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  1. oh there such cuties I love the tank set-up. The purple flower is really cool!!!!
  2. ooooooooooooooooo look at how cute she is. I have been looking for another calico bubble-eye but havent seen any. Lovey fishy
  3. There sooo chubby and cute!!! In the first picture it looks like their reading the words on the box. All of your fish are soo lovely.
  4. Wow You could open your own little aquarium, and make people pay to see it. If you wanted to you could make that a swimming pool. Geez 210g is HUGE!!!!
  5. I love Trinkets color, all of your fish are soo sparkling cute. Their faces are to die for.
  6. Bubble-eyes are the best!!!!!!! Heres Louie when he was little and big He does float and it really bothers me but you gotta love them. He's tank mate keeps watch over him and never goes to far. Louie is such a pig he cant get enough when I feed them peas. He has such a cute personallity its not funny. I have been looking for an orange bubble-eye or a calico but havent found "the right one" Like when it came to louie I new right away he was the one.
  7. I love your bubble-eye!!!!!!!!!! He is suuuuuuuuper duper cute!!! I have been looking for one just like him but the nooppee around here only has sick bubble-eyes which makes me soo sad. All of your fish are amazing and have great names
  8. Oh thats soo sad I would cry if I had to get rid of my fish. I love them all dearly, but What can you do when they get to big? Im sure he will look great in that pond. One day you should go there and visit him. Mabe sneak him a pea or two. I cant wait to see pictures!
  9. Wow! your coaco lionhead is just a doll. Your orandas got a very cute face too. You betta is amazing. i have always wanted just a pure white betta like him.
  10. Hehe, Im sure a cat would think twice before having him as a snack. He is very lovely. He is almost like a puffer fish with such a plumb belly. He is just amazing.
  11. Amazing , I love the bubble-eyes, celestials, and lionheads. I wish I could get one. mabe in a few years
  12. Your design is amazing. I love the glass so you can see the fishes. The flowers make a really nice touch. I like how the pond material is kinda darker colors and then BAM orange and white fish.
  13. They look soo bright and healthy. I love the sparkles in the picture.
  14. Your 30 gallon is sooooo clear they look soo happy and healthy.
  15. The reds rim around her eyes make it look like shes wearing eye-shadow. Moe is a really cute name.
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