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  1. Telescope guys hearty? i hope so i think im going to search for something like the one that nick had, that was a bad ###### fish You should send a pic in for fish of the week, that would be bomb Cheers
  2. I am haveing the same problem, can they chill in tropical temps? my parents have a tropical tank they might tropical take mine Cheers
  3. yea ture that carp a quite the untaste full fish, they eat anything(naturaly "######") so guess what they taste like. Cheers
  4. yea i kinda didn't do much reasearch when it came to food and bought alot of wadreys to mix up the diet, i got the tubiflex worms flakes and crumbles, and mix them up through out the week seem to be happy Cheers DPG
  5. lepperchan


    i might try it i want ot get my guy good and fat so i want to feed him a lot... thanks for the tip Cheers
  6. Holy ###### that is the coolest telescope i have ever seen, i want it... maybe the local stores will get some in, Does it have a special name or anything. I got another question, because i am in college and have to do this transportation thing every couple of months, i was wondering if there are any fish that are more durable(bad word but fits) that can handle it better than others(i know i know all gold fish are "hearty" but was just wondering if anyone is better), because i have had two black moors and this calico has lasted longer then both of them(imguessijng they are more hearty?) HOpe you guys know more then me, And nick if you plan on breading that telescope, i want an off spring, thats a cool ###### fish Cheers DPG
  7. Very nice drawing i lays it out very nicely.... now jus need a power head....
  8. yea i reall like the telescopes because they are different from the ordinary commets but , ###### it black moors got the best of everything...(just never seem to stay black) Cheers
  9. Hey guyts i was just wondering what is your alls favorite fish? My black moor just died and am looking for a replacment in about a week or two... so thought i would ask your guys's opinion on whats your favorite and such. I am partial to Black moors cause they so unique, but ready to try something diff. what would you guys suggest. Cheers DPG
  10. I am going to go for the natual decor eventually, gonna get some drift wood, and plant a bulb or something in it and have it cool ike that, once i get that going i i think i might hook up with some of a the pink ordaments(nice and cheep, my main concern) but yea, i think it would be bomb to have a tacky tank, make it have kinda a theme... i like it CHeers
  11. Walmarts Fish suck, but ###### do they have cheap products or what!...
  12. Pritty good if i just had a big enough tank, only got a 10 , eehhh o well in the future
  13. Heh, That whole series of posts was hella funny, thanks for bringing a touch of humor in to my life... Cheers
  14. Now thats a nice tank, eventually i hope i can get a tnk like that... I give you mad props... Cheers and have a good One DPG
  15. thats sweet stuff i want to get me some
  16. I don't know about your guy's wall mart by the one in chico and pleasanton both carry fish(given not the best quality) but still have a decent selection and great prices, don't have much if any plant selection though(mainlike like 2-3 potted plants), they have good prices but i tend to go to mmm just because they know what they are doing there and have a better selection of medical supplies(my fish have gotten sick alot, maybe cause its water is from here, agricutural area and all) but yea wall mart is da bomb.... here in chico they got a filter 10 gallon tank with hood and lighting for 27 bucks, not bad Cheers DPG PS correction i bought my stuff for 35 bucks but still worth it
  17. Yea i dont' get exactly what you mean by tinting the tank? wouldn't that make it hard to see the fish? heh i don't really get it, is it just used as a black back ground? cheers
  18. Heh man i really got a good deal then, at the local wet pets i got a 10 gallon starter with lid penguin mini, heatr net and that sample ###### for 30 bucks, not bad ehh? cheers
  19. Good idea, ill just ask it in here insted of making a new topic.... I was thinking of doing something like that except for just buying it from the store. my question is, does adding plants stress out the fish or screw with the amonia or nitrites or anything.. hope it doesn't .... Cheers
  20. Thats gross but my fish have done it too.... im so ashamed.... heh jk. i love my little guys... Cheers i asumed its perfectly normal, now glad it is
  21. yea i revolve around the color(wardrob bed sheets furniture) and even the pebbles are a tint of green so its all good but, would be nice to get rid of the color in the tank to make it look more natural... thanks for responding though... Cheers DPG' Keep me informed ifyou all find anything out...
  22. Hey guys My fish just had ick, now has finrot( and am treating it), but once all this is done i would like to get my tank back into tip top looking condition again, and i didn't realize it at the time but the ick treatment stains the slicon on the fish tank, so now i have green trimed fish tank, not that it doesn't look cool and all, i was just wondering if this has happend to anyone else and if anyone knows how to fix it. Cheers DPG
  23. Yep i love my black moor, Luckey(or MR. B More), congratz, and my fishy has kinda the same tail tingy but it is separated slightly, didn't thing that it was uncommon... but congratz and look forward to seeing the pics DPG
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