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  1. The white should be steam it is not really white it is more of a grey type of opaque colour. As for the plant i am confused with what you are saying. :idont

    lol !! i'm not too sure how to put it in words too !! its like there is these clear stringy web like things on the plants surface ...

  2. I was wondering what is the white mist in the hot water tap??? I have to use the hot water tap because no matter how long i leave in room temperture... the water won't be in the same temperature as the tank because the water source comes from the mountains and its only 4 degrees here so it would be minus smth in the mountains ...the water will be way too cold and it will cause ick... i havn't have any problems with using hot water mixed with the cold... but just wondering what is the white mist ???? when i change my water into the tank ..on the plants it sticks some of the white stuff on the leaves...

    one more question ..i know i am out of topic here .. why does my plant have these webs like thing on the surface of the leaves ??? my plant looks like a onion plant but without the lower onion like part of the stem? it has long slim leaves and it always catches the white mist ..!!!

  3. i was looking at your photos and quit confused on what you have in your goldfish tank, some pics show azolotls in with them?

    If you could tell me the set up that would help.

    What is that ?!?!! i've never seen... looks a bit freaky !! its not a fish is it ???they have hands and feets ! Will they eat the goldfish or smth ?? what do they eat ??

  4. Why do you need to use salt?

    Even with my fancy goldfish I don't use any and they are fine without it. These are freshwater fish and should be in freshwater. Salt is used a lot to treat illnesses or when there is a high risk of illness, but in general I would not use it all the time. It is unnecessary and can result in resistant strains of certain pathogens, making salt use as a treatment for illness ineffective.

    One of the reason is said by the other member here on another post... eric2601 :Well no salt at all will create a stress thru problems with osmotic regulation - etc - ....Salt is not unecessary because it does prevent parasites like dan in aus said...You can and not use salt in with fancy goldfish but it is not harmful to goldfish for sure, if you are keeping in a low volume of salt.. At a high volume of salt .3% max in tank it is to treat illnesses... and if its not treating for illness it will stress the fish !! thats why i am stating how much salt it can withstain ... especially bristlenose because i know plecos are sensitive to salt ... and want to make sure until i put any salt into the tank !

    I am not too sure about the bristlenose pleco and salt i think they may be a scale less fish.

    yeah i've been observing for quite a while !! lol :blink: i seriously see scales on him ! but i might be wrong... i know for sure that rubbernose pleco have no scales ... i don't wanna harm my little guy he's so adorable !!! love when he just sticks his lips on the front glass !! any expert out there ???

  5. lol !! i happen to have one of those figurines ... i have a calico lionhead !!! when i had a vist in hk ... its in one of those plastic bubbles in a slot machine!!! oo they are actually in the same collection....


    My figure


  6. they are not exaclty a herbivore... bristlenose is tho! Rubbernose pleco are pretty much friendly but there are exceptions...all u can do like d_golem said is to seperate them ! i find that once u find that they have tried the slime coat ... u cannot get them to have second third forth taste of it ! is it because you underfeed your pleco??? sometimes if you underfeed your pleco he/she will try to find an alternative food source which is slime coat !!!

  7. I guess if I have to simplify my attitude it would simply be that in most things goldfish - "Less is More".

    Less Nitrates and other water inclusions

    Less food (than most - the majority of people tend to feed too much - I am one of the worst offenders in this!)

    Less medications

    Less worrying

    LEss fish in a tank

    More: Filtration and water changes.

    Always use a topical treatment FIRST - go to the medications as a second choice. Tub to tub is great. UV is your friend.

    If something is NOT working, do not continue to use it. That is an exersise in futility - and, according to some, the definition of insanity. Try something ELSE.

    You are so right daryl.. is a uv really worth getting??? i have always been thinking about it !!

