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  1. i only have a 10 gallon, would it be usefull for me to get, i have nto seen them or know what they do... anyone elaborate? thanks
  2. I give them pellets in the morning, hand feed them flakes in the after noon and a little tubiflex worms at night, all in the right quantities, don't wnat to over feed them. so i do alittle each time. but they seem to be very happy, i need to go to the store and get some peas or something, that is just waht i have been doing for the last couple of weeks... Cheers
  3. hey guys WHAT IS SUBSTRATE? is it the dirt or gravel is uses? im really confused, some one help me out, is it the amount of particles in the watter or something, kinda confused... thank CHEERS DPG
  4. Yea i just got some Anacharis and it seems to be working good, i got some snails with them for free , but my fishes are eating them ehh what can you do, but yea i was wondering what other kinda matenice these things need? CHEERS
  5. Hey all i just got some Anacharis(cheapest they had), i was just wondering what people thought of the stuff, and was wondering how it should be planted? how do you make it so it stays attatched to the bottiom? right no i just wedged it in the gravel, any suggestions? and i was wondering if they need any fertilizer? i got some just incase... look forward to hearing from you all... CHEERS
  6. Hey guys thanks for you input, my water temp is on the higher side i think around 72, maybe thats it and i should put it lower? and my fish gets plenty of light, i leave my hood on for at least 12 hours aday,(from when i wake up to when i got to bed... I was thinking of getting one of those bulbs that help mimc the sun or what ever for my plants and maybe that will help... thanks again and if anyone hears anything else keep me informed... CHeers DPG
  7. Hey guys, i have recently noticed that some of my black moor's scales are turning gold , and i was wondering if anyone knew anything on how to prevent it from happening, or maybe reverse it!(i will still love him regardless) but i really like having him his dark velvety blackness . I hope other people have had good luck with theirs and i hope that you all can help me out; whether it be a food routine, types of food, lighting, plants in the tank, anything that you could offer it would be great and much appertiated... hope you all know more then me and can help... Cheers DPG
  8. I haven't gotten any pictures from anyone, if someone sent any tell me i will give out my email again(lepperchan4@netscape.net), but more simpler idea i like the whole cloth idea, until i get some picts thats what im going to do i think, thanks for the tips any got anymore keep me informed... Cheers
  9. I am starting to really like bettas, its great to hear everybody so excited about them
  10. Yea my Fish love new watter, they can't get enough of it, i do it when ever i have time... hope that helps... Cheers
  11. Thanks everybody, i appertiate your help with the matter, hopefully its like a growth spurt that will eventually fade and he will become all black again, sniff sniff. thanks again Cheers DPG
  12. Yea i have a mixed and artifical plants tank, but the plants are dieing(i gonna go tot he store soon and get some fertilizer. But congratz with getting your tank hooked up, it really does make it home for the fishies
  13. Hello everybody, i had a quick question on if anyone uses wardleys, tubiflex worms, flakes or crumbles... if so if they think they are good or not... Thanks Cheers DPG
  14. currently she has him in a glass bowl and everything seems to be fine, i just don't trust her, i feel like she might neglect it so i want to make sure she won't screw up... Cheers DPG
  15. IT all depends on the pictures i get from people, my dig camera kinda blows so... but mm if you have any picts and want to send them, Lepperchan4@netscape.net And yea it will be all good, i look forward to seeing what you all can come up with... Cheers DPG
  16. so do all goldies like fruit? thats pritty cool, just put a slice of orange or something in and the will eat it up, when do you take it out and all? 15 20 min or what, wouldn't this rasie the ph of the water? DPG
  17. Hey guys, I am glad you guys like the idea, i didn't realize that fantailfan alrdy thought of it, but regard less, If people could send me Picts of Coral, Fish, Plants from their tank, or what ever picture you would want(in a background), in my spare time i would be happy to try and peice them together, and fool around a little bit and make some cool back grounds. Cheers... Glad people like te idea DPG
  18. I have a ten gallon tank and a pinguin mini filter, i use tetra something or other to condition the watter and yea i change the watter about 2 aweek doing 15% watter changes,(have free time)and my fish is a 2 inch black moor. but anyway my problem is, when i got my fish he one scale on his left side turned gold other wise looks like it is missing, cause its really different from his dark black coat, and well now a couple days later more scales are starting to turn the same shade, its really wierd, any possible i deas, i have heard that black moores turn gold over time, but this is wierd cause its only on his left side, so i don't really know whats up, if some one could help me out that would be great... DPG
  19. hey guys, a friend of mine just got a betta. expecting it to be easy matinence. i would like to tell her everything she needs to know, so she doesn't kill her fish. I know she won't do the reasearch on her own so ... please help. currently she has a blue betta(dont' know if color matters) and its in a about a gallon tank, she feeds it i think brine shrip and used purified watter, and has fake plants and rocks... is that good... i owuld love to hear some opinions.... thanks.... cheers DPG
  20. I was wondering if anyone has experimented with creating a back ground on a computer useing photoShop or something and then just printed it out, Given that it would take alot a paper, and ink, it would be kinda cool to have a different back ground every month or so? If anyone is interested i might be able to piddle around alittle bit in my spare time... or if anyone has alrdy done this, i would love to download it or get it Emailed to me.... So Reply if anyone is interested... Cheers DPG
  21. wow thats a hella cool idea i realy like that, do you have to keep on adding the brine shrip eggs or do they reproduce them sleves? good info thanks.... think i might get one.... Cheers DPG
  22. yea i have a penguin mini filter for my 10 gallon tank, and i have a spare air stone and pump from my last tank set up, do you think i should ad it to my tank? my filter seems to ripple the watter plenty, and I am trying to get some plants to grow and i don't know if more oxygen is what i want... do you think it would be good for my fish, would be great if you all could help me in this matter thanks... DPG
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