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  1. Thanks daryl ... i think its algae tooo i don't see them move around and its on all the glass too !!! i'll panic if its all worms !!!
  2. thx i was reading about that ...but i weren't sure if its really worms .. i never seen them move... is there anyway to prevent it ???
  3. i was wondering what is the white dust like things that stuck on glass is ?? when the water current blows by ... u see them waving back and forth...? are those harmful??? are they algae???
  4. lol thats so cute... never seen big snails eatting bell pepper cuz i don't own any snails...^^
  5. lol u got my vote !!! diamond is has pretty colors
  6. okay now i'm sure.. i'm the second one .. the green water culturing.. i have my filter running and do scrubing and change water ... but i don't take the fish out ... i just do normal water change ....
  7. first of all the fish will be stressed out in a tight space...they might be fine when they are small but as they get older they out grow their space ... the bigger the fish the more waste they produce ..so then the ratio of water and the ammonia or nitrate is being changed and is toxic to goldfish.. when a fish starts to bottom sit...it indicates a problem already... without the readings of the levels of ur tank..its hard to define whats going on... for a start u should go and buy some test kits...
  8. lol i'm a bit lost already... i think i'm just running the tank with green water... but whats the difference if u don't mind me asking !
  9. how do u condition the male to hv breeding star ??? i have a male oranda that keeps chasing my other female oranda but i don't see any breeding star ... i'm not sure if that is possible to breed? is there a way to condition the male? do we condition it like the female?? how large of fish is the best size for breeding?
  10. Wow 20 to 25 times? lol i only do twice a day.. i'm worry its going to have sbd....how much do you give everytime? just approximate?
  11. is there any secrets to having ur goldfish grow so fast !! my goldfish doesn't grow way slower then urs... ur oranda's turns huge... what do you feed ur fishes??
  12. lol actually i have lots of more pictures of my goldfish .. and i love them all !! i'll post more later ^^
  13. lol.. i think they look like they are going out !!
  14. My favourite picture and my favourite 2 fish !!! i love the others too but this two is just adorable... Lemon on the left and Brainy on the right !!
  15. A couple pic i just toke ... is this a healthy water ? i just changed 70% of the water ..... so the green is not as thick...
  16. for me the green water isn't a problem ... since i got it might as well just keep using it ... its better anyways ... but is there anyway to clear the cloudiness? i changed 70% of the water today and its still a bit cloudy.. maybe i'll keep like alittle and start off with some new water and stay with my old filteration.. that might still keep the green water and clear off the cloudiness .. will that work ?? all the readings are 0 .. thats the odd part !
  17. wow nice red cap .. looks really cute where the red extends down to the top of the lips !!^^
  18. lol i don't think i'm much help to help u identify those fish but they look awsome !!! and the water is just crystal clear .... i wonder how they do that !!!??!
  19. 1.Is there any easy no setup uv sterilizers out in the market??? Can u provide the name and the effectivness of the uv sterilizer? 2.If i buy TurboTwist 6x 18W UV Sterilizer do i need to have a input pump or a canister filter first?? 3.Does a Uv sterilizer really work ? getting rid of bacteria? and other orginisms ? Is it really worth having? ps. i read the page that was pinned on the tanks and equipment about uv sterilizer... but i just wanna clearify my inquiries... thanks !!!
  20. that is a nice looking ranchu !!! love those guys !
  21. Its funny its not really direct sunlight but then there are some sunlight that can shine through ... but i hvn't open the blinds for ages ... ^^ i have carbon in the filter ... i have it on light green for now .. changed about 90% of the water ... but the water is still abit blurry ..
  22. i don't think there is a specialize color enhanced food... just normal color enhancement pellet food will do ?
  23. I have a 10 gallon tank that has a cloudy green water.. it was a accident when the water start turning green... the water started become cloudy then after it turned green... my filter is on always and i don't have my light on all the time? is that a different green water .. i changed water but i can't seem to get my water clear (like a mist in the water...) ... how can i get the green water to turn clear ? i want to keep the green water and the only way i can think of is to change all the water and grab some clear water from my other tanks ... IS IT SUPPOSE TO BE CLOUDY??
  24. When you only have white spots on wen it's usually growth on wen.. the white i would call it "buds" its just a tiny piece wen... If there is white spots on fins as well as their body then its probly ick .... you will see the unfamiliar behaviour when they swim... always wanted to scratch off the ick on gravels and other decorations ... How ick is triggered is when you have cold water added in your aquarium the ick become visable and will attach it to the fish. So always match the water temperature when you change water !! You have a nice red cap !! Good luck with your red cap
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