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  1. I saw a posting for a 150 and may get it. Anyone out there have one? What have you got in it? I'm thinking it would be a super addition to my fish room..... perhaps a goldie tank, or a planted angelfish tank. I've always wanted angelfish, but the goldies may win out, LOL..... We'll see if I can get it.

  2. Shamu, I use a BIG floating stock tank de-icer with a metal cage around it. It's enough to keep my 2000 gallon pond in good shape through the winter, so one will be fine for your. Make sure you get the metal cage thingy though -- you don't want the heating element of the de-icer to come into contact with your rubber liner. It would burn a hole in the liner!

    As long as a hole stays in the ice, the fish will be fine. I'm so excited for you!

  3. Shamu, starting with 4 or 5 fish is good because they WILL spawn. It's virtually guaranteed. They eat a lot of the eggs and smaller fry. Every year in my big pond I get less than 10 baby fish from the spawn because they eat everything else. It's kind of sick, but a fact of life in the pond.

    A few bunches of submerged plants and water lettuce or hyacinth will provide more hiding places for the baby fish.....

    Straight sides on your pond will deter most wading birds and racoons. They make the most mess out of ponds and can do the most damage. You can help the fish by providing hiding spots in the pond as well. Use flue tiles -- large terra cotta tubes that are used for fireplace chimneys. Lay them on the side in the bottom of the pond and the fish will use the tubes to hide in if predators come around. They also can act as planting shelves for lilies. Just be sure to put a piece of liner under them to keep sharp edges of the terra cotta from damaging your liner. In a pinch you can knock the bottom out of large terra cotta pots to create hiding tunnels too.

    A de-icer is a must for your area.... The bigger the hole you can provide, the better.... I use a stock tank de-icer.

    I would skip the UV... It's just one more thing to fuss with. With adequate cover from lily leaves your pond WILL not need it. A little green water is not a bad thing and the pond will cycle through a green stage in the spring, then it should go clear once the lilies grow and shade the water. If you've got grungy water, you need to filter more or vacuum more.....

    I'm very excited for you. I had to wait three decades before I got my first pond..... :)

  4. I looked at the fish at the local shop today and there was one in a tank that my heart really went out to. It was a fantail -- red and white and it had one telescope eye, but the other eye looked badly injured. It looked like it was going to lose the eye -- it was flat and scarred looking -- not good at all..... In addition, it looked like it's little mouth was deformed.... I felt so bad for the poor thing, but I am overloaded and out of tank space at the moment.....

    Is a deformed mouth a terrible thing? Can goldfish learn to feed with half a mouth? That's what it looked like -- like half it's mouth could function and the other half couldn't...... It wasn't an open wound or anything -- just sort of looked like a birth defect.......

    I used to rescue bettas all the time, but they could live in smaller quarters, than goldfish..... What's the rule for rescuing goldies....????

  5. That's why I love my LONG pond -- for the ones that dart so quickly from one end to the other. Big pools and ponds were made for those swift goldies. :) Most of mine school too, but when they feel like it they can cover the pond end-to-end in two seconds flat.... It's great to watch them do what nature intended.

    It sounds like you have a great variety of fish from that spawn. They sound very pretty. My pond bred fish have turned out to be quite beautiful and I only started with six feeders and a shubunkin fifteen years ago. I've had amazing variety in subsequent spawns since then.....

  6. The fish look great! And the pot does too. Where did you get it?

    Peaches, At one time I had four of those pots. They are GIANT 36 inch fiberglass pots that are colored to look like terra cotta. I siliconed the hole in the bottom and created an instant water garden! Three of them made up my first water gardens...... and I learned A LOT with those before I built my big pond.

    I gave away three of them to my brother in-law and could KICK myself because now I wish I had them for growing out spawn next year....... Sheesh, I should have never given them away. I just got this one back from a friend that I helped set up a small water feature for her deck. She moved and gave the pot back to me, just in the nick of time for Olivia's fish to get here.......

    I wish my BIL would get tired of those pots. He's just got stuff planted in them on his deck -- no fish, LOL......

  7. Hi there, a 150 gallon tank weighs 1800 pounds when filled with water. That's the equivalent of TWELVE average weight men standing on your tiny deck. I doubt seriously that your balcony is designed to hold that amount of weight..... Why not do something smaller, like a half of a whiskey barrel to start with.... I'm very concerned about the weight of a 150 pond on such a small terrace. The terrace is probably just bolted to the wall and that amount of weight could rip it right off the building......

