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  1. I'm new to UV sterilizers and Personally only heard good things about it and wanted to get a UV sterilizer for a long time but i don't have a canister filter and i don't want to go thru the mess of setting up because i only have a 30 gallon tank.. its not big enough for me to spend more on until i buy a bigger tank. Have anyone use this before??

    I have a question regarding to this UV sterilizer.

    1) is this a good sterilizer and effective? (most important)

    2)Should i invest my money on this ?? or is it worth getting a UV sterilizer?

    Sealand-Industrial: 12V 9W UV Sterilizer with Powerhead


    • 12 volt, 9 watt internal UV sterilizer with power head.
    • UV radiation controls bacteria, yeast, moulds and other pathogens.
    • Water flows in direct contact with UV lamp, making it extremely efficient.
    • Zigzag flow designs for maximum sterilizing time.
    • Built-in LED indication for UV sterilizer replacement.
    • Submersible design, completely sealed to ensure no water leakage.
    • Child safe 12V low voltage design.
    • Filtration pump (200L/hr) and sponge included.
    • Treats up to 200L of saltwater & fresh water aquariums.

  2. Your fish is beautiful !!!

    My fish has clamped fins .. i would think i hv bad water

    so thats y i am asking to see which test kit to use..

    I guess i'll go with the tetra ones ... they seem to be pplz favorite...

    i don't think i need the master kid all i need is the nitrate nitrite and ammonia one ...

    and one more how high should the nitrate be?? like best for goldfishes????

  3. Do YOU know anything about it ?

    if u do i was just wondering how good this product is ?

    currently i'm hving a ich madness and tried salt... petcetra brand ich cure....

    they didn't work ..

    Now using aquatronic's GreenEx ...because they don't have a website i couldn't find descriptions about it .. i was wondering if anyone used it ?? and how u think about it?

    is there a better medication for ich ?

  4. As u can see at the top of the forum to not to place a common pleco with the goldfish ... i had that experience before...and i learned it the hard way before i saw this forum...but there was once that i had a 6" common pleco which was living fine with the goldies .. and no problem their.. after trading in for a smaller one cuz my tank isn't big enough the pleco was fine at first until it got about 4" then the problem started they sucked on my goldfish .. and made bacterial infections to one of them and then later kind of spread... so then i took it out and researched on another alge eater... i had many choices here http://www.kokosgoldfish.com/comfish.html i didn't like the look of the bristle nose .. so i picked the rubbernose/rubberlip pleco which is aka: bulldog pleco... he is really shy.. which is good so non of them disturbed my goldies .. and they r living happily .. and one more thing they do a really good job on the alges .... even though not as good as the commons but they still do really good ... i would go for this one ... :yeah:

  5. wut i experience is if its just the ph problem i add a bit of baking soda .. to tweek up the ph just a bit .. i found that goldfish live better around the ph scale 7.5 .... but in this case u should really find out whats wrong before doing anything! i'm sure there are pplz that will help u

  6. i had a problem with one of my goldie too .. she had it on her lips her lips later was infected and had a hole..and it could never recover .... but then my experience was that i prevented it by vaccuming gravel every week and do weekly water changes (about 25%) ...... to prevent bacteria... did u vaccum the bottom of the tank??? its really important to do that if u have gravel ... and the filter i disinfect it with bleech and water... just to make sure to get rid of the bacteria and add a bit of salt monthly.... and now the problem never came back ...

  7. ^^ my first lionhead ... i have another one that is about the same size but its a ranchu for sure..because of a curved back ... its all white as well ...but the ranchu seems to have lots of head growth already... for its size !!! so happy

  8. i use canon digital camera... what i do is ... there is a aquarium or under water setting i use that .. turn off the flash .. use the detail mode (the flower) ...turn on high iso if u have.... and press on the button to first focus then when i catch him/her in a still position then press .... its easier to take picture of a bigger fish than a smaller one because small fish swims really fast !!! even tho there are times that it blurs out keep taking ...and for sure u'll find a good one !!!

  9. i live in vancouver,bc ... these days its pretty chilly ... and the temp can go down to 69 -67 ... in the morning ... right now i'm still treating the ich ... want to finish the treatment for an other 2 days.. a total of 5 days in my main tank .. and hoping to get rid of the ich ... then after in goes the active carbon and hope everything will be gd...

  10. yes that little one actually was pretty bad before i spottted it ... it all came in a day and i spotted him bottom sitting.... and so i put him in hospital tank ..and i am currently treating both tanks ... the others are pretty much fine .. i'm lucky i caught it in time it guess even tho my ranchu is gone ... my ich medicine is by petcetra... i got it last night ...thought i couldn't wait any longer before anything goes wrong... so then i went to petcetra at 8 which they closes at 9 but then on the shelf there was nothing left but their own brand so i still got it ... and yes i removed the active carbon !!

    I heard from a frd they said if i keep the water temperature higher around 78degrees the ich will not appear .. its like a prevention if the water temperature is high enough.. is it true ???? :unsure: what temperature should i be at ..at all times ????

  11. yesterday one of my baby ranchu (only 1") died.. i used .3% salt for 3 days...but it don't seem to work... i rasied the temp too but he was breathing heavily and died... i think i didn't have enough air for him.... i only used a filter but i think it wasn't enough i was too late with the extra air supply... i was so sad and thought maybe the salt didn't work as well as .....so today i got a ich medicine to use on the tank incase of ich still around...how does it messs up ur filter anyways ??

  12. well the white spot was from the reason i moved from my main tank (to hospital tank)... so far ... i assume its healing as for the red eye... it seeems like its getting smaller.... about how long will the red fade because i want to put him back in the main tank?? because its a bit tight for him ...

    thanx for the summary ... it helped alot .

  13. okay so now i should make 100% water changes ... and use melafix and salt..... also i'll move out some fish as soon as i can... i know what you mean just that for now i can't really do anything yet ... i know that it just won't work if there is too many fish together ... don't worry .. i won't let my fishes suffer ... even tho they r really in a tight spot now... i love them and will try to give them wutever i can !!!!

    i heard ryuu had this same problem before and have 100% recovery i wonder wut she uses and how she treated it !

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