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  1. My girlfriends fish is swiming on its side with a buldge (7 year old common, 10 gallon tank, undergravel filter), but acting normally other wise. She doesn't have any testing kits, so can't give specific details but i instructed to do a 30% water change to normalize the water regardless if the water condition (thought it was a safe temporary treatment)... I was thinking dropsy (in which case this 7 year old fish is dead already, as I don't think she can get a hospital tank and all that is needed), but there was no sitting on the bottom so i kinda ruled that out, so i was thinking amonia posning that that would also result in bottom sitting so ... maybe infection? If anyone can lend a hand i would greatly appretiate it. DG
  2. hey i have had a good experience with penguni but then again i only have a 10 gallon but i use their mini and it works great; quiet, works great and has the best mechanism to keep benifical bacteria allive. Don't know about prices but.... I STRONGLY suggest looking on ebay for your pump. you can get new used and new out of box filters for half to a third the price of new ones from you lfs. i have seen whole lots of filters(in working condition, that is agaruntee other wise it is mail faud and they get screwed if you report them) way to big(the kind that would suit you) for under 20 bucks sometimes includeing shipping... I have gotten great deals on air pumps fish food bubble walls and things of the sort for way way cheep.... BUT ONE Warning is beware of shipping costs some people don't take them into consideration and get all pissy... but besides that its the best deal ever... Cheers
  3. man o man ... i think you should get a medal... i don't think i would have been able to work through that... i would have had to send my girl friend to get me atank or smoething while i put them in my crappy super small travel tanks and stuff... i mean wow. I give you my props and am glad that there are people that are willing to go as far as needed for their loved ones(not just people)...Keep up the good work Cheers DPG
  4. Ok i think they are ok then, It was just kinda wiear to see them from so long and not actually noticeing how red they actually were... If any more abnormal behavior(flashing, clamped fins, ect) happens ill post it... thanks DPG
  5. Hey guys, didn't know what happend over the break something was up with the boards or something , anyway. I got back from the break and my fish have really red gills. I checked the disease page and i couldn't find anything there. The only thing that has changed was i did a 20% water change yesterday and i put a new filter in with new carbon (befor just kept on reuseing old filters, with used up carbon). They don't seem to be flashing so i hope they are ok. I have put some salt in maybe a table spoon or so ( just to ease the water change transition maybe?) and i put some more water conditioner in just incase i didn't put enough in to kill the clorine and what not when i did the water change... If anyone has any further suggestions please shout me a haller ... Cheers DPG
  6. thats sad ... sounds like a beutiful fish
  7. I know the feeling at my school the rugby team as a hazing thing took shots with gold fish in them( gross). Provoked me not to play btw... anyway you can't let those people affect you ... You won't be able to stop the way that they are, all you can do is ignore them and eventually they will disapear(or as far as you are concerned they will be gone)... Cheers and long live your fish, and disregard those people that don't matter... cheers DPG
  8. beutifull... my mom saw that picture and now she might get gold fish ...horray... i hate their tropical tank ....bah o well ..cheers and merry x mas
  9. the sad thing is those pictures are better then the once i take wih my digital camera ... o well...nice looking fish btw
  10. the glass jar type thing looks really pritty and once i get back home from winter break im definutly gonna try it... its a good looking solution to the problem...* shrug CHeers
  11. im kinda lost ... umm yea wait ...no wait yea im lost... cheers
  12. deffinutly i have heard of lots of people uyseing rubbermaid tubs to hold fish... mostly for quarantine tanks though... but i could see it working as a working tank....
  13. man ... its everything that i have been dreaming of ! im gonna go for the natual look like that ... very nice tank...!!!
  14. aigh looks brown to me , green would have been cool..!
  15. i feel for you... lost a fish that way, but it seems that your fish is very healthy to have lived this long with what has happend... i think you are doing a great job, i can't think of much else you could do.. just keep the current down in the qt tank so that he/she can recoup... best of luck to you !
  16. all the time, this time of year is when i buy fish food, filters and all that good stuff. Anything that i may need through out the year. now is when i mainliy buy it(i love ebay) anyway...yea i just got some bio blend stuff(gonna try it out), pump and filter and some filter media and some rag tag decroations... cheers...
  17. crazy ness 120 gallons not to shabby... cheers
  18. i love to see different fish... i love the second link...
  19. another way to prevent the back flow is to have your pump and line above the tank... if you have, shelves or something you can save your self a big old whoopping 79 cents buy just having the tube above the watter level, cheers
  20. really interested to see pics ... post soon
  21. i don't trust any mainstream store, but i agree that vvvv takes a bit better care of their fish...
  22. very interested! lemmee see
  23. im chillen on the cheep end, i want to get a bigger one(but no real need as of yet). I have the Penguin MINI for my 10 gallon. and i love it absolutly. Going to add a canister filter to just add some bubbles but yea its great haveing the bio and the particle filter two seperate components... very good design.... Cheers
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