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  1. Well by explode I meant I looked like it exploded XD There was a big hole in the moss and moss everywhere. I actually have a betta that lives in a little 3 gallon alone, but was afraid the strong current of the 12 would not be good for him.
  2. I've had these moss balls for over a year and they're green as can be. I did have one explode once though, there was moss all over the aquarium. Figured it was seeding but it sure looked funny
  3. Ah okay, thanks The tank housed a single cichlid until this morning when he died inexplicably (not sick or anything, was about a year old) and I was just longing for the goldfish I used to have. Suppose I'll have to wait until I move and can set my 40 back up hehe. Good to know they're not poisonous though, I do love to decorate with them and don't mind them getting munched on from time to time.
  4. I have a 12 gallon marineland tank that I am considering putting a goldfish in, but I have a couple of Marmino moss balls from Petsmart that I have been told are poisonous to goldfish. Is this true?
  5. Aww they're sooo cute I just love the chubby ones ^-^ That tub setup is really well done, it looks great and they look so happy
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