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  1. I went on-line to Oriental Traders yesterday and ordered a bunch of funfish-themed stuff to make goodie bags. The trip is not necessarily a "goldfish" trip, but I'm totally into goldfish and since I'm the host on the bus --- well, they'll have to listen to me go on and on about goldfish, LOL.

    Anyway, the REALLY cool giveaways will be gift certificates for each store we visit. I'll draw names for those. The goodie bags will be on each seat of the bus and will contain fish related stuff -- little notebooks, goldfish keychains, a fish game that they can play while on the bus, a bag of goldfish cracker mix that I'll make myself, fish candies and a few other things. I'll also give away the fleece goldfish mufflers.

    I need to come up with a trivia game of some sort now. Any ideas???

    I want this to be a lot of fun for these people. :-)

  2. I'm hosting a trip to the local fish stores as part of the big aquarium convention here in Virginia next month. I wanted to give away/raffle off small goldfish related items. They have to be inexpensive, but cool. Anyone have any ideas how I could go about getting cheap goldfish items for 30 people on the bus???

    I was thinking about little gift bags full of stuff like goldfish crackers and other stuff. I also found cool fleece that I bought a yard of, and will make no-sew mufflers out of that to give as "door prizes".

    How about a goldfish trivia game? I'm going to have these people on the bus all day, so I want to make this fun for them.

    Anyone have any ideas????

  3. Susan, have you tried talking to the owner of the local pet store? Ask them if they're on the same water supply as you --- the city water. Ask them what they do to their water to prep it after water changes. Sometimes they have dealt with bad water and have a protocol they use for water changes. It's worth a try.

    As for the gravel. How deep is it in your tank? That could harbor nasties, and you may want to go with a thinner layer if too much gunk is in there.

    PRIME is what I use here in Virginia, and its fantastic stuff. I do very large water changes -- 50 to 80 percent on several tanks, especially the goldfish tanks. And the pond gets a 30-50 percent WC as well. All have PRIME as their water conditioner to remove cholorine and chloramines.

    Have you tested the pH of your tank water, and then tested the pH of your tap water? I have had problems in the past (when I used Amquel) with pH crashes. It caused all kinds of problems with the water in my fish room and I lost a lot of fish. The Amquel crashed the pH within 36 hours. This is typical with water that is low KH and has been documented all over the web. (Google: Amquel Aquarium pH crash)

    Anyway, I hope you find out what the problem is and let us know. Good luck.

  4. I am out there vacuuming, so I will be removing water. The question is about putting the water it back in. I was thinking of putting the hose into the waterfall, because then it would most aerated and most likely to remove the chlorine. I will also add the de-chlorinator, but I do want to minimize stress on the fish and the beneficial bacteria. What do you think?

    Also, I've read about chlorine remover hose attachments. Should I invest in one of those?

    Just put the dechlor in before you add the water back in.... Spraying the water over the waterfall is a good idea as that oxygenates the water and degasses the chlorine a bit, but use the dechlor just to be on the safe side.....

    Good for you for vacuuming all the gunk off the bottom of your pond!

  5. I'm in the same boat, but with smaller numbers. I got 18 babies from a friend last summer and grew them out in the basement fish room all winter. They are getting rather large now and I'm doing twice-a-week water changes to keep the water up. The fins on the common babies are not up to my standards for my pond, so I'll probably try to rehome the ten fish with common tails. The others are fancy tails and they are happy growing out in a 75 gallon tank with mega-filtration (two Emperor 400's). I may move them to a pond of their own outside this summer though. I don't know yet.....

    A 700 gallon baby pool inside is impressive. I'd love to see a picture of that.... I'm really ready for these fish to move outdoors for the spring, but our weather is not cooperating yet. :-(

  6. I wouldn't stock the hot tub that heavily...... The fish will breed, so that has to be taken into account as well. Also, plants displace the water so that will lessen the number of gallons in the hot tub. Plants are an incredibly important part of the eco-system, so don't skip them..... The fish will feel much more secure with a lot of plants in the tank/tub.

    Ideally, you could start with a couple of water lilies in the bottom, maybe a pot of iris or two on a shelf, and a few pots of a submerged plant like anacharis. Goldfish love to nibble on the anacharis and it makes them feel secure to hide in it. You can float water lettuce and water hyacinth for them as well.

