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  1. I'm not sure what kind of fish he has. I have decided to keep Jaws, though. I will just have to get two tanks. That craigslist that Shiollie recommended is a goldmine! I have been scanning through it and have some promising deals on some tanks that may happen. However, I would prefer not to actually buy anything until I get you guys to check it out, if you don't mind, no matter where I buy the tanks from. Gosh, I am so confused as to what all I have to get! :blink: Has anyone else ever felt like this??? I just want to make sure I do all the right things for my babies! I never knew that so much detail went into taking care of fish, but I am determined to make it happen as this is something that I have always wanted. Thanks again!


  2. Thanks for the welcome, Alistair, and the great advice, Trinket! I have been searching on EBay all morning and I have found some amazing deals...the only problem is that most of the great tanks I see for sale are for 'pick up only'. I can't really blame these people as I know they weigh an awful lot and shipping would be very expensive and bothersome. I am seriously thinking about advertising in my local newspaper for anyone who might want to sale a tank.

    Yes, Trinket, I must say that I love the blackmoor to death! He/she, not sure which one, is the cutest thing! My other fish, Jaws, is cute, too, but if I had known that he was going to be bothersome to my moor, I never would have gotten it. I know I could probably take it back to nooppee, but I hate doing that, you know? I may see if I can find someone who would like to have it. My brother has an aquarium and he only has one fish in it. It is a 20 gal tank. I am sure he has room for Jaws. Otherwise, I am going to have to get a divider when I get my new tank, so that Jaws can't bother Hammy.

    I wish I could have someone who could give me a list of everything they have on their tanks and the name brands, so I could just go to a website somewhere and pick it all out and have it shipped to me! :rofl We used to have a pet store here in my town and the man who ran it had beautiful fish and really seemed to know his stuff about them. He only dealt in reptiles and fish. However, he went out of business, so now I have no one around here to converse with about what I should be doing. Oh well, I guess I will figure it all out with help from the great people here! Thanks again!!!


  3. You guys are great! I do have a few more questions, though. I hope you don't mind! :unsure:

    First of all, replying to Cac10Hunter, I know what a filter is, but not sure what the difference is between a filter and air pump? What is a stone? Also, in regards to the 4 5 gal buckets, what does 'curing' mean? Lastly, I have a question about different kinds of foods. I have read on here about the different kinds of foods that goldfish can have. My question is about how much of these foods to feed them? For instance, if I was going to feed them peas, grapes, or oranges, how much do I give them and do you also feed them their fish food with these?

    I am looking on EBay for a bigger tank. There are some nice ones for sell, but I am always scared to buy on EBay because you never know if the tank leaks. I will probably end up buying everything new, if I can figure out what all I need to buy! :blink: Any one want to come shopping with me? :rofl


  4. I have looked over the site and I was sure that I saw somewhere about recommended sites to buy products? I may have been wrong? :blink: Is there a particular website that you all trust to buy tanks and other fish products? Thanks again for the help!


  5. Thanks for the tips! I knew the tank that I got was too small, but I was afraid to get a bigger one as I was not sure what size I needed and did not know how well I would be able to take care of the fish. The small "tank" I have is a Marina brand and the water conditioner that came with it stated that I needed to add a whole cap full when changing out the entire water contents and add a half cap full when changing out partial water content. The brand name of the water conditioner is Nitrafin. I cap full is 5ml. It also states that it "coats the fish to replace natural mucus". Also, what is a "python"?

    Personally, I don't like the gravel as it seems to me that, other than the choking hazzard, it would also make the tank harder to clean?

    I am thinking about going on-line and searching for a new tank and supplies thru a website. I will check out the resources here and see what I can find. Thanks again for your tips and I am changing the water in Hammy's bowl and I will start adding the water cond. again if you are sure it will not do any harm. I love this website!


  6. Hello Friends!

    My name is Nickie and I love in GA. This past weekend, I bought a blackmoor. Two days ago, I also purchased a regular goldfish, I'm not sure what kind it is. I have always loved fish and wanted to be the "human" to a few and get an aquarium.

    As of right now, I have had to seperate the blackmoor and gold fish, as the gold one was chasing the moor all over the aquarium and the moor was starting to get stressed out about it. As I don't really have ANY experience with owning fish, I was not sure what type of tank to get, what all goes with the tank, or anything like that! The closest pet store we have is about 40 minutes away from me and it is vvvvv. I got the moor from vvvvv and I purchased a 2.65 gal "starter aquarium" that came with a filter, water conditioner, and fish flakes. At this time, I also purchased a calico fish, but it died two days later. Two days ago, I got the gold fish from nooppee. I have had to put the moor in a fish bowl (I know, please don't yell at me, I hate bowls, too, but it was all I had to put him in until I decide what all I need to get to start a new, bigger tank). Both fish are doing fine, but I must tell you that I have stopped putting the water conditioner in their water, as I believe the instructions were wrong on how much to put in, and I think that is what killed the calico. I am not sure what PH my water is, but the fish are both thriving in just plain water as of right now. I will find out my PH when I go back to vvvvv.

    My questions are: What all do I need to purchase for the tank? I have to be honest, I am not sure what goes in a tank, or even why it goes in there or what it is for. The people at vvvvv could not answer any questions for me as they all seemed like they were hired from a law firm or something and knew nothing about PETS! ARRGGHH!

    What do I do about the goldie and the moor not getting along? The moor is small and very loveable and totally non-agressive, but the goldie, named Jaws btw, is very fiesty and bigger than the moor.

    What kind of drops do I need for the water?

    How do you clean an tank that has 10 plus gallons of water in it? It can't be picked up! I know I need at least a 10 gal tank, but I will probably get a bigger one, as I would love to get another fish or two.

    What kind of accessories need to be bought for the tank? Plants, decorations?

    Belive me, I have been reading on this website for two days now and I have gotten a lot of great info, even though I probably sound like a bumbling idiot right now. I have been trying to answer my own questions. It is just that I want to get the moor, named Hammy, out of that bowl asap. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I love this website and it sure seems like their are some very nice and knowledgeable members here! Thanks for letting me join! It is great to see a website that is dedicated to my favorite animals, fish! Oh, I also love sharks, too!


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