  8. Wow, Oliver, that's really cool. Nature found a way -- so cool! I agree that the cover should come off to increase the surface area. Right now, you can probably get away with no filtration on a 20,000 gallon pond with that many fish in it. Eventually though, you'll have to filter and/or re-home some of your fish. You can put a free ad in the paper and find homes for some of them. That's what I did when I had to re-home fish last year.

    You can also get a stock tank heater to float in the pond to keep a hole open in the ice for winter. Do you keep the pool filled up in the winter??? You can buy a few bunches of anacharis from the local fish shop and put them in the pond. They will root out in the muck on the bottom and provide beneficial cover for the fish. A lily or two could be put on the pond steps and would give you nice flowers in the summer.

    Many people convert pools over to ponds. It's a great idea, and wonderful for you to play with..... You can google "swimming pool to pond coversion" and get a lot of articles.

    We'd love to see a picture!

  9. FYI, Olivia..... Your fish are started to come up to feed at the surface when I was at the QT today..... So that means that they're settling in nicely. They're FAST about it, LOL, but they're coming around..... They're freely swimming now and chasing each other, which is good. I love to see that settled schooling behavior.

    They absolutely LOVE the frozen bloodworms I feed in the late afternoon. (all my fish get them this time of year to bulk up for the winter). The QT gets another vacuum late today and I'm upping the salt to .2%...... steady as she goes.

    I'll post pics as I can.

  10. You can run a hot wire around the perimeter of the pond -- that will definately do the trick. A shock or two and the heron will be move on. Just be sure to turn it off when you're out there working, LOL. Shock wires are also great to deter dogs, cats, racoons and opossums.

    Netting over the top works too..... but it can be unsightly. On the plus side, it keeps big leaves out of the pond and that's a good thing.

    A pond with absolutely straight sides is good as it gives the heron no place to stand and stalk the fish. I have no planting shelves on my pond for that reason and the herons visit, but they can't figure out a way to wade into my pond, to they move on..... thankfully. On a rare occasion I lose a fish or two to the local hawk, but even the hawk has a hard time with the straight sides of the pond......

    Also, I once saw a terrific set-up where the pond owner ran thick strands of wire across his entire yard from the back of the house to the back gate. The wires were spaced approximately every 14 inches. It was rather unnoticible and the strands were high enough to walk under. He probably had them up like 12 feet or so. It was a small yard, so it was easy to do. The great thing about it was that birds of prey absolutely COULD NOT get by those wires, thus the koi were safe. If I ever lived on a small lot that's what I'd do......

    Good luck.

  11. Just got finished viewing your video, Donna. That's a nice set-up and seems like a nice stocking rate for your pond. The shubbies are really pretty and the fantail was nice too -- lovely fins on that fish.

    How many gallons is that pond. I'd love to see a pic of the pond itself. I liked the frog spitter. I'm thinking about doing a spitter of some sort next year but just haven't found the right one yet.

  12. Do you have fancyfish in your pond gardengirl and if so how do they fare in the very cold? It may be the way ahead for me with my fish at some point...

    I do not have fancies in my pond. They just are not hardy enough to withstand month under ice here. Fancies are relagated to tanks in the house, and may go outside in a separate, smaller pond if I get one together, BUT they'll go back inside once the weather turns too cold here.....

  13. Thanks everyone. I REALLY like that fiberglass pot for a QT. I will probably keep it in my fish room for future QT during the winter and move it to the garden for raising fry in the summer. It's a great size for goldfish and looks nice too. It looks like a gigantic flower pot.

    I've never worked with a power head before, but the LFS assured me that it was a good way to go for filtering and aerating the water, so we'll try it. I do regular water changes every few days too, so that goes a long way to keep the QT clean too. So far, it seems to be doing a great job. :)

    I'll post more pictures as I can.

  14. Here are a few very fuzzy, lousily-shot photos of Olivia's fish. They are very skittish right now, after their trip, so it's very hard to get decent pics. Also, I happen to be a rather lousy photographer, LOL.

    Here's a shot of the quarentine tank. It's a 70 gallon fiberglass pot that we used as one of our first ponds. It has a bare bottom, heater, 70-100 GPH power head hooked up to a filter with charcoal, two big bags of gravel from a filtered aquarium, a shop light overhead, thermometer, and a big bunch of anacharis for the fish to hide in.


