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  1. Just put the 1st batch of fish to test this place. Let's take a tour to my new Mini Farm. Any recommend or suggestion are welcome!
  2. What do you guys think? Part I; Part II; Part III; Part IV;
  3. For some reason, you can post/type in goldfishconnection, goldfishnet, goldfishutopia, with no word cencer like !!! but not for r a n c h u m a n i a x . c o m Hope someone can explain to me why? Do we ban his site? what's wrong with this website?
  4. HI All, Let's me Change and correct my advertisement For this Chinese New Year Sale; Buy any selection of 3 or more, get $20 off each fish retail price. Watch out for this Deal!! Rare case!! Buy any select 5 or more, get them AT $80 a piece w/Free Overnight Shipping!! Special Offer Ending either 20 more fish SOLD or Sunday Jan 18 by 9pm EST. Best Regard, Paul !!!.com
  5. I'll just goin to paste a message from Paul about his special deal. Hi All, I am running special deal on any fish in-stock. Select any fish in stock and get $20 each fish, when you get at least 3 fish. When you select more than 5 fish, Get $20 off and also Free Overnight shipping via USPS. Offer Expire Sunday Jan 18th, 2009. Best regard, Paul !!!.com This is interesting!! Rarely he gives special offer on his fish.!
  6. Paypal is very good method to make payment, but i once got hack to my account and transfer $4000 from my bank account. Lucky me, i only keep minimum in that bank account associate with my paypal, and i know people at the bank. So they've voided off the overdraw fees since i do not have 4k in the account. Most of the time, paypal would be best way to complete transection online. Never GIve out your Credit Card number and other info to unknow source.!!!
  7. There currently 4 R/W ranchu on Ebay auction from Paul. What do you guys think about those fish?
  8. Oh...yeah..it's only 120-140 with that kind of wen. Clearly i can see its Fangs. Rarely to find on Calico ranchu. I would love to have him/her. But the only missing part on him/her are unsmoothly curve back and 5 color; Black, Blue, Red/Orange, Brown, and White. I could find any R/W, Black, and Jap Ranchu easily but not Calico with High wen growth, 5 color, good back, tail tuck, and etc. This fish got almost everything i look for ranchu, beside head shape is too short and what i have mentioned. Plus, how he/she swims.!
  9. Yeah, I know how picky you are when it comes to that tail tuck! lol Everyone, I keep looking at this one, and I just might break the bank to get her. Such a beauty Calico Ranchu!!!! Hard to find one with that much wen growth!! If there is more blue on it and smoothly curve back, i would get him/her myself!!!
  10. Paul Has them in-stock! Last batch were sold fast!
  11. i've sent you some pic of calico ranchu. Those has everything!!! That's call high quality, buddy!
  12. Those are really great Calico....I really like the back and coloration. Only thing missing on that those 2 calico are fangs!! I like it. I wish i can get something like that!!!
  13. Only Jed. Not me?? j/k I thought you only like chinese fish.....opp...Chinese foods
  14. Yeah....Hope my tanks wont broke....sound scary....
  15. I want something like this.....wish i know how to build it!!
  16. I cant remember how you calculate 1G=?lbs, but i live in apratment on 2nd floor. And i have 120G, 75G, 55G, and a lot more. I do not have any problem yet. Only water i had were i left my phyton in fish tank and forgot to turn it off. Then water go to 1st floor with complaint from landlord....
  17. I like your Pearlscale and Panda. Such a beautiful fishes
  18. Ohh......new lesson to meNever notice that gf need shelter beside tosakins
  19. With pricing on gf, i think it is more about your taste. $1, $5, $20, or more than $100 it really doesnt matter to me. You like the fish, Just bought them!!
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