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  1. I want to show my mum how big Comet Goldfish and Fantail Goldfish can get if you keep them in the right size tank so could someone hook me up with a you tube video of one of them Goldfish at an Adult size thanks.
  2. there is my fish today the big one is 6 years old and the smaller one is 3 years old
  3. havent been on this is 3 years Ronnie is still alive and kicking he is now 6 years old and bulls eye is 3 years old.
  4. hi great job well done which ones do you think you will keep ? dont worry i want tell the other freds ?
  5. yes i will try and get hold of a tester kit and all do more regular water changes but i cant upgrade to a bigger tank because i stil live at home with my mum and dad and my mum hates the smell of fish so she wont let me get a bigger fish tank.I want be buying anymore fish to put in this tank i know i am pushing my luck putting a second fish in it but when im older and do get my own place im gonna save up and get a big gaint tank one of them 300 gallan ones or something lol
  6. hi cheers i knew he was too big i was just making sure lol he has lasted the night anyway i wanted to put bulls eye in a seprate tank for a bit cause i know a bit about fish and i know that a new fish could have caught something from the other fish it was with but my mum was like if you getting another fish its going in with the other one! she like you eaither take the risk or you dont the new fish better not kill my new one cause if it dose thats 3 years out the window.how long will it be till i know its safe ? a week ?
  7. when i gave them some food tonight the small fish eat most of it probably more than the big one the big one did eat too so i think its sorted fingers crossed.i know the big one is a commet i thought the small one might have been a common but you think its a fantail should i get some more pictures to help you find out ?
  8. nah mate no need to say sorry its fine cheers for your help i think the feeding thing is sorted i jst fed them there and im sure the Small one eat more than the big one lol
  9. Hi thanks for the things you told me dont worry about the size i have it well under control i know you need atleast 10 gallans per fish well this tank is over 10 gallons and enough to hold the little one just now i will probly need to move him out when he's older or get a bigger tank.
  10. think its about 15 or 20 gallan not sure its just really a way to feed the little goldfish i cant really feed them at diffrent side of the tank cause they swim all over and the big one eats food all over the tank the filter moves the food around and the big one eats it when it falls under but the little one gets half way up to the top then gives up lol dont think i could hand feed any of them straight away had the big one for 3 years never done it with him and the little ones just new so a hand would more than likely freak him out.
  11. When i was a little boy my mum had a red common goldfish for 7 years then we won another fish form a carnival and put it in with the 7 year old goldfish and it was dead the next day.i dont count this fish as mine since my mum done all the work. had another fish my self was a goldfish cant remember what time it lived for a couple of years though. anyway to the now i have a red comment Goldfish name Ronnie who will be 3 years old on the 25th July 2010 he had a mate when i got him back in July 2007 but sadly his mate reggie passed away 6 months later in Febuart 2008.
  12. hi check out my Goldfish please and tell me what you think. The comment Goldfish is one of my first Goldfish had him for 3 years he had a mate when i first got him but he diead within 6 months the commet is called Ronnie. My other fish is bran new bought today Ronnie first mate in 2 years was wondering how he would re-act to having to share his tank but i think he loves his new mate called Bulls eye a Common Goldfish. Bullys eye is too big for Ronnie to eat isent he ? cause i heard goldfish will eat anything they can fit in there mouth surely bullys eye is too big to fit in his mouth ? anyway check out my video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b2nlLipT5NU leave comments please good or bad i dont mind thank you!
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