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  1. Yes.. those are all classic signs of a healthy male fish ready for breeding Unfortunately this big guy (about 8 inches) died on the same day my little girl was born back in Aug 2005. I miss him dearly. What a character. His name was BLUE.
  2. Alik, are the 'worms' white and look like wiggly cat hairs? Floating around the tank and not attached to the fish? They are a form of nematode or some would say planaria. However they are harmless. And a #1 sign that your tank is a tad on the dirty side. Perhaps you are feeding your loved ones a bit too much portion wize. That was my problem when I experienced the wiggly creatures. They wont hurt the fish.... in fact the fish love to eat them (if they are small and can see them. I had a common that was about an inch long that would swim wickedly around the tank eating them up after I stirred the gravel). I would start making a habit of cleaning your tank weekly rather than montly with water changes up to 50%. In your case right now I would make sure that's done perhaps even more frequently as your fish are not well. (unless you meds say otherwise). I"m afraid I'm not familiar with UK meds. Hopefully Sandy comes accross this thread and can help you.
  3. Does it look like either of these? If it looks like a white bruise (picture one)... it's a sign of wen growth If it looks like a whitehead pimple (picture 2 above it's eye).. it's also a sign of wen growth If you also look closely at the picture my oranda also has white dots on it's gill plates. Those are breeding starts. Lots of dots. Hopefully your's match.
  4. Do you have any test kits to test the water paramaters for us? That alone can indicate a LOT and help us help you. If certain levels are higher than normal it can cause a lot of problems. If you are only changing your water once a month this could be a problem because of high levels of ammonia and nitrates/nitrites. However you have had the fish a long time and you've said they've been fine until now I can't see how all of a sudden this change would take place. Thanks for the pictures.. it's really a big help.... I have flagged this to the other Helpers/mods for further assistance. Barb
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