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  1. I have a 2000 gallon pond with a pump that pumps 2900 gallons an hour. That only adds 7 bucks to the bottom line on the monthly electricity bill. Tell you parents you'll take quicker showers to save money, LOL.....

    Seriously, running aquarium equipment is LOW WATTAGE stuff, compared to some of the stuff for ponds out there. It's really just pennies a day. Be sure to check the wattage of anything you buy and buy responsibly. Wattage really does vary on pumps and some lights. You can call the electric company to see how much you're paying for each kilowat hour and they'll help you figure out how much another tank will cost per month. I'm sure it's hardly a thing..... Let us know when you find out.

    BTW, do your parents know how expensive a reef tank really is??? Decent lights alone can cost hundreds of dollars and the rock itself is expensive along with the corals and fish. Gosh, I've seen people spend three or four thousand dollars then give up because it's too hard to maintain...... Goldfish are cheaper by far!

  2. Jewels, Buy a Mag Float! It's magnetic and you stick one side inside the tank, and the other sticks to the outside. You run it all around the glass and the algea goes away! I have one for most of my tanks and they work really well. I love them. I just bought a brand new one for the big 75 with the seven baby goldies I'm growing out.

    There are plenty of alternatives at the pet shop. You can use a razor blade for the really thick sheets of algae, or a aquarium scrubbie. Personally, I like the mag float and a scrubbie from the fish store. I use the razor blade for the hard to scrape stuff.

  3. Can I ask how did you get your airstone to stay flat is it siliconed on there??

    FC, I bought a LONG triangular shaped bubble wand. It has a flat bottom and sits perfectly on the bottom of the tank. I want another one for the right side eventually so there's an entire wall of bubbles along the back of the tank. The fish LOVE it. :)

  4. No pics right now. They are SO SMALL I doubt I could get a shot with my camera. They are about a quarter of an inch now. I grind up the flake food and feed it to them several times a day and they go nuts for it. Their little tummies pooch out when they're full. It's so cute. They're growing before my eyes. I love to just sit and watch them. I actually have six of them. I thought I had five, but spotted another the next day.

    Siphoning the tank is hard. I have had to switch to small airline tubing and a bucket. The larger tubing I was using got one of the babies. I found him swimming around in the bucket. He was alright so I scooped him up in a cup and put him back in the tank -- the little stinker.... LOL.... Using the Python is absolutely out of the question until they guys are grown. As soon as I can I'll buy another 5.5 gallon grow out tank set-up for them and separate them. Right now they're doing fine with the parents in the tank. None of the adults are picking or chasing them and they have a lot of plants to hang out in.

    I love guppies!!!

  5. I've got baby guppies and am so happy!!!! I bought a 75 gallon tank a few weeks ago and the guy I bought it from gave me a few guppies. I put them in a 5.5 gallon tank in the fish room and didn't think anything about it, as I'm not usually great with guppies, but a couple of days ago I saw six little guppy puppies swimming around in the tank. It was great!

    I moved my chair over to their tank and sit mesmerized by them every morning. It's such a miracle that something so small is alive and eating and swimming right after birth like that. Absolutely amazing ! :)

  6. Shamu, Personally, I like the idea of a large indoor pond. Your weather conditions up there are so extreme that goldfish may suffer in the big pond. Go for the big tank. I like the 125 because I can get my arm all the way down to the bottom and it's 6 feet long -- a nice LONG run for a comet. You can always construct a Summer Only pond to put them in later. Five hundred gallons would be a nice size to start with.

    You know, you COULD just get a 300 gallon stock tank for the summers. Empty it out and turn it upside down in the fall, after you bring the fish indoors to their big tank. That would work too.

  7. A lot depends upon where you live. If you live in an area where you'll get a sheet of ice on the pond, then unplug the pump, sink it to the bottom of the pond, stop feeding the fish and put in a pond de-icer to keep a small hole open in the ice. A hole will allow valueable exchange of oxygen for the fish, and prevent the pond from freezing solid (if it's small).

