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  1. Sorry to interrupt but I just wanted to say that your black oranda is absolutely gorgeous, Alan! Its wen is very striking.

    lol yeah i think so too i like picking out special colored fancy goldfish... i love her .. but now the black is starting to intrude the orange wen lol ! its all good ... ~~

  2. because they look so powerful and big that is one of the reason i would like to have them ... right now i have 2 1" lionheads living in the tank and they are adorable !! the way they swim is alot prettier (i duno if that is the word) than an oranda or other fishes that has a dorsal fin... the way they wiggle their tails are so funny ! ..

  3. in my observations there are 2 types of telescope ..there is one that is more streamline and one that has a short body and chubby looking telescope...

    i have a bigger black telescope that is more streamline/longer bodied and 2 small chubby short bodied black telescope... If i remember the more streamlined one is from china and the chubby looking ones have a japan mix type of telescope! So i wouldn't worry about it..its the difference between genetics usually ! unless its sick...

  4. You mean a lemon head goldfish ??? its yellow in the head and white on the body ???

    if u are talking about that i have one and she's my favourite !!! lol

    i'm not sure about uk but its not the kind u see everyday! I would think its pretty special but its not as uncommon as it is now i guesss..it use to be tho!

  5. wow this is very detailed .. it helps alot..i understand alot more now... i was wondering if you can find the us goldfish standard for me so i can be more educated on it because i actually want to start breeding my own lionheads or ranchu's ... currently i have a red cap and a lemon head oranda .. i was wondering if u know what there babies will be like?? they are starting to chase each other but i hvn't seen any breeding stars yet.....

  6. In about how old will you be able to tell how good of a quality it is and worth raising?? simply how do you tell? what are the signs?

    i've heard 1 out of many goldfish u find a show quality or winner? but i don't know what is the standard to pick out one of these guys...

    i know there will be many deformed ones ..how to minimize it as well???

  7. True black starts black and stays black - although most develop white or bronzy underbellys as they grow older.

    lol its funny how i've never seen black 1-2" lionhead or ranchu's >< *shrugz

    is it really rare ??? or wuts the deal?? and wow u got a nice wen matte black oranda i'm craving for one!!

  8. i was wondering if the black ranchu or lionhead when they are about 1 to 2" are they black ?? or are they orange??? i've seen gold ones and white ones and orange ones and calico but not black !!! i was wondering wuts up with that ?? in the lfs i can see tons of little guys that is orange or gold or white and sometimes calico but i just never been able to see black ones !!! i really wanna get one... i was wondering do they start off with an different color and then turns color for the black ranchu and lionhead... if it does can u tell me which color to get ?? thx !!

  9. lol thx !!! going shopping later today ... yeah thats what i am gonna do look for the biggest in the tank ... i like to have a fish since they are young and grow till they r big ..even tho it takes time but it the process of how u rasie them and see them grow bigger... it is the accomplishments that i hv madethat makes me feel overwhilmed to have pet goldfish lol !!

  10. Their vents are prolly the easiest way to tell. You can post pics and let us guess! :)

    I might have to resex my ranchu Ojo. Although she gets chased by Oscar, who I know is a male, I thought I saw breeding stars developing on her pecs. But usually being chased by a male is a good tell tale of whether you've got a male or female. I try to look for egg readiness too, such as bulging on one side of the tummy.

    i've never seen any breeding stars or eggs so far that i have them! i have them for about half a year now...

    pictures... here are some pictures


    i'm not sure if its clear enough?? i can upload some new ones later today....

    Madzs: thats is great tips... let me identify them !

    i'll go take a look right now lol!

  11. is there some ways you can tell between the sex of the fish ?? other than their a-hole? its really difficult trying sneak at a glans at there behinds ! LOL...

    but seriously i would like to know ... how to tell the differences ..i've had my fish for quiet a while and never seen goldfish breed and not knowing the stars and the eggs or the bigg belly !!

    and i've read that you can't tell how old is your fish is that correct???

  12. okay i've still have this hard water problem ...its blocking 50% of the light on the strip of the glass on the tank cover....and the vinegar have not been able to clean off the hard water spots... i have been researching to find the best way to get it off but only vinegar came up .. i am heisitated to use household cleaner even thou it is the glass where i put the light because the deposite is on both sides... i was wondering if i can use a household cleaner and then rinse off clean !!! is there ways to remove those chemicals completely after using...? and should i be using that ??? i really wanna get the light through those hard water deposites...what should i do?? and to be sure.. i'm not cleaning the glass on the tank but the tank cover's glass !

  13. The owner of Goldie, Mr. Evans state that he always made sure never to overfeed Goldie.

    They said that the only time Goldie was ever in jeopardy was when the Evans went on vacation for a week. They gave the house key to Mrs. Cooper next door to check on Goldie once a day. The Evans dumped a container with a weeks worth of food in the tank and left for vacation. Of course Goldie immediately proceeded to eat the entire supply of food all at once. When Mrs. Cooper stopped over later in the day to check, Goldie was bottom sitting not looking very well. Mrs. Cooper freaked out & thought Goldie was not going to make it. :krazy:

    What I don't understand is why they didn't just have Mrs. Cooper feed Goldie once a day? :rolleyes:

    wow u know japanese ??? i was pretty much guessing wut they are saying !! thx for the translation !!

    the goldfish seems a one of the odd type of goldfish .. goldfish has round head and body like a common !!

    but its all good he has the look of a old goldfish too!! i wonder if i can ever break the record !! haha

  14. A continuous water change system is actually an ideal setup. I have been working to set up tanks with a continuous flow - calculated to give about a 100% turnover every 6 days. Many small changes thtoughout the week is close to that ideal.

    Most of us, however, do not have the luxury of taking the time to change water every day - or even every other day. Therefore - to get the amount of water volume you want changed - or need changed depending on your particular tank - you need to change large amounts when you DO change.


    You are BOTH right. :)

    i was wondering how can u make a continuous flow tank !! i was thinking about that !!!! lol but i never got any ideas how to start it ... i would love to get one for my little guys ...

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