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  1. Hey guys i bought some drift wood from my lfs and put it in my tank a long while ago after scrubing and this and that and i think it is making my water brown, has anyone else had this happen? sorry to be so breif... got to run....


  2. hey i don't think you really need anything expensive for your fish... when i hand feed my fish i just take some big flakes and just hold them under the water (some small flakes will fall and they will goble them up and eventually be attracked to the ones you are holding) and just holdi t their for like 5 min or untill they start eating from your hand... the key it to consistantly do it for like weeks (you have to ingrain it into their memories, no short term memmory remember) but if you do something repititiously then they will listen....

    hope that helped.... and i have never had to soak my flakes... if i hand feed them by the time they come up to it , its soaked anyway... :) o well have a good one and hope this helped


  3. Pm 94 is absolutely correct on the treatment.... but what i would suggest for future reference is to figure out what caused the ich and treat that at the same time.... because if you cure this case and just set your fish up for another case of it then you did no good.... so figure out whats up... keep water params up, fish uncowded and you should be fine....

    and if you fish do not have a full blown case of ick then some times if you just keep the water params super good it will just "go away" its happend to me once.... i saw it on a fin i lightly salted the tank and did a 10 % water change everyday for the next three days and didn't see antying thus forth and the spots went a way.

    So if i have any suggestions follow your gut, fix the cause not just the symptoms and take into consideration the over all health of your fish... if they were some what healthy their immune system should be able to take on a light case of ick but if the water params were bad you are in for a hard fight....

    i hope this helped ....


    Good luck


  4. my cation would be that it would stress the fish out. during finals i had my music rather loud and what not and i think that is the reason my fish got ick SO BE CAREFULL but besides that... i think as long as you do it in moderation you should be fine..


  5. i dont' think it will really do them much harm... if you caught her in the act then they couldln't have eaten much and (its still probly less then what i feed mine :) ) i feed my fish alot... tring to make them fatt. so i odn't think it will be a problem.but..if you do want to go that route i have hear that you can fast them up to 3 days (they will last a week so i have heard, but i think that could be stress full) then to clear their digestive tracks feed them peas for a day then start them on their regular routine of food... i dont' know what else to say... hope everything works out...


    PS your kid sounds cute :D

  6. Hey guys,

    i was just noticing my fish and they have slowly turn completly white...didn't really notice it at first because it was happening over a period of time but now they are cocmpletely white. i feed them crumbles flakes and tubiflex worms in different orders to keep diet balanced... anyone know what could be the problem?


  7. Hey guys i havn't been around much but you know how it goes... but anyway.... i have had my fish maintained very comfortobly but the watter all the sudden has gotten cloudy... does anyone know why this is? could it be a bacteria bloom or something? .... i put in a new filter thought it was about time.... will see if that does anything but i doubt it ( has been going for about 12 hours no change... so i don't know whats up... if some one could lend some expert advice, or even crapy advice i would be more then appretiative of it... thanks so much

    look for ward to hearing back


  8. Yes yes,,, it is a terrible thing... but look at it this way... you get to go to all your lfss and pick out the prittiest most supercool fish you can find in honoring your fish that has passed :rolleyes: right? hehe thats wha i do... :D


    i hope getting a new fish eases your simultanious double loss ;)

    have a better one...

  9. I saw a kinda cool filter at mmm. forgot the name but it seemed like it had the same concept as the bio wheel but insted of the bio wheel it has like ridges that the water goes though and the bactria lives. i would check your local mmm, and see if they have it, it might be a not be a big brand yet had never heard of it and if i din't habve a biowheel i would get on e of those (infact im lookingforward to when mine breaks) but yea it seemed to have very nice features; ajustable flow, good filter element, a bacteria "growing area" it seemed really cool, and the thing that i liked the best is that the filter doesn't seem like it produces a strong flow of water like what the penguins do, ... hope that helps

    If you7 get one pm me and tell me how it works


  10. hey all, yea i use tubiflex worms, the wardley one, and my fish are still smal like 1.5 inches and well i just take basicaly a finger nail full and submerge it in the watter and put it itn the flow from the filter so it gets dispersed around the tank and then my fish goes crazy for it. How much does a whole cube feed? i only got one fish currently and he loves the small amounts(*don't wna to over feed, just do it a few times a day), but i am curious how much a full cube feeds...



  11. that is so funny, fish mostly don't know anything else but flakes, my girlfriends fish have lived off the stuff since day one, many people that are not such fans just kinda let them be fed what ever ya know, its very kind of you that you care so much


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