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  1. It is a very good, informative paper!!! I do agree with d-golem and Daryl. You need to interact with the audience, q&a is a good way to do that, also giving them a copy of the paper and maybe KoKos website, would be great! You are going to do great!!! I can't wait for you to tell us all about it!!

  2. So, this Prazi Q is sold at GFC? I think I may need to get some. I have never treated my fish for any parasites and I am wondering if Prazi Q kills other parasites other than flukes? If it will not harm my fish or the cycle, then I am going to order it today and start treatment as soon as I get it.

  3. The test strips look like API ones. I have those for my KH and GH and I hate them! Yep, your fish have ich! I can see it really well in the pics. To be honest with ya, I got the API test strips for KH and GH and it also tests for nitrites and nitrates and ph. The test strips have never given me an accurate reading on ANY of these things. I know because I have drop kits for nitrite, nitrate, and ph and the strips were way off. Just keep hanging in there. I am sorry that your fish are sick, but they will get better!!!

  4. my fish are gonna die..

    i knew i should have just listened to you guys.. not the pet store tard..


    :rofl I am sorry, but you got me with "Pet store tard"!!! ROFL!

    Your fish will be fine, I am sure. Just wait for Imogen or Pix to come back and help ya. I am not sure if you need to keep with those meds you are using or not. Sometimes, when you start meds, you usually have to finish the dosage required. I really recommend that you get some drop test kits for your water params as your water may be the whole reason why they are sick. Hang in there, Hon!!!

  5. Test strips are kind of unreliable as they can be hard to read. I agree with Lola, as it is strange to have such a high KH and low PH. I have been having problems with a low ph and kh myself. It has kept my tank from cycling.

  6. Why don't you like the algae? I love mine! Wait till you see a new pic of my 55....it's entirely green, except for the front glass. It's awesome!

    Will you please stop tempting us with pics and post some! :rofl We haven't seen the 55, :fishtank: we haven't sen the new fish you got :goldfish: ...We need some pics! KoKo stick for you!!!! :bat:

  7. It could take longer than that. ;) Just want you to be prepared. I hope that you have a fast cycle, though. You can start by checking your PH and KH. I set my tank up in October. It never cycled!!! I was doing wcs everyday!!! A few weeks ago, some members here told me that my ph was too low (6.8) and that I needed to check my KH. I finally got a good drop test kit for KH and it was at 35!!! I started adding baking soda (recommended by more members) to my tank and got my ph up to 7.4. Then, I was told to get some crushed coral to bring my KH up. The baking soda itself brought my KH up to about 71.6. I have had the coral in for a few days and my ph is now 7.6 and the KH is up to 89.5 and I finally got some nitrites TODAY!!! After almost 5 months of doing daily wcs! I just wish I had the sense to check my KH a long time ago!

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