  8. In my opinion i don't think there is a certain time that it will hurt it .... the longer they are in the salt solution they might get stressed ... i guess once you see stresses is building in them then you should give them a break ...because each fish has its own tollerance of stress meter. i don't know if that helps ? :thumbs:

  9. lol ! thats one of my post on garlic ! ^^ i agree with all of them .. water is really important ... like gardengirl said !! nothing more important than that ... stressing a fish is deadly !! :badidea filtration can reduce the dirt from hovering on the bottom but new water's minerals are good for fishes !!! other than that food i find very important too !!! i feeed cucumber, peas, garlic to strengthen immunity, any veggie i'm having ^^ (they don't get to be picky eatters !!) frozen dried krills, hikari lionhead, and maybe adding bloodworms in their diet too .. oh occationally fruits... i put watermelon in summer, pealled grapes, anything natural .. they chow down wutever its there !!! i would think a different variety food gives them different minerals and vitamins which keeps my goldfish healthy !!

  10. Is there any special secrets that you do like type of foods , set up of equimpments, the way you care the fish that makes your golfish live more happily or live healthier? maybe talking to goldfish ? not just physically but mentally as well ??? :rofl

    screts that can be shared ????

    I find feeding garlic is one of the best thing to do to have healthy goldfish !!! and watching them swim !! and even play with them .. i actually give them exercise before feeding them make them swimming laps in the tank !! lol ... but now i don't do it any more hahaha

  11. goldfish without light will turn white ?????
    no..it matters what type of fis it isAce was all orange until i was feeding color enhances he had a white patch and it was growing and growing..that also happened to bandits black color..if you want more black color then you will need to increase your light wattage

    lol one of my fish .. the 2nd picture on the bottom is turning black now ~~ have you see him on my other post ??? he looks funny now .. and even more black !!! i don't know why i havn't been messing with the light or anything but his black is bursting out like crazy ..!!


  12. wow .. i wish i can have a pond for goldfish !!! if i dig up the lawn i think my parents will kill me !!! HAHAH :wa plus its too cold here in vancouver when its winter! Its actually really smth to look at when you are by the window side ... seeing goldfish swimming joyfully ... on the other hand saftey of the chrildren and goldfish is important too!~~ ^^ good luck with it !! looking forward for your pictures !

  13. Hmmm sorry koko & others who thinks that alanworm's oranda got ammonia burn, but I tend to think he's just simply developing black :) due to the odd placement of the black pigments. It's is weird to have black coming in rather than out, though.

    Alanworm, while keeping an eye on the ammonia levels, can you post pics of him periodically? I'd like to see this unusual transformation if it's proved to not be ammonia burn :yeah:

    okay i toke the picture in with a darker color setting ... this one you should let you see the difference between the last time i posted the pictures which is only 3 days ago ! The face have grew more black... the body as well the cheeks ... and the front 'paw" have now have black stripes ... on the fins ...and black growing on the gill covers... i do not think its a ammonia burn !!! because that would mean the whole fish is burned pretty bad !!! but he still lives really happy !!! wuts your opinion??? the water i have tested yesterday ...the ammonia is less than 0.1 ... so i doubt the idea of ammonia ...


  14. okay another 2 days more black developed...thats the first time i've seen a goldfish that has that much black appear ..every day there would be more and more black pop up !!! its really amazing !!! i don't think its an ammonia burn tho !!! its really cool in a way .. the middle of the fin is turning black ..the black is coming out from every part of the body

  15. well first thing is your water cycled yet ?? cycling the water is very important for any fish ! The cycle water conditioner is good when you fist start to cycle water... its for to build benificial bacteria ....

    but after water is cycled ... when you change water you should have a vacume to get rid of the poop to prevent ammonia buildup !! you said u have 0.5 reading on ammonia .. you should have a 50% water change to get rid of the 0.5....

    your water should have

    nitrite 0

    ammonia 0

    nitrate <20

    in order to have good water

  16. well it all depends on your camera actually !! you need a camera that can take fast shots .. cameras that have high iso...

    when you take picture u wanna turn off the filter and air because moving water will blurr ur image ... having a still hands is always important ....

    i would usually turn off the flash ..even tho they can capture the fish really crisp but the colour won't look good and will stunn ur gf...

    you should turn on the foucs option for close up detail ..which is the flower symbol....

    it allows u to take more of a detailed picture ...

    hold the take picture button ... press half way ..your digital camera should focus then wait till your gf gets a good look on the camera then press on it ... and see if u can get a good capture .. sometimes you take 10 and only 1 is good !! so keep trying and gd luck !!

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