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  1. I've been doing some persuasive talking with my parents, and from the sounds of it they're starting to agree with my reson on why I want to get a bigger tank, "They're getting too big. It's either I get a bigger tank, or I say 'bye-bye' to some." I've been looking around on the internet and at my LFS, and I think the only thing I CAN get is a 30-35 gallon with my savings. At least it's 10 gallons more room to swim in. I'm just so happy!! My talking is finally starting to get through to them!! Happiness levle right now= Happy to the 100th power!!
  2. Me too. Maybe he's getting ayback for you not allowing him to be with Hammy. I would not put it past him! LOL! INSANE fish he is! Yes, very INSANE!
  3. Me too. Maybe he's getting ayback for you not allowing him to be with Hammy.
  4. Awww. I once had to fast my fish for a week trying to fix their SBD. Then they went on green beans for a week untill we ran out. So now only one is still recovering with her SBD, and she's getting a lot better too. Hope your baby gets better.
  5. Create a new topic asking that. They probably can.
  6. Are they part Ryukin too?? They seem rather fat and humped back.
  7. Never tried water cress! Will have to do that! Alsom I was wondering about those crunch things in Chinese food? The white, disk, veggie type things? Wonder if they could eat those if they were only packed in water? You're taling about water chesnuts. They're yummy.
  8. Nope, haven't gotten the Okay yet. I might never get the okay though because my parents aren'treally sure if we have room for a bigger tank.
  9. Everything is fine although the PH keeps ettig a lttle low. I check PH regularly 1-2 times every 2 weeks. Yesh, yesh they can be.
  10. Must.....see.....images....!!! *waits*
  11. My first gold fish got to full size in a MONTH! And all I was feeding him was flakes!! Not he's topin' 5-6" and he's still on swimming like a young little bugger.
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