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  1. I had a hatchetfish a long time ago, I never saw him jump though, lol. Unfortunately he (or she, I really don't know) died for reasons unknown.
  2. I saw a 240 gallon on Craiglist in my area for $460, and now I have $300, gargantuan tank though. However, I can afford a 90 gallon now, which isn't nearly as big, yet has plenty of room for fish. I've done a lot of research on fish, live plants, and basically everything else needed. I'm going to start cycling my 10 gallon tank and use it as a quarentine tank. With my sudden large increase in cash, my mom is beginning to regret ever saying that I could get any size I can afford, because now she knows that I actually CAN afford one of massive size. But she'll keep her word, I'm sure. I'll keep you guys informed on how everything goes!
  3. I remember reading somewhere that there was some form of aquarium life that is affected badly by live plant fertilizers in the aquarium. Does anybody know what kind of inverts are badly affected by plant fertilizers? Thanks!
  4. I remember reading somewhere that there was some form of aquarium life that is affected badly by live plant fertilizers in the aquarium. Does anybody know what kind of fiah are badly affected by plant fertilizers? Thanks!
  5. 300?!....one word....DANG! I thought it would be more like fish, with like....5 or something, lol. Oh well, I was only off by about 295. Wow. The water quality should be pretty good by the time I get them, which will be quite a while from now due to the fact that I will be using that tank as a quarentine tank until I have all the fish I want in the tank that I'm getting. But it will be cycled for sure. How about it there is, say, five guppies in the tank with them? And can all of the mentioned species be put together?
  6. Really, the only thing that I've seen in the lfs around here is ghost shrimp, but I would also love to find some cherry or crystal shrimp.
  7. I have a ten gallon tank that isn't in use. I love shrimp, but, seeing as the new tank that I am planning to get will be chuck full of loaches, which will maim any invert that they can find, I can't put them in that tank. So how many shrimp would go in a ten gallon tank? Thanks!
  8. I have a question. Would the substrate that you're using also be a good substrate for bottom bwelling fish such as loaches and cory cats?
  9. Hey, is there any specific area to post any questions about live plants on here? Or would this section be the place to do it?
  10. Yeah, I definately need to find a cheap tank. What I'd really like to find is a really big tank for a really low price, but sadly those two are rarely in combination, lol.
  11. I bought a book today from a book store around here about setting up and maintaining aquariums, so I'm going to read through that. I have the patience to go through a fishless cycling, and that's what I was thinking of too because I didn't want to have any fish die in the process. I'm going to buy another tank from the new pet store and use my 10 gallon as a quarentine (another thing that I didn't do yet should have done last time) tank for when I get more fish later on, so that will need to be cycled as well. That page that somebody gave me the link to will help me with the cycling once I get my new tank (size depends on how much money I can get). Yea balashark, this last year pretty much sucked, I thought I finally had the tanks stable. Oh well, I guess it's a learning experience (even though it's sad that my fish had to die at the expense of my education). The substrate, plants, and decorations will mostly depend on what I learn that my loaches (and anything else I might decide to get) will prefer. I'm hoping to do live plants this time rather then artificial ones, but that too will require more research. So the main thing to worry about right now is figure out exactly what fish I want and researching them (and the plants). Is there a certain type of filter that is reccomended by anybody? I used the penguin marineland biowheel on my 20 gallon. I know the size of the filter will depend on what size tank I get, but I just want to know if one brand is better then another. Thanks for all your help!
  12. What I think I might do is go around to the pet stores around here, look at the species that I like, narrow what ones to get down based on the tank size and that type of stuff, then work from there based on what the ones that I've chosen prefer. That way I'll know what to do for the species that I buy before I get them. But first, I'm going to need to worry about the tank. Is one type of cycle better then the other? Like, does it really matter if you do fishless cycling or cycling with fish? Also, I'm going to need to consider what size tank to get. The tank will be the first thing that I'll need to do after I do a little more research.
  13. Oh any kind really. My favorite are probably Kuhlis, but I love any kind I can find. The stores around me sell kuhli, black kuhli, dojo, gold dojo, horseface, skunk, orange-finned, yo-yo, clown (which I know get huge), and one more kind, the name of which I don't remember, I think it started with an A. I would love to get some loaches, I had a few of the smaller ones before. I'd probably have to stay away from the clowns because even though they're pretty, and even if I could get a tank large enough to house one, they'd probably bully any of the smaller loaches or other fish, right? And don't some loaches like to school? That would be another thing that I would need to take into consideration.
  14. Thank you for all the responses! Actually, I am now only left with my 10 gallon, the 20 gallon is gone. However, I am hoping to get a new tank. The best part is, my mom said that I can buy any size tank I want IF I can save the money for it. She's not buying it this time. But now I have $150 and still trying to find anyway possible to get more. I think she's worried that I'm going to come home with a tank the size of our living room . I know, I meant to be more specific last night, but I was tired as heck and didn't feel like typing, lol. Loaches are my absolute favorite, but I don't plan on getting any of them until I can get a larger tank, because they wouldn't do well in just a ten gallon, right? Any kind of danio tetra, barb, rosbora, those types of things are great as well. Cory cats are great too. No I don't plan to shove every one of the above species into my 10 gallon tank, just stating the ones I like to answer somebody's previous question. The cycling was the big issue, last time I don't think I did it right, I'm going to work on that. Thank you for posting the link. Thanks guys, this is helping. Oh, and Kristi, I used to have some hatchetfish in my 20 gallon when it was first set up like in like 2002. But an ice storm hit and we lost power, and all the fish that were in there died. But luckily now we have a generator, so no need to worry if that happens again. And also, this is incredibly random but how do you change the age by your name thingy? It still says I'm 11, but I turned 13 like, a month ago. Anybody know how to fix that? Thanks guys, this is a big help! I hope I can finally be able to bring home some fish without being terrified of losing them.
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