    Also you do not want to run the pump all winter as it will super cool the water and possibly freeze the waterfall solid and burn out the pump is you get harsh winters.

    NOW, if you're in a place where you don't get awful winter weather, you can just keep that pump running 24/7. You really should not EVER turn off the pump during the warm weather as it depletes the oxygen in the water for the fish and can lead to disaster. So far you've been lucky, but as the fish grow, you will need to provide constant water flow in the pond.

  8. I would never go from .3% to fresh instantly, just on principle.... Give it a couple of days and go slow... One reason to keep the goldie in QT is that IF he has something wrong with him, then you've got to treat the new tank, and there goes your cycle..... By keeping him in QT, you avoid that.... So many of the meds on the market ruin the beneficial bacteria out there that it may not be worth putting him into the new tank right away.

  9. I was at a fish club meeting the other night and someone had brought an oranda that was about five inches long to the auction. The poor thing was all torn up and had red streaks on the fins. I watched the auction while I held my breath, thinking I'd have to buy it for a buck or two if nobody took it, but some nice lady bid on it and bought it. I'm sure she'll take it in and nurse it back to health. The poor thing! And this came from people who should know better!

  10. You know I DO find that the bottom of the tank gets rather grungy with algea though..... I bought a long handled scrubby for the bare-bottom show tank and I scrub it, but is there something else I should be doing???

  11. The valance on the window is adorable. If that were my room, I'd turn the desk around and pull it away from the wall, so I was facing the tanks...... I wouldn't want to not see the fish!

    I can't wait to personalize my fish room.... I'm spending all my time getting tanks up and running right now. :)

  12. Hey HNLim, buy her a small heater for that nano, keep the water at 78 degrees (F) and buy her a beautiful betta. Problem solved. Oh, and add a silk plant or two for the betta to rest on. Your wife will love it.

    She obviously did something right in caring for those fish to get them to that size to live for three years in that small of a tank..... so she must take care of the fish, BUT this is a case of WRONG FISH - WRONG TANK..... Get her a betta.

  13. That's a 300 gallon stock tank right? I'm thinking about getting one of those this spring to breed a few of my pond fish in. I have all black comets and orange and white comets. I want to breed them to see if I get tri-colored comets like the one I lost earlier this summer..... Do you have an in-tank filter? I have no idea how I want to filter this tank when I get it...

    Nice set-up you've got there. :)

  14. Keep the bottom clean (NO ROCKS!), do water changes, filter the water, watch your fish load, and you should be alright. Take care of the water and the fish will take care of themselves.

    Also, stock some underwater plants like anacharis for them to hide out in, put a water lily or two in there for shade (shaded surface will cut down on algea), and feed sparingly (this is the hardest for me, lol).

    How many gallons is the pond and is it filtered? What fish are in there now and what sizes are they?

    Congrats on the new pond. Ponding is a blast!

  15. Great news Jewels. My pond fish like to swim around me when I'm working in the pond. They even let me hold them a little under the water which is very cool. My indoor fish are all scaredy-cats though. The new Ranchu and oranda like to feed from my hands but I can't really hold them.

  16. Hi, I don't hate you..... There was a time when I fished and LOVED it..... I grew up in Maryland, close to the shores of the Chesapeake Bay and it's almost a law that you have to love fishing and eating crabs, LOL...... In fact, I think my love of fish grew from all those wild encounters I had with fishing. There's nothing like seeing a school of bluefish come to the surface to feed. It looks like a frenzy of flashing scales and teeth. They are the equivilent of pirannahs in the Bay. And crabbing is a real art. We used to tie chicken necks to string for bait and bring them up one by one to be netted. The crabs are so smart and will let go of the string the minute they see that net. We used to rent big sport fishing boats and go out and fish. Try spending an afternoon fighting a gigantic rockfish or blue on the end of a line and see how sore your muscles get. Gosh, we ate well back in those days.

