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  1. Yay im so glad to hear that people like the Penguins, i just recently got like the 10 gallon kit with the bio wheel mini thing, and well it has worked fine but everybody says that aqua clear is better, im glad and can rest asured that i didn't get riped off, thanks peoples



  2. i don't know how small they are, they were about 1-2 inchis long and the dude said they would go good in a goldie tank but, i kidna don't trust him(why im asking you all) but are you sure its not a good idea? cause my fish are still really small but if you say no ill trust ya...?


  3. ahh i see thanks a bunch, i guess i have to go expensive then :D i spend so much on my fishes. o well thanks a bunch, have you heard anything about african frogs? they are kinda cool might get a smaller tank and put one in, if i hear good stuff about them?

    Thakns again


  4. Hey all i am going to return my sucker fish cause he is killing my goldies, and i was wondering what other fish go well with them? any suggestions? i don't want another goldie(too much strean on the tank), a small guy that will clean up their mess preferably?

    look forwrad to the advice

  5. Hey guys i removed the sucker fish that was in there, becuase he was picking on them and well now my fish are really sad, i don't know wahts up. i fasted them yesterday could that be it?

    im worried. is there anything i can do to perk them up? i hear they like peas that work... i don't like it when my fish are sad... hope some one can help


  6. i don't think you should take offence, i don't think he ment it with cruel intentions, he probaly was just shocked that the chinese restuarant would serve something that looks like something one of us might have in our fishtank, ....

    hope no one is all mad or anything...


    lets all have a drink and be merry? ehh

  7. ? its not a black oranda, i ts a black moor(don't know if there is a difference) but that is not the one in the hospital tank... i put shmuck my sucker fish in the tank... i was just wondeing if the petstore would take him back, i only have nnnnnn and mmm near by, so...

  8. Right no i am useing wardleys tubiflex worms pelets and flakes(got them all befor i knew better), i hear that wardleys is not the best does anyone concure with that? if so what is better and what is worse, for the next time i buy some food...


  9. Thank you guys, now i need to do something with him, he is just chillen in my 1 gallon hosipital tank, what do i do? Will they take a return on a fish that i no longer have the recet for? or will they even take him back at all?

    thanks for the help btw, really appertiate it


  10. Hey guys i have a problem :( , my gold fish do not seem as happy anymore:( , their fins are down are quite lack luster:ill , i have had these three fish since i have had the tank and just recently my chinese sucker fish has been a total ######, trying to suck on my fish and stuff. I don't know if this is the resaon that they are sad mad or what ever, any ideas. I also just last night got some Anacharis plants and some aquatic fetilizer stuff, and i was wondering could the adding of plants and fetilizer hurt my fish? Please help, i don't want them to get stressed or anything,... look forward to hearing from you all...


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