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  1. Here is my tip for tip of the month. It's a little pic heavy so dial up beware. I use live plants in my tank as does Alistair. The big chain lfs we used to use sells plants in little plastic pots but these come with snails, worms and lots of little nasties hidden inside. The lfs we use has far better plants but they come in a little bunch held together with a piece of lead and no pots (like the pic below). No problem. Here is an easy way of getting round the problem. First of all you will need the following items as shown below. I got the little pots from ebay for a bargain. There is a large plastic pipette and some spare filter sponge. I am using Alistairs old silk plants for this demo but for real plants use exactly the same method. Cut out the filter sponge so it will fit snuggly into the pot. I have used 2 bits as the pot is quite small. I then use the scissors to poke a small hole in each bit of foam and then insert the pipette through as shown. Here is a better pic. Next, cut the end of the pipette off (for larger pots and bits of foam a glass test tube is ideal). Insert the plant roots into the pipette and pull the pipette gently through the foam. You should end up with the plant in the foam as below. Insert the foam gently into the plant pot and you are ready to put in your tank. What I did with Alistairs tank was use a large plant pot to hold the plants. I filled the big plant pot with some glass pebbles then added the 2 small pots containing the live plants and covered them to the top of the big pot. Once you have finished it should look like the pic below. Each large pot has 2 small pots inside containing a live plant. Hope that helps you. Your goldfish will also find it alot harder to dislodge your plants from the substrate, as they're quite solid once finished. I'd like to thank Alistair for taking the pics for me. You're a wee gem x
  2. Someone should be able to help you soon. Most of our fish sleep with their tummies on the river pebbles but two of our fish like to sleep in plant pots where it's dark. Our older fish sometimes sleep alot more than the younger ones. With regards to the long poo, I don't know if fasting for a couple of days would help. Do you put alot o food in the tank for your fish and when you do feed, does Moonbub get most of it?
  3. I personally wouldn't have anything in with the dp's but that's just my opinion. I had 2 dp's and when they were older were very territorial. If you were to have a male and a female then maybe. Dwarf otto's or ghost shrimp would be the best tank mates for them. I think that you would need to get a slightly bigger tank of you want tank mates as dps need at least 3 gallons each and also need a heavily planted tank to break line of site. I hope this helps
  4. I have a 39 us gallon tank with an eheim ecco 2036 external filter 750 lph (198 gph) and an eheim 130 aquaball which does 550 lph (145 gph). At the moment I am only currently running 8.5 times filtration but I find that I can get away with this due to the great results I've had with the Eheim canister. If I was using any other type of filter I would definately go for the 10 times filtration rule of thumb. Your fish should be fine with your over filtration as long as there are some areas of the tank where they can get out of the current. This is how I have my tank at the moment
  5. Nice pics. What brand of camera did you use. I am looking for a decent one for my fish?? Do you use a heater in your tank if so what temp. Mike We use a finepix SF8000D digital slr camera and most pics are taken with macro. I use a rena heater that we got when I bought Alistairs rena tank and have it set to 20 degrees.
  6. Alistair and I call Pippin mr Pipkins
  7. Here are some more pics of my new babies Puddles Kai with a bit of Peaches Peaches Kai has a tendency for mouth to be going ten a penny after feeding time, eating everything in site no matter how small. Maybe I should've used hoover as a name instead.......lol. I've never seen a fishes mouth go so fast after being fed.
  8. Alistair bought me 3 new fishes yesterday for my tank. DJ unfortunately passed away and I gave Skoot away to a friend who has a biorb and knows about dwarf puffers. Skoot wasn't doing too well in the big tank and I didn't know what else to do. I didn't want to have a beautiful tank being empty so Alistair and I went to our lfs and I fell in love with these guys. I eventually came up with names about an hour or so after getting them settled into their new home. Here are my new additions to our household: This is Puddles This is Peaches and this is Kai
  9. Honey, all the gang get love and attention too even thought I have Charlie. How could anyone ignore them, they all end up at the from of the tank looking sorry and wanting attention.......lol. Oh, just to let you know that Frodo does the Pippin thing when you go to the tank (mouthing off) hee hee. Tank had a water change yesterday so will be nice timing for you to do one when you come home You can take lots of pics too hee hee as you're better with the camera (and of Charlie too plz xxx)
  10. Our goldies get fed on a variety of the following: veggie gel food, tuna gel food, fruit gel food, pro gold pellets and hikari pellets (which we soak for about 10-20 mins), broccoli, peas, cucumber, romaine lettuce, organic oranges and once every so often get bloodworms and algae wafers.
  11. Our goldies love tuna too and also in gel food. We always buy them tinned tuna in spring water
  12. I didn't even notice the poo.........lol So does Daniel have a habit of sleeping in plant pots????? Just with you saying the pic makes you think of him hee hee. If he is then maybe you should be concerned Sorry, I just couldn't help myself
  13. Rather than turn the tank light on and wake up all our fish I decided to use the flash on our camera to get this pic of Sam and Frodo in bed.....lol. All out fish usually sleep snuggled together in the front left corner of the tank but the other night Sam went into the plant pot and shortly after, Frodo followed.
  14. Love your pond and your fish. I can't get over how big the fish are. Fantastic pics
  15. Hi Jayne and welcome to Koko's. I'm from Scotland, not anywhere near you........lol but from the Uk and thought Id say hi
  16. I love Moo, and adore mini moo. Stunning colours:)
  17. That's fantastic news, I'm so pleased they're getting better. Yay. I myself think that they're amazing fish, so intelligent and very nosey too......lol. The 10 gallon tank you have them in is fine so don't worry. I started off with the same size for my 2 but decided bigger would be better for them to explore etc. Have you got names and any pics?? I can't wait to see them. Thanks for updating on their progress
  18. I would recommend researching dwarf puffers before contemplating getting one. I have had mine since January 2009 and have had no difficulty in keeping them. They are freshwater fish. While they can tolerate a broad range of temperatures, dwarf puffers seem to do best with a temperature of at least 80F (26C), A PH of at least 7.0 is best and as with other fish ammonia and nitrites should be kept at 0 at all times. Dwarf puffers are scaleless fish. Please note that NO COPPER-BASED MEDICINES should ever be used with puffers! They are too sensitive to handle these or any of the other more harsh chemicals. You can use aquarium salt, pimafix and melafix. Dwarf puffers do best in heavily planted aquariums it also gives them a place to hide if they feel threatened. If you do decide to get a puffer and your puffer is very small, make sure to cover the filter intake with some type of foam to protect them from getting sucked into the filter. They are very messy eaters so make sure you have plenty of filtration in your tank. I tend to do at least a 50% water change 1-2 times a week. Any info you need just ask or go to http://www.dwarfpuffers.com/
  19. you could have a dwarf puffer. Even though they are small in size, dwarves need roughly 5 gallons per fish to have adequate space.
  20. I love the second pic of Karma. As for the blue in trip, absolutely beautiful. Great looking fish you have there.
  21. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that they get better soon. You mentioned in one of your previous posts that they are getting more colour and they are still active, so that's a good sign imo. Keep doing what your doing, you're doing a good job
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