    I could see six to eight fish in a tub of that size to start with. You'll be surprised at how easily they will breed.....

  7. When in May are you leaving? If it's the end of the month you'll probably be alright. Do a big water change before you leave. Will someone be feeding him while you are gone?

    Don't forget to add dechlorinator/water conditioner to your water when you do all those water changes.

  8. Take the siphon hose to the sink and fill it, then take it back to the tank and hold your thumb over both ends. Insert one end in the tank, and one end in the bucket, while still holding your thumb over the hose ends. Then take your thumb off the hose ends. The siphon will start automatically with no need to suck on one end of the hose. I do this with my Guppy tank because I can't use the Python with such small fish and it works every time.

    As for your goldfish, you can cycle the new filter, by doing a 50% water change every other day for a month. By then the filter will be cycled and you can slowly move back to once a week water changes. Don't go past three days without a water change in the first month -- it will be very bad for your goldfish. When I had bettas I cycled the tank by doing water changes every three days for the first month, then everything evened out..... Check your water perameters, of course, to be sure you're fully cycled.

    I admire you for posting and wanting the best for your goldfish, and I completely understand why you don't want to give him away. You'll be fine, just keep up with those water changes. Take care of the water and your goldfish will thrive! :-)

  9. If you haven't done anything different, and if your fish were not sick to begin with, then I suspect there might be something going on with the city water. You can call them and ask if they have been using more chemicals, or back flushing their systems. Heavy rain or snow fall causes them to use more chemicals also. The water may be tainted somehow and you need to figure out if you need to use a different dechlor or more dechlor. I've had the same thing happen here in Virginia and had to switch dechlor products. Now I use Prime and don't have any issues.

    I'm sorry for your losses.

  10. A hot tub is a terrific idea for a goldfish pond.... I know of another person who has one set up for fancy tails. She's got it planted heavily and you don't even know it's a hot tub. Post pics when you can! Great idea to recycle like that!

  11. Hey FF, what's the lighting situation on this tank? How long are the lights on every day? I control algae by scraping the glass, and by having the lights on a timer. I use strong compact fluorescent lights on some tanks and only have to put them on for 8 hours a day. Any more than that and the algae gets bad.

    You could try limiting the amount of light and see if that does it.... Chance are that you won't effect the plants, just the algae.

  12. Apparently, this teacher comes in during the summer to "take care" of the tanks. I shudder to think what that really means..... Anyway, thank you everyone for your kind words. I'm going to come in over Spring break and do water changes, change filter media and feed the fish.

    I do think there was some animosity towards the teacher who left. He was irresponsible with these tanks and forgetful. Definately some problems there. This other teacher is sick of dealing with it all, I feel. Anyway, he really wants this room next year and has been annoying about making that clear. I don't care, as I'm out of here in June anyway. All I care about is teaching these kids, getting them to graduation, and taking care of the fish. I really don't care about who gets this room, LOL. Not my problem -- that's the glory of what I do. I can teach without getting caught up in the drama.

    The teacher who left was in a bad situation and I've been in touch with him. He was as neglectful as the current guy, so getting advice from him is not going to happen. BUT, the idea about printing out the ASPCA sheet on fish care is wonderful and I'll do that. Good idea. Thanks.

    I found an old gravel vac at home and brought it in today. With a little work, I got it working and it will do fine for water changes. I'll do that over spring break. In the meantime, I'll try to figure out what to do with the fish. This guy is talking about breaking down tanks next year, so maybe I can rehome some of the fish. He seems really possessive though, so I'll have to figure out how to finess it.

    Anyway, I'm glad I'm here. I always seem to find myself in these positions -- defending those who cannot defend themselves. :-)

  13. FishC, that is WIERD about your teacher leaving too..... I've got this room and these tanks until the end of the year so I'm going to do something. This other teacher is just plain crazy. I don't really feel that he cares about the animals.

