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  1. its really shotty what the big suppliers do to their fish and they should do better. BUt i was thinking about it and its got to be a chore to keep up with that big of shipments ya know, so say 5-10 dead out of a shipment of 250 or something isan't bad ya know. But then i also say that they should stop getting the big shipments but un till they do only... i don' t know just don't buy your fish from there? or only get a fish right after the get there so the nnnnnn can'ts screw with them.
  2. ###### im jelous you won't have to worry about being overstocked for a while ######, thats sweet!!! congratz
  3. yea i have only put them with goldfish and they lasted about a month and then slowly the fish caught on and well they had a feild day with them. I think i saw the last one bite it, just saw some antenni chillen out of leftys mouth. So sad CHeers
  4. To answer the first question. ABSOLUTLY my 10 gallon went though a rough cycle(maybe i just didn't konw how to do it..) but a fish or two died getting it going. And as far as keeping enough benificial bio bugs or what ever, if you have a problem i suggest the bio wheel type filter. WORKS great havnt had a problem since its been established. Only now after about a year am i thinking im gonna get a back up filter just incase, better be safe then sorry. But yea i do 30% water changes(rare occasions) and there seems to be little effect on the fish, besides the nice new nitrAte free water .... Cheers
  5. RYUKINs are the best, i have got to see some pics...
  6. I make it a point to vote everyday! not because i THINK your site is the best, but i vote rather because it IS the best! keep up the good work KoKo and ill keep on voteing Cheers
  7. sorry to hear, its great that you are so caring though ...
  8. i don't just use one type of food, every other day they get something different ya know. and i am useing top fin floating pellets and they hold up real well... along with wardley's flakes, and wardley's worms every now and again...But i think i want to try hikari that stuff seems to work well... i have heard good things about it... Cheers
  9. yea sad to say but i have gotten allmy fish from ither mmm or wall mart and all the ones that have lived fairly long have been from nnnnnn. The key is to get them as soon as that shippment is ready for sale, so that the nnnnnn staff can screw them up ya know. If you have a clean and well maintained tank then ... you should be fine CHeers
  10. it would not be that hard at all, as long as you were willing to pay the cost of the plexi glass and the glue. What you would have to do( or at least what i would do is) creat a upside down2-3 inch open box out of plexi glass an attach the balast and your lighting in it(various ways to do this). Then creat a lip for this upside down box to sit on your tank on. Once you do this then you have your hood. if you would like a more detailed explanation i could throuw down some drawings and email them to you, Pm me if you do Cheers DPG
  11. I am trying to get a snail or two to keep down the algee in my tank and cause they are just super cool... umm the problem is i can not buy them in california . Perhaps if you have extra, could you porsibly send me a couple. *cross fingers Cheers
  12. cool yea i am doing the change now... i moved all my fish to seperate tanks... kinda bad i don't have anything bigger then a gallon so im gonna have to make this quick... but yea ... i have a bio wheel so hopefully alot of the good bio bugs are still chillen in that and my drift wood ... but yea the damage is not to seveire on his fin but i have not had any luck with fish most times. im just gonna be extra carefull.... Thanks for you help... Cheers
  13. yea i am going to do a complete watter/ tank cleaning today i think, finaly have got some time now that finals are almost over... will give me a good break from studying:) so yea hopefully that will get them back in order ya know. But how will i be able to tell if he is better. like how long will it take for is fin to get back to normal? Cheers
  14. Hey guys i was wondering what kind of air pump would be good for a 10 gallon tank... there is this aqua culture one on ebay for like 8 bucks with shipping and i was thinking of getting it... is there any specifications that i need to worry about? i plan on powering just some air bubbles and stuff Cheers
  15. i agree, sorry to say. I feel that my fish are doing quite well, well kinda they getting bigger now... and for the last year that have been doing terrific. If you are just starting out it is ok. Because it gives your fishies something to do, ya kow like a buddy. Any way i think 2 fish per ten gallons is Fine. just no more and as long as they are not comets or a fish that like to swim fast ya know... any way ... I AGREE cheers DPG
  16. sounds good ill steal a peice from my roomate...
  17. whoops .... umm yea .... cheers
  18. i have used jungle products befor and well they haven't worked that well for me. fish ended up dieing, so now i only use it for minor cases now, and still haven't seen any improvement. So ... if you are waiting for results don't hold your breath... Cheers DPG
  19. o yea ... and how will i know when the fin rot has gone away?... that would be helpf ull Cheers Guys
  20. hey guys, I have a 10 gallon tank with a 3 inch ranchu and a 3 inch comet (includeing tail) and i believe the comet is starting to get fin rot<i think>. the last rill type thingy on the fin is seperating from the rest. I do weekly water changes of 20% and have not had a problem since i got the tan cycled and all. I know that its a bit crowded but they are just so much active when there is more then one, i think it is nice for them to have a buddy, ya know. But yea so i keep up on my fish regularly so i think i am getting this in its very beggning stages, so i am mildly treating it, don't want to stress out the fish any more then i have to. I am useing jungle brand bacterial tank buddies(fizzy kind) with out removing the "sick" fish. It does not say that it is harmful to other fish * cross fingers* or plants(i love my plants) so i thought this would be the best plan of action to get my fish tip top again... Any suggestions? is Fin rot contagious? should i separate the fish? Does this sound like a good "hopefull" solution? Any reply or suggestion is really appertiated(besides the fact that i should get a new tank) Cheers Daniel Giudici
  21. Hey guys ... havn't posted in a while... my fish have been fine. Just my girlfriends seem to be "ehh" they kinda just kicken back and laying around. Her tank was pritty dirty so she's cleaning it ... but my tank has been 3 times worse(sad to say) and my fish have been super. so i don't know whtas the deal. Their dorsal fins are up and fully erect(my indicator of stress, seems to work really well, so i am kinda ruling stress out) just they are lazy. Mabye it could be the food... i mix up my fishes diets every now and again. maybe she should try it? Any suggestions to get them to be alittle more hyper... dietary suggestions, filter media, chemical meds, and is this a potential sign of sickness? cheers hope fully some one can help me DPG
  22. I have tried all sorts of things(wasted alot of ink) keep on getting wet and or the lamnation won't stick to the tank well or has bubles or whatever. so i think im gonna try an algee back ground and just not clean the back of my tank... im hopen it will grow kinda cool like... Cheers
  23. I belive it, not only is it plauseable but it is probable. It makes complete sence and im glad you brought it up.
  24. I have a ten gallon aswell with a lovely ryukin but thats besides the point. What I got for Lefty(thefishsname) was a resonable piece of drift wood some plastic plants and 3 real plants with a gravel bottom. The greatest thing about this is that every time i change the water i can move the stuff around, and because my fishy isan't that smart he thinks hes got a new pad . Hope this helped. o yea i also get ghost shrip that he plays with . im thinking hes going to eat them once he gets big enough ehh o well cheers
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