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  1. I finally got my hands on one yesterday... BUT !! when i was looking around at different sites .. at goldfishconnections they said you should never put any kind of pleco in the tank with goldfish !!! i was wondering, why does the rubbernose pleco any different from common pleco and in what ways its different so that its safe to put in goldie tank

  2. oh thanx .... that helped alot ... well i guess i need more veggies for my goldies ... and i guess i should keep an eye on big wens when i shop for new goldies ... !! thx .. oh and i want to know .. is it harder to grow if we buy small small goldfishes ?? or i should buy them at a medium size because i find that many of the small goldies i buy won't survive as successful ... !!

  3. I used to use plastic plants but then i think there was times when my goldies got scrapped on the body by the sharp ends and now i bought some new plants (researched on koko's plants page) but they don't look as healthy as they were before .... how do you keep them healthy and growing !??!

  4. oh thx that did help alot i never thought that goldies have to eat lots of veggies .. i thought only fish food is fine ...

    oh and one more thing .. do you know anything about hikari oranda gold ..or lionhead ? i want to know wuts the difference ? and which one to perfer ?? i know the lionhead hikari is more expensive but i don't know wuts the difference

  5. I wanted to know how others feed their goldies... and kinda learn from others as well ...

    my goldies r just eatting pellet food ..and wanted to know ... how much or wut else

    i should feed my goldies and how much to feed?

    i know that hikiri is good but do i need to feed blood worms and shrimps ??? and how often should i feed blood worms and shrimps to them ??

    and how much veggie i should feed ... romain lettuce seems kind of hard do i need to chop it up ??

    as u can see i am a novice ..^^ hehe

    hope to hear from u

  6. alrite thx so much !!! because i only feeed my goldies nutrafin pellet food ... i guess thats not good enough .. i've heard that blood worms r really good for goldies ... i guess maybe i'll feeed them twice a week with blood worms ? is that good enough ?

  7. I was wondering why my oranda's head doesn't really grow??? :blink:

    they've never grow like other people's oranda pictures the head jelly has always been like the same...

    can anyone tell me? is that good or its not good ...maybe tell me if there is any thing that i can do to make it bigger

  8. i got java fern and anubias and a plant like onion plant but its has long leaves but i believe its not a onion plant ....

    anyways i was wondering i havn't used any ferilizers before and for now it seems okay but at tips of anubias is getting yellow

    i was wondering if i need fertilizers and which fertilizers is good?? and affortable? because there is all sorts of plant fertilizers and

    i'm not sure which one is good... any suggestions !??!?!

  9. I use to have a common pleco that was fine with the goldfish but the one i have now which sucked on my goldfish and now its infected with the hole in the head disease...now that i got rid of it i want to get a new one...

    i have a 30gallon aquarium and alge are growing rapidly... i saw the site which said fishes r compatible so i went to look for a rubbernose pleco...

    but so far i havn't found it in the area (vancouver,BC) or if anyone knows where they sell it... i was wondering if there is any other kinds of pleco that is that is compatible? i found that pleco is easy to

    upkeep and they do a excellent job...

    i have asked the people at big al's they said they don't have it, but they have a pleco thats call "clown pleco" i'm not sure if thats compatible with it ?

    or maybe there is other ones that is good...? HOw big will the clown pleco grow to?

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