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  1. A friend from Louisiana sent me a bag full of goldfish babies from a spawn in her pond in June. They got here safely after 24 hour shipping and I was so glad. They are SO SMALL! The smallest fantail is about the size of my small pinkie nail. It's orange with a black tail.... In all I got five fantails and 10 or 11 shubunkin mixes.

    Here's a few pics:

    Right After they got here. Acclimating to the Quarentine tank. The "tank" is two storage bins (one in the other for stability) with two corner filters, two airstones, a 150 watt heater, bags of gravel from a cycled aquarium, and lots of plants.


    My dog, Buddy, loves to check out the fish in the Quarentine area of the basement -- my furnace room. The QT behind him is a ten gallon setup for one shubunkin I bought a few weeks ago. That fish will go out to the big pond this weekend.


    These babies are so adorable. I can't believe how small they are.... It's going to be a fun winter watching them all grow up. :fishtank

  2. That's breeding behavior in goldfish. Your shubunkin is a female and probably full of eggs. She is chased by the males who fertilize her eggs. If they're bullying her too much, you may have to separate her.... Can you float a cage of some sort in the pond for her? You can fashion one out of plastic mesh from a craft store. I've even seen people use plastic laundry baskets with pool floaties on them to make it float to house a female that's being hassled too much.

    How big is your pond? In my pond I have anacharis for the fish to spawn in.... I got four or five very pretty little comets from the spring spawn. They're about 2-3 inches long now.

  3. The American Goldfish Association has a newsletter that is quite infomative. The last one was all about breeding goldfish. They regularly publish pics of show-winning goldfish too, which is cool. You can find it at: www.golfishpages.com

    I was just thinking about a goldfish magazine the other day. I don't think there are any goldfish-only mags out there, but there should be. It seems like koi mags are all the rage these days.

  4. Or maybe the fish are spawning and that's a female they're bullying and chasing.... If she's getting beat up you should separate her. Do you have a way to separate her?

    I also think you should check your water for ammonia, pH, nitrates, nitrites to make sure everything's alright.

  5. I'm really bummed out that summer is coming to a close here in Virginia.... I have to go back to teaching in a few weeks, and then I'll have to leave early and not be able to spend a long morning by the pond. It's sort of depressing, LOL.

    On the plus side, it was a good year for my pond plants, and most of my fish survived the outbreak of parasites, but I did lose my favorite tri-color comet. That was the worst. I'm hoping to set up to breed next year, so that's something to plan for over the winter and look forward to..... There's always next summer! :)

  6. What about larger material, like those polished rocks that are 2-3 inches across, or those bigger black rocks that craft shops sell? Or how about really large River Jacks -- they're as big as an ostrich egg..... I don't know. I just don't like the idea of a completely bare bottom tank. I want something down there, but not small gravel that will hold nasty stuff.....

  7. After a major outbreak of ich and cillodonella in the pond this summer I've started quarentining every new fish that comes in here. They go through at least two weeks in 80 degree water with .3 percent salt, then another few days moving back to fresh water, then they can go in the big pond. I learned the hard way. My QT set up is simple -- just plastic storage containers in the furnace room with corner filters, and an aquarium heater and air stones. Barebottom and a few plants floating in the water for their security. Also, I can break the containers down easily after I'm done.

    Heavy, is there any way you can get your fish scraped and scoped??? When my fish got sick, I bagged two and took them to the local koi place. They scraped them, put the slide under the microscope and told me EXACTLY what the fish had..... I was then able to treat the pond accordingly. Do you have an ammonia indicator stuck to the side of the tank????

  8. That's great news. I'm so glad that fish survived. I had a major disaster this summer in my pond when I delayed in putting in the dechlor after a major water change. I got distracted and two hours later the fish were dropping like flies. I cried myself silly over losing my favorite fish -- a large tri-color comet that is very rare and I'll probably NEVER find another one. That fish was bred in this pond and was my reason for going out there every day, and I killed it with plain, stupid ignorance.... :(

    It was a terrible loss to me, and I know exactly how you feel. I didn't MEAN to get distracted, just like you didn't mean to have that outcome in your tank, and bad stuff happened..... It sucks, and I've spent several weeks moving on from it, but I still feel bad. Somebody told me that these mistakes just make you a better fish-keeper though.... Again, I'm really glad your fish pulled through.

  9. Wow, he's a cutie-pie. And that shubbie you have in with him is really lovely too. What do you have them in? Rubbermade containers? I noticed the black background and it looks familiar. I use containers like that for QT but mine are sort of clear plastic.

    A name, Hmmm, I can't think this morning. "Match" is a cute idea. I was thinking "Patch" would be cute too. Or "Dotty" Or "Spot", LOL..... Does that fish have wen??? I can't tell from the pics.

    Congrats on the new fish anyway.

  10. Most of my fish get buried under the rose bushes in the yard. I think of them when the roses bloom.

    I completely understand why you'd be upset after a few days. I lost my favorite fish a month ago, and it's still hard to go to my pond each day. I loved that fish so much, and know I'll never find another one like him. He was a tri-color comet, a beautiful fish that was born here in this pond. Luckily I have a picture of him that I can look at. And perhaps someday I'll find another fish sort of like him, but it's still very hard. I completely understand.

    Hang in there.

  11. I was at the local vvvv a few weeks ago and noticed that they had the Marineland Eclipse 37 gallon show tank on sale. Originally it was $229, but was on sale for $129. I LOVE these tanks. The filtration is great, and the lamps are wonderful for growing all types of aquatic plants. I've had the 12 gallon eclipse for 8 years and love it.....

    Anyway, I passed that 37 up a couple of weeks ago because I didn't have the money, but DH and I stopped by there this evening and he said we should go ahead and get it. It was a real deal, as the hood alone is almost 100 bucks. So we got it! I'm officially upgrading! Yay!

    I have a few tiny baby fantails being shipped from a friend in LA next week, so this will be their new home. I'm excited. I got a great deal and the fish will get a great tank. :)

  12. If I remember correctly, the poison makes the rodents really thirsty, so that's probably why they got into your pond. This could have had far reaching consequences too. What if an owl or hawk got the rodents after they ate the poison? Or what if a pet cat got them? Same result.....

    Unfortunately, rats carry diseases and breed like crazy. A rat or two can soon breed to incredible numbers, so they need to be controlled, but what is it about the neighbor's shed that brings them in? Is it a messy, dirty shed? Where did the rats come from?

    I am SO SORRY about your fish. It's really terrible that you lost them that way. What a shame. I am glad that you found the cause though. What about yourself? Were you in any danger since you were in the pond -- did the poison have an entryway into your skin? Will you have to drain and clean the entire pond. I'd probably do that, just to be on the safe side.....

  13. I don't know about you all, but I just let the algae grow on the back and sides of my tank. I clear the front with a magnet thing that's stuck to the glass, and that keeps the front nice and clear. The algea goes through phases depending on the strength of the light in the tank. And the fish nibble on it too..... If it gets too thick on the plants, I just take them out and rub it off in a tub in the sink, being gentle so as not to rip the leaves of the plants.....

    For me, the fewer chemicals I add to the system the better.....

    To the OP, how are your fish today????

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