and only started this hobby because I got a great deal on a huge used tank w/filter. I'm still doing prazipro and water changes every other day, and my fish so far are acting o.k. Do you think I should continue the treatment an extra 5 days because I had the carbon in during the first couple days? So should I use carbon just after the prazipro treatment is done to get rid of any remaining chemicals or no? I was also wondering if I covered my gravel with bigger rocks to avoid choking hazards, now that my large fish's mouth is getting bigger, would it breed too much bacteria to leave the little stones underneath? Would I have to move the big rocks every week and syphon the gravel underneath or could I just clean the top layer? (I was thinking of getting river rock) I don't want to unknowingly breed disease. Sorry again for all the questions! I would only do the Prazi as long as the directions say. It won't harm the fish, but it unnecessary to use it longer and you may need it some other time. And you would definitely have to clean the gravel under the rocks. Thats essential. Bad nasties sit and fester in the gravel that can make your fish ill and cause bacterial infections. Cleaning just the top layer would be like using a broom instead of a vacuum on a filthy rug. The thing is this. The tank is your fish's environment. Whats in the water is what they breathe and live in. All of the leftover food and poo goes straight to the bottom and sits there and decays if you don't siphon it out. The main rule I learned here at Koko's is if you take care of the water, it will take care of the fish. The water in their tanks is like the air we breathe and live in and nothing is better for them than a clean environment! You are really doing awesome and its great to see you have a natural talent for fish!
  5. Okay hon, time to breathe lol. You have done nothing at all wrong here. What I did was I tore the filter cartridge open and shook out the carbon and just used the floss. That will work fine. And remember that Prazi doesn't work overnight. Just stay the course on the directions and cross your fingers. Thats all you can do and you are doing wonderful!
  6. Great that you got the Prazi so quickly! Its doubtful that only Nemo had flukes, but either way the Prazi won't hurt the fish at all. Just go by the directions and continue the treatment for as long as it says. Although plants should always be treated, its unlikely that any parasites would have just infested Nemo. And 75 is as high as I would take the water temps. Good luck and keep us posted!!
  7. Prazi is great and won't harm your fish. And if you salt, keep it to .01% (there's a link on my sig for instructions) unless you see signs of ich. And be certain to dissolve it before you add it to the tank. I don't know why some fish are affected and some are not. A while back my large comet Florence had a terrible bacterial infection that almost killed her because the stress of the infection caused her to contract ich. Ugh. It was terrible. But Trinket, the small goldie in there with her, only got a small case of ich and that was it. Florence recovered finally thanks to the Kokonuts pitching in and giving me help but it was very very close. Another thing about platys is that they stay small while your goldies grow huge. They are livebearers and if you put them in their own tank they will likely have babies, which the goldies will think are food and eat lol. I have a small tank that had just one platy and a molly. The molly had babies and the platy was aggressive toward them so I moved him to the large tropical tank. Now I have 7 baby mollies that are growing like weeds!! Much safer getting the fish yourself than buying them from the lfs!! You're doing great! Keep up the water changes and follow the dosage for Prazi when it arrives. Very good that you ordered it from Rick's because it will be at your door before you know it. He is lightning fast at deliveries and I've used his site several times. Plus his advice is great! Good luck and keep us informed of whats going on with Marlin!!
  8. A lot of us here use the Seachem Ammonia Alert, but ONLY as a supplement. It will detect ammonia in your tank, but its really to let you know if there's a spike suddenly. The ammonia, nitrates, and nitrites still have to be tested weekly when you do your water changes. They don't give you a specific number, just let you know if ammonia is present. Flukes are a parasite that virtually 99% of fish from the lfs have when you bring them home. Any time you get new fish they should be treated with PraziPro for flukes and salt for ich. As far as the bb supplements, IMO they are iffy at best and don't really benefit the tank after its cycled, which it should be after 5 months. One reason that you keep the water tested is to see if you've had a cycle break down for some reason. This will kill your fish. Also I noticed that you said you have platys in the tank with the goldies. Platys are tropical fish and there needs are different than goldfish, who are coldwater fish. Plus their nutritional needs are different and the ammonia and waste that goldfish put out aren't easily handled by trops. You didn't say what your ammonia level is. You need a drop test kit to get accurate results. They're a little pricey but they do last forever and are much more dependable and accurate than strips.