    Peeking out from under the anacharis to be sure the coast is clear:


    Grabbing a shrimp pellet, then dashing back for cover!


    All the fish are under this clump of anacharis.


    Olivia, all the fish are eating well, coming out to investigate their surrounding, and looking at me and the dog a bit.... They got the first salt today and we'll take them up to .3% salt for two weeks of QT..... The QT got it's first water change today and they didn't freak out with the Python at all. So far they're doing great. :)

  15. Just an update on the fish. They are exploring the QT now and ate bloodworms and some of the food you sent, Olivia.... The shubbie is coming up to investigate my dog, who likes to stick his head over the edge of the tank to look at the fish..... He LOVES goldfish! Anyway, that shubbie doesn't seem too fearful of the dog. The other threee are still grouping together, but they've learned that they get good food when I show up, so I'm sure they'll be fine in a few days. I'm sure the trip was a little stressful and they need time to adjust.

    The QT gets a water change tomorrow and I'll start them on a salt treatment, in the hopes to transition them to the big pond as soon as possible.

    I'll post pics as soon as they don't dash under the anacharis when I show up..... :-)

  16. I just got home from work -- back-to-school night -- and checked on the fish. They're doing fine -- still grouped tightly together, but swimming a little. I shut off their light for the night, but leave a hall light on nearby for a little illumination for them. They'll take a few days to adjust to the QT then probably turn into little beggars like the rest of my crew. LOL.... I spoil them rotton. :) Gosh Olivia, they're so pretty.

  17. THEY'RE HERE.... I got home at 3:00 from school and hubby was working at home all day and received the shipment at 11:45. He had already floated them, did a water transfer from the QT for TWO HOURS to be sure they were okay, then got them in the QT. They're swimming around, nosing the anacharis, and just ate..... All is well.

    Wow that was one massive box Olivia, LOL.... Great packing job!!!! I'll post pics later.

  18. Wow, what lovely baby fish..... What kind of a set-up do you have them in? My fancy babies are SO SMALL still, but the commons I just got from LA are growing like weeds.... Baby fish are great. :) Another breeder told me that his bristol was bullying his fancies, so be careful for that....

  19. Louise, I had the same problem with photobucket. What I need to do is save my photos in a JPG format onto my desktop, then I go to photobucket and choose them from the desktop. They download fine in the JPG format from my desktop..... Perhaps that will help you. Then, once I've loaded onto photobucket, I can go to my album, copy the IMG listing at the bottom of the picture I want to display here, and paste it into my post.

    Hope this helps and doesn't confuse you. It's really so very simple once you get the hang of it....

    I'd also love to see a pic of your pond. I'm sure it's lovely....

  20. Oh gosh, I can't tell you how many times that's almost happened to me.... I use a Python and it has a BIG tube and I'm always so paranoid that I'm going to suck one of the baby fish up on it.... Right now these baby goldfish are SO SMALL and SO CURIOUS, LOL.... They think it's fun to dart around the vacuum tube, giving me a heart-attack.... I can almost hear them laughing at me in their little baby goldfish voices, LOL.... They don't seem to have any fear of "the tube", LOL.......

    Clean water will go a long way towards keeping infection at bay in your little moor. If you have any doubts though, quarentine and switch to something like Melafix, or even salt...... I've had good results with both on injured fish.

  21. Nice pond you've got there. Did you get the fish in it yet? Here in Virginia, the water temps are at 64 today, so I'm looking to get fish out of quarentine tanks in the house into the pond in the next couple of weeks, before the first hard frosts hit..... Do you have any submerged plants for them to hang out in? I've found that plants like anacharis really help them through the winter. They hang out in the bushy anacharis all winter and nibble on it too.... I really think it's helped my fish make it through some tough winters here...

    Can you put a stock tank de-icer in your pond to keep a hole open in the ice? That's what I use here and the fish are fine all winter long.

  22. Here in Northern Virginia, it seems like it was just last week that the pond water was 80 degrees. This morning it was 64..... :( I guess the end of this gardening year is closing in fast. The fish are being bulked up on bloodworms, shrimp and high protein foods to get through the winter. They're looking fat and happy, but I always worry..... It's going to be a LONG five or six months before they get to eat again......

    What's the water temperature where you live?

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