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  1. Oh my goodness!!! Just look at them!! How big they've gotten!!! I've been so busy lately, and haven't had time to come on here. God Bless you, Jewels. You're a fabulous fish Mom, you truly are. Look at'em look at'em!!!!!! The big one is adorable!!!!!! They ALL are!! Wow... How incredible!!! Thank you for posting pictures!! Debbie
  2. OH MY GOODNESS!!! They're ADORABLE!! Just look at'em all!!!! Tink - Dot is gorgeous, and needed no sprucing!!! And the Daddy is equally as gorgeous!! Oh my gosh!!! I think of her so much, like Vickie said. (I must mention her a bit... ) I was wondering about all of you with Fay going through - and through - and through... Thank you so much, Jewels!!! I hope to be back in Florida in about a year, and I would love to have one of her babies once I'm settled there!!!!!! I need to run. My sister needs her computer. God Bless you, Jewels, for taking my girl and making her your own. I will be eagerly awaiting updates!!!!! Debbie
  3. When you add your ammonia to your tank (once you've finished cleaning it ), it's much easier to use a medicine dropper to add the ammonia. They can be found in the baby section of the grocery store, and are usually about a dollar. You can bring the ammonia up to 4ppm in one day, just add some and wait about 1/2 an hour before testing the ammonia to see where you're at. Keep track of how much you add, so you know how much ammonia is needed to feed the tank later on. I don't know the size of your tank, but I believe I used about 8 tsps to bring my 55 gallon to 4ppm - but different sized tanks need different amounts, and ammonia's are all different strengths, so I'd add a small amount at a time. Keep in mind that ammonia at too high a level will inhibit the bacteria that you're trying to grow. (and leave lime deposits, too ) Debbie
  4. I agree with Heidi. Some fish are sensitive to it, and adding it slower may help. Good luck!! Debbie
  5. Yes, Amquel is fine. Keep us posted! Debbie
  6. The beneficial bacteria for your cycle will be in your filter media, so adding treated water should have no affect on the cycle. It won't have to sit out, so long as you've added the water treatement. The amount of the water change will depend on how high your nitrate level is. If it's really high, you may have to do a couple water changes back to back. Change what you think you need - then test - then change again if you need to. (That's what I had to do with my 55, if I remember correctly ) Post back with any questions or concerns. A tip I'd like to give you, is to keep a diary of the tank each day. What your readings are, how much ammonia you added, etc. It helps keep you in line. Good luck with the cycle!!! Debbie
  7. Hi Katie! If you are cycling the tank with fish in it, you NEED an ammonia test kit!! Ammonia at high levels is deadly to fish, and need to be kept as close to zero as possible. This is done through water changes, and ammonia needs to be tested at LEAST once a day. If levels are high from one day to the next, you should test twice a day and do water changes accordingly. If you wait for the nitrites to appear, you may very well lose your fish and exposing it to high ammonia levels could give your fish a very unhealthy life. They aren't terribly expensive, and definitely worth the cost. If you're doing a fishless cycle, you still need the test because you have to know how much ammonia is going in the tank, and then keep track of how much is in it. Once the nitrosomona bacteria begins turning the ammonia into nitrite, you'll need to add ammonia to the tank to feed them. So yes - you should buy an ammonia test kit, and you might want to pick up a nitrate test as well - since you'll be needing that soon. Good luck!! Debbie
  8. I hope you didn't pea your pants from laughing so hard... Debbie
  9. Isn't that just pea-chy!!! Wow - I found another one... Debbie
  10. Pea-pull, pea-pull... let's not get silly!! This is such a hap-pea thread, isn't it??? Some threads - after a while - pea-ter out... but this one hasn't! Sorry - I'm tired and silly..... Debbie
  11. What a sad time this is for you - and all of us who shared the highs and lows that Luc's story has brought us through. Like Trinket said - he knows how much you love him, and now he's pain, stress, and injury free. I hope you can find comfort knowing that, even though it doesn't always make things easier right away. Love is undying - and he still loves you, too. You did so much for him. Your constant battles of ups and downs. You have nothing to feel guilty for - nothing to apologize for. Your strength is amazing, and we all here have learned much about dedication through your struggles. We are all so very grateful that you found Koko's, and made a home here. Loss is never easy for those who have a heart. Yours will mend in time. Rest in Peace, Luc, you gorgeous fish - who encouraged us all to keep trying. Your fight is over, and you are now at peace with the source of True Love. God Bless you... Debbie
  12. At least if he's not very active, you'll know that he's just "pooped out"!!! Debbie
  13. Hello You're doing a good thing, reading up on all the information you can find! I'll see what I can do to answer your questions. For a thermostat, they sell plastic ones that will adhere to the side of your tank. They're fairly accurate, and not very expensive. A test kit is a MUST! You always need to know where your water parameters are at, since the water is the fish's whole environment. We take care of the water, and the water takes care of the fish! A drop test kit is best. API sells on that has tests for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and pH. Some people also get KH and GH test kits. This is helpful because if you should have trouble cycling your tank, most likely these are low. As for a filter, there are many to choose from and are probably a matter of preference. The most important thing to keep in mind is to have at LEAST 10 times the filtration than the gallons of water in the tank. Your 29 gallon will need at least 290 gph (gallons per hour) filtration. Cycling is a very important part of the tank, and can be very stressful for the fish. Personally, I would recommend a fishless cycle before putting any fish in a tank. This is done with plain ammonia, containing no dyes or sudsing agents. Directions for that can be found here: http://www.kokosgoldfish.com/FishlessCycle.html If you have any questions, you can always ask. When cycling is new, all of the information seems overwhelming. Keep reading it over and over, and it'll start to make sense. I know it took me a while before I understood it myself. I don't know if regular sulphur is removed with a water treatment, like Prime, Amquel, etc. Maybe someone with more experience there can chime in with their thoughts on that. I don't think it would be removed by leaving it out in buckets, though. I believe that would just evaporate the chlorine. My tank was barebottom with a few flat marbles, so that's fine for the fish. It actually makes the cleaning so much easier, because you don't need to get down into the gravel. Just push the marbles around. Toby is a beautiful fish! I wish you luck with the new tank, and feel free to ask any questions you may have as your new tank is coming along!! Debbie
  14. I found out from the store manager. The bottle says ammonium hydrochloride 10% - I believe...? The manager at the Ace Hardware store looked it up in a book of every product in the store - and it's ingredients. He said that by law, if there was something in the bottle, it HAD to be listed in that book.... and there was nothing but the ammonium hydrochoride - which is ammonia mixed with water, basically. You're got great stuff there, that's what I used. Keep us posted on your progress! We're all behind you - wishing you the best, and happy to answer any questions you may have as you go along. Debbie
  15. I would do a 100% water change. It's not worth the risk. It's more work for you, but what it comes down to, is that you want what's best for the fish. It's a good thing that you noticed it, and that you asked. It would have been heartbreaking for you to find out the hard way. Debbie
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