    Today, I don't fish. I prefer to buy my fish from the grocery store, and make Maryland Crab Cakes every Christmas Eve for my family in homage to those days I spent growing up in Maryland. However, it gets harder and harder to find REAL Chesapeake Bay crabmeat every year. I also do not eat Oysters now due to the decimation of the oyster beds in the Bay. It's a real shame that pollution has caused so much damage to the Bay.

    I also don't fish because I've come to a higher understanding and prefer to LOOK at nature rather than try to dominate or fight her. We take the canoe out and I marvel at all the fish in the waters right behind my house. And when I travel to the Caribbean, I snorkel and just thank God for the wonder of the oceans..... It's incredible (and one reason I don't keep salt water tanks).

    So, I have nothing against anyone fishing. I did it myself as a kid and spent many happy days at it, but as a grown-up woman I prefer to look......

  17. I got the new tank set up last weekend and got the baby fantails moved in a couple of days ago..... They are so small, but LOVE the big tank. Here are a few pics:

    Freshly set up. I like to use blue backgrounds on my tanks:


    "The Seven Dwarfs" waiting to go into their new home.


    Floating in the new tank in the upper right hand corner:


    Swimming in the anacharis after their release:


    I'm so pleased with the set up. It's the first time I've ever had a big tank, bare on the bottom. I can see how much easier it will be to keep clean. :)

  18. I took all the gravel out of the aquarium and about a million snails too. I washed it and laid it out in the shed to dry out. The snails will be history and I won't use the gravel on tanks, just in the garden, maybe at the base of my bonsai.

    The tank cleaned up rather well. I need new glass tops as I don't prefer the hood, but that isn't important right now. The tank holds water and I'm glad about that. I'll get new gravel soon. :)

  19. I'm beginning to get really frustrated with buying used tanks, filters, lights etc..... The tank I just bought off of Craigslist yesterday has A LOT of black gravel in the bottom and it SMELLS really bad. On top of that the tank has a bazillion small snails, which means that I probably have to throw out the gravel, or pick through it for live snails (hopefully they won't eat the plants I want to put in the tank)..... The gravel is so smelly, it smells like nobody ever cleaned it, and boy is it deep! Agh!

    Part of this is my fault for buying it sight unseen. Never again! Hopefully the dang thing holds water. We shall see this evening when I clean and fill. :blink:

  20. Thanks everyone. I think I'm just going to go with the HOB Marineland Emperor 400's for now. A pair of those will pump 800 gallons per hour and that's more than 10 times the tank volume, so it should be good... I have the room at the back of the tank against the wall for them, so I'll get around to ordering them eventually.

    I just cannot find a canister that can handle those numbers of gallons......

    Dan, I LOVE that blue oranda in your sig picture. What a lovely color!!!

  21. I got the new/used 75 gallon tank set up in my fish room yesterday and it looks fantastic, but one of the filters that came with it is junk. I bought a Marineland Emperor 280 for another tank, but set it up on the 75 along with the used Marineland Penguin 200 for now. The fish that are going in this tank are VERY SMALL fancy tails that I grew out from a friends spawn. There are seven of them and the largest is less than a size of a quarter. So, this filtration is fair for now, BUT I realize I need something better, and soon.....

    My question is: Should I upgrade to TWO Marineland Emperor 400's to hang on the back of the tank,,,, OR should I start looking for some sort of canister filter????

    I can do a canister filter on this tank, but know hardly anything about them.... What's a good brand? I'm confused by all of them on the market. I was looking at the Fluval's and they seem good. I liked the hose shut off feature and feel that that would come in handy during canister clean out, BUT I don't know. I do not want a lot of hassle. How often do these canisters need to be cleaned?

    The big question is: How effective is their filtering ability compared to HOB filters like the Emperor vs. cost and ease of maintenance??????? Any guidance would be appreciated.

  22. Oh that was the cutest little video..... I LOVED it when the goldie got the cat -- the frames that went from the fish to the cat reminded me of the old Speed

    Racer TV show for some reason.

    That was adorable. I vote for a translation as well. Very Cute, worth the wait to load. :)

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