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  1. water changes variers as long as u keep your nitrite and ammonia down... as well as nitrate ...

    because you are in the ratio of 1fish to 10gallon 1/3 is good enough ... just check on ur readings for the 3 things ... u should keep them constant at 0 for nitrite and ammonia and about 10 for nitrate... then ur water will be all good ...

    usually i use water conditioner as well to remove any toxic ...

  2. Really ??that is really sad to hear!!! i have always kept the ammonia down and never had an ammonia spike that i know of.... because now more and more black is showing !!! i'm pretty sure the the last couple of weeks there werent any spikes ... cuz i've been changing water twice every week and uses prime.....i've had him for 2months now and just a week ago he's turning black... i have my tank running for a bit over a year already ...

    i was also wondering ? can it be minerals in the water that makes him black ???? because ... its winter and the water is freezing cold ... i had to use hot water mix with warm water and add prime to it ... because even if its in room temperature its too cold for my goldies ... can that be one of the possible reason ???

    i have a frd that looked at it said its just that its turnning black . because i first thought there was parasite and then looked at it..and think its just black pigment...

  3. ^^ i tested my water

    nitrate 20

    nitrite -

    ammonia -

    it started off 3 small spots on the body ... then it started to have more on different places on the body ..then the face started to have black smuddges ...then fins getting black too !! he's like as if he worked in the oil industry !!! hahahahahaha

    pictures for sure !! i'll take it today .... its the 2nd fish on my pictures at the bottom .. that is turning black .. he's the only one hahaha

  4. yeah thats wut i thought too !!! weird reading ..but now i checked again its 0 ... i tried it too but too dark to see if it actually made a differents ..my goldies have a sensitive nose ! when they smell food they all peck on it like mad !! ^^ love those guys but poor bristlenose ! hehe but i still feed him veggie ..

  5. he/she always have a black trim on the fins .. but now the goldfish has patches of black starting to show.... the whole fish actually is starting to have black ... no fin rot or wut so ever... and fins starting turning black from the bottom not from the tip ... lips turning black .. cheeks too .. yes he/she is in with the pleco ...

  6. well i do it almost twice a week .. depending on my avaliablity.... i don't think i'm going to feed zuccine ... i rather give some other types of food... its not just the pleco that is making the mess its the goldfish ! ... i just did another one today .. i had a water change 3 days ago .. even if i feed the goldfish eats them all .. not exactly feeding the pleco ...

    i feed twice a day mainly one meal veggie and one meal hikari lionhead... but as i say the goldfish eats them all ..

  7. yeah .. i try to stay low on those 3 things ... he use to be active .. i'm not sure if he's too full eatting the goldfish food ?!??!?! :o i feed him algae food( usually eatten by goldfish)... lettus .. cucumber ... zuccine ( not anymore cuz it creates a mess ) ... watermelon... i duno what ever it is on the clip ^^

    he use to fight for food against the goldfish but now he's just on the driftwood... don't know wuts wrong with him ?!?! hope everything is good

  8. I was wondering if there is any symtomes of sickness in him ! these few days he doesn't seem to be too active for some reason... he use to be more active i was wondering if its the temperature that is making him slow down.. before the temperature was up to 80F because to treat new fish and to prevent any parasites ...

    but now its back down to around 75 degrees .. he didn't seem like to eatting much on the glass .. i'm not sure if he does at night but he's just stays in his favorite spots .. and not much movements... he use to eat the food i have on the clip too but now he's not eatting much...

    oh and

    nitrates 20

    nitrites 0

    amonnia 1

  9. i was just wondering .. my white and orange oranda is suddenly turning black ... now he looks like he has a very dirty face .. hahaha i love him ..but just wanna know why ? is it genetics or is it my water ??? at first just 1 or 2 scales was black then one side different parts of body turning black !!!

  10. sharp objects are always not a good idea to have in your tank ... i find that ...the less decorations in the tank .. the more beautiful they are because of how they swim here and there ... there bubble just flopps side to side ^^

  11. very nice looking lionhead .. i always wanted one but never came close to what i wanted in my lfs .....

    they are too tiny ... and the best looking ones are always the orandas so my tank is full of orandas !! ... happy but sad at the same time..

  12. wen growth depends on the genetic itself the most and of course there are other things that can help develop wen growth such as .. high protien foods and have good water conditions. Overall genetic is main factor

  13. just flicking threw the threads on feeding garlic and mads in oz said bout putting garlic juice on a little bit of bread but i dont no how often, anyway im not being rude but y do u want to feed your fish bread for?

    that's what i was thinking about too !!

  14. have tired anyfruit or cutting it up in smaller piece (mouth size)? and you must par-boil the veggies so its soften for the fish...my goldfish sometimes eats algae flakes .. i didn't give it to them on purpose but they are stealing the food from my bristlenose !

  15. so we shouldn't cook it ... i find even if i grind it .. they spit out the harder part of the garlic and its so fine its hard to clean ... but if we soften it up will it loose its nutrients??? or can i just squeez the juice in the tank ?

    i was thinking bread is a good idea but .. i heard people said not to feed bread to goldfish !

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