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  1. Adorable! Are you sure the oranda belongs to your son, though...? :teehee

    lol.. well yeah cuz he picked him out...either way the fish was going home with us.. :rofl

    Yeah, that what we all knew! LOL! We can read between those little lines you type!!! :rofl

  2. Hi Goldy B.! Welcome to KoKos! I am so sorry your fish is sick. :( You did an excellent job of explaining what has been/is going on, that will help the mods a lot when they read your post and they will be on soon, so hang in there. There are a few things I did notice about your post.

    #1 You don't gravel vacume your substrate. This is very important as nasty bacteria can build up in the gravel and cause the fish to get sick. Just because you don't see anything doesn't mean that it doesn't need a good vacuming at least once a week.

    #2 You have an undergravel filter. The are also not recommended as they tend to harbor bacteria and then release it back into the water.

    #3 You only do wcs every two weeks. With an overstocked tank, you need to do a big wc at least once a week, I would do it twice a week if it were me, maybe more.

    Hang in there as a mod will be on soon to help you out! :exactly We are very happy to have you with us and I wish you the best of luck with your fish!!!!

  3. You have a beautiful moor! I have a demekin and she has gold on her, too, but not in that area. It is on her belly. I am sure RYUU or Trinket will be of more help in that area. Hang in there, Hon, you are doing a great job! Don't give up! We are all here for you!!!!

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