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  1. Well by explode I meant