  9. So sorry that you lost Nemo. Welcome to the board but I sure wish it was under better circumstances. As Mrs. Mohr mentioned, it will be a lot easier to help you once we get those water params and info on your tank and other situations. Please post back soon and we will be waiting to hear from you!
  10. Hello Maestro and welcome to Koko's. although I am sorry about the circumstances. The first thing you need to do quickly is get your oranda OUT OF THE BOWL. Ammonia and toxins build up amazingly fast in bowls and right now he needs oxygenation and pristine water. As Stephie said, the Marycyn may have crashed your cycle in the tank. What is the reason for Maracyn 2? I'm just asking because different meds work for different things in fish. There is no "cure all" medication for fish, just as there isn't in humans. The wrong medication can be devastating for an already ill fish. Just off the top of my head, I'd say it sounds like Swim Bladder, but your water params look okay. If all you have are strips, please take a sample of your water to your lfs and ask them for the exact params. You definitely need a drop test kit. Strips are inaccurate at best. If you have decided to quarantine the oranda he needs to be in another tank or a Rubbermaid container set up with a filter and an airstone with temps of 68-72 degrees. The water params need to be perfect and NO meds for now. A light tonic of .01% as a soothing balm is ok. You don't say how much salt you have added or what kind. Remember that only AQUARIUM salt, ROCK salt, or PICKLING salt is safe to use. No table salt or Kosher salt as they both contain YSG which is a non-caking agent that is lethal for your fish. I'm not going to lie to you. From what you have said in your post about his month long symptoms, not eating for weeks, and the dreaded "C" shape...it doesn't look promising. But some fish do recover from that if the right approach is taken. I'm sure one of the mods will see this and hopefully recommend the correct meds. I'm not comfortable suggesting meds as I don't know enough about each one. Good luck and post back and let us know your params from the lfs. Hopefully we can help you save your oranda!
  11. Actually my tanks are established so I don't have any need of cycling products right now. I was just curious if anyone had used this new product or knew anything else about it.
  12. Congrats Jenna and I hope the baby BNs do great!! I had a similar surprise a couple of weeks ago. I have one small hex tank that I had a black mollie and a white platy in. One night when I went to feed them I saw something black flash very quickly into the plants. I didn't think much about it and the next day saw it again. On closer look I was thrilled to see that I had mollie babies!!! The next day I noticed that the platy was chasing the mommy molly so I took him out and put him in the 30 gallon tropical tank where he is doing great. Now I have 7 mollie babies that are growing so fast!! I've had them have babies before but always lost them as they were in community tanks where I couldn't catch them to get them out. Now these babies are in the tank with their mommy, who hasn't ever bothered them, and they are the cutest things! 5 of them are black and 2 are a mixed color...like a golden mixed with black. I'll leave them in the tank where they are until they get more mature and then set them up their own tank as the tropical tank already has 12 or 13 fish in it.
  13. This isn't about disease but I didn't know where else to put it. I was paging through my Aquarium Fish magazine andcame across an ad for Seachem Stability and Seachem Matrix. They claim that it quickly establishes biological filtration and maintains it. Here is one calim they make in the lengthy ad: Stability will rapidly and safely establish the aquarium biofilter in freshwater and marine systems, thereby preventing the #1 cause of fish death: New Tank Syndrome. Matrix is a high porosity biomedia. Now I always like and trust Seachem products. They are claiming that using these eliminates the need for the beginning cycle of the tank. Has anyone used these products? Could they have actually found a way to establish a tank in a short time? The products are on www.seachem.com if anybody is interested in looking, but I just wondered if this could be a true breakthrough and a true replacement for establishing a cycle that takes weeks normally and is so hard on the fish?
  14. When I used a thermometer in the tank I kept it around 68-70. I don't use one anymore because it malfunctioned once and the water was 84 degrees!!!!!!! Fortunately Florence and Trinket are very tough fish and had no ill effects from that but now I just won't use one. Its really not necessary for goldies, as when they are pond fish they have no artificial heat. (I don't think they do anyway.) Good luck!
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