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  1. The ammo, nitrite, & nitrate can co-exist for a while before the tank fully cycles. I would think that for the Nitrate to hit 15(20-5), the tank is closing in on the final stages of cycling. I know this is hard to believe Nickie and you may even be in denial, lol but your tank will cycle eventually. Trust me on this. I hope your right!!! I do trust you! LOL! You seem close Nickie! Seems the KH was a big part of your problem! If your tank has gotten some of the 2nd-type (nitrite->nitrate) bacteria, then its not really all that funny that your nitrates have started to rise without your nitrites ever jumping much. As soon as the nitrites form, they immediately start being converted into nitrates. In fact you may find out that these 'almost zero' number are actually zero. I've found that depending on the quality of light, etc, the zero color on the color cards may be a tiny bit off from the color you see. Technically, most instructions say you should pick the 'closest color', and not average as we humans naturally do. If the closest color is definitely the zero, and it stays that way for a while, it may just be zero. Thanks so much! I guess the only thing I can do is keep an eye on the params and PRAY!!!
  2. Thanks JOH! Nope, the nitrates in the tap are still at 5. They are raising in the tank. The funny thing is, the nitrites have not gotten above .25 yet and the ammonia is almost non existant (sp?).
  3. Very pretty! They are gorgeous!!!
  4. Beautiful fish, Liv!!! Her colors are amazing right now!!! I can't wait to see what she will become later!!!
  5. I just wish I could figure my situation out. I mean, I went from having no nitrites and ammonia at about .50 everyday to having barely any nitrites or ammonia and 20 nitrates almost over night (within a few days).
  6. Yes, the tap is still 5 on the nitrates. I wonder if I may have had some BB's on that bio-pad that I transferred to my new filter from my old one and maybe that helped? It is so weird to me because (as far as I could tell) I had no cycle going at all and then BOOM, my cycle starts. Now, the nitrites are barely climbing at all and the nitrates are getting higher. This has only been a few days!!!
  7. My cycle just started a few days ago. I have nitrates out of my tap of 5. However, what I am noticing is that while I hardly have any ammonia or nitrItes, my nitrates are rising very rapidly! This is not normal in a newly cycling tank is it? I have been keeping a diary of my water params and this is the pattern that has been going on since I first noticed the cycle. As an example: 2-9-08 11:17am Ammonia: Very close to zero Ph: 7.8 NitrIte: 0-.25 NitrAte: 5-10 Salt: .1% I did not do a wc yesterday, but added Prime to the tank 2-9-08 10:00pm Ammonia: Close to zero NitrIte: 0-.25 NitrAte: 8-10 ph: 7.8 KH: 89.5 2-10-08 10:38am Ammonia: Almost zero NitrIte: 0-.25 NitrAte: Almost 20 ph: 7.8 Salt: Still at .1% Why are my nitrates climbing faster than the nitrites? I though the nitrites were supposed to come first? Any suggestions are appreciated.
  8. Because that was what I was told here... That ph and kh do affect a tank cycling.
  9. I wasn't ignoring you. I never used the stuff so I figured I let someone who has used it answer your question. No, Fumi, you never ignore me! I wasn't referring to you.
  10. I went ahead and added one dose of Prime as no one else has answered yet.
  11. WHOO-HOO!!!! That is wonderful!!! I can't wait to see them!!!!!
  12. Hooray for Elaine!!!! I am so happy that she is doing better, Chrissy! Your are a wonderful fish mom to her and I am sure she is so happy that you care so deeply for her!!!
  13. Rachel, I have already threatend her with the KoKo stick! She better get in gear and post those pics SOON, or else!!!
  14. My fish are doing good. No signs of stress yet. I have the tank salted at .1% right now and have had it that way since Wednesday when I did my last wc.
  15. It is amazing and downright SCARY what they will cram a poor fish into!!! What will they think of next to use as an "aquarium"?
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