    That's too bad about the tanks in your classroom. Terrible, in fact. You should write an anonymous letter to the teacher who has those tanks and tell him to do his water changes and take care of his fish..... poor fish. :unsure:

  14. I AM going in there over spring break to do something. I found an old gravel vac that I'll try. Gosh, I can't imagine the last time the gravel was vacuumed. It'll be a real mess. BUT, I've got a key to my room. It's my room until the end of the year, so I can go in any time I want to. SO, I'll run up there next week sometime and do a water change on each tank and put in fresh filter media and feed the fish. At least I can do that....

  15. Okay you all, I've got a "situation" here and I need advice. I am a long-term sub at the local high school. I come in and sub when people are on maternity leave, on disability or leave the school for some reason. Anyway, I just took over a job from a teacher who left suddenly. I'll be in that position for the rest of the year. It's an Earth Science class with 6 tanks, all over 30 gallons. There is another teacher across the hallway who says that they are "his" tanks and he'll take care of them. (The teacher who left said that he was gifting them to the school, not this other teacher and told me that I could take care of the tanks.....)

    SO, this other teacher hasn't done a darned thing for these tanks in my room. He's let the water evaporate until you could hear the impellers grinding away on the pump. Fish have died and just been left to rot in the tanks, the lights are never turned on and HE NEVER FEEDS THEM. There are bosimani rainbows and loaches in one 55 gallon tank, a convict in another 55, a 55 full of african cichlids, and another 55 with assorted tin foil barbs and catfish. One 30 gallon tank is empty and another 40 gallon tank has a danio and a few tetras left.

    I have offered to help this guy with water changes, and he said, "I've been keeping fish all my life and I don't change the water." He said he only changes the filter pads, but even that hasn't been done in MONTHS. I netted out the dead fish and have been using buckets to top off the tanks. I even snuck some food to the poor fish today. The poor African cichlids stomachs are sunken in, the poor things. When I offered to help change the filter media with student help he said he doesn't like the students messing around with the tanks. Sheesh! I could have the tanks DONE in an hour, but he's being a real jerk about it....

    So what should I do? The tanks are in my room, but I'm just a temporary employee. He'll get the room next year. I am trying to get a Python donated to the school so water changes can be made. We have spring break next week and I'm toying with the idea of just going up there while the building is empty and doing all the tanks myself.... I feel so sorry for those poor fish. This was a bad situation for the kids with this teacher leaving so suddenly and they took it very hard..... so have all his fish neglected is making it harder. And this also goes against my morals. I can't just sit back and let those poor fish suffer.... What should I do?

  16. Thanks. I have a 5 gallon spare, I'll set that up.

    I asked my mom and she said that the fishes owner is going on a week vacation, so she dumped them in thinking I will just pamper the poor neons as I did with the goldies.

    I think she plans to pick them up from my Involuntary "Daycare" in the next few days... this angers me, I'm not mad at the fish just their owner.

    I would love to have a neon tetra tank, but I'll see how things turn out.

    That five gallon tank should be fine for the neons until the owner returns. What she should be told, however, is that it stressed the poor neons MORE to be moved like that than if she had just left them for a week with no food. Transportation is very hard on neons and she shouldn't be surprised to lose one or two because of her stupidity in taking them out of an already established tank and dumping them someplace new. And what about the cycle on her tank at home? That will likely be affected too. (Big Sigh)

    Oh and BTW, be sure you hand her a bill for the pet sitting you did for that week. You could reasonably charge $5 a day for all the hassle and effort you'll go through to pet sit them......

  17. I had a massive snail infestation in a new tank so I went out and got 5 little freshwater dwarf puffers. They were amazing. They began "hunting" the snails the moment I released the from the bag. What agile little hunters they are! Now, a week later, they have almost completely eaten every snail in the tank. I'm growing more snails for them and they'll eat live black worms and bloodworms, so they won't starve!

    I'm just enchanted with these little guys. They are rather aggressive, so the tank is heavily planted and there is a cave and lots of hiding places for them. And I do not have any other fish in with them, as they are fin nippers. The tank is a 20 gallon long, so they are doing really well in all that space.

    Here's a pic of their tank. Unfortunately the puffs themselves are too small and quick to get their picture taken!


  18. Good for you NJake. The weather has warmed up just a little bit here in Virginia too and I've seen all my fish on the nicer days. We'll probably fire up the pump in a month and start feeding when temps get over 50 degrees (F) consistently..... It's so nice to know they made it through the winter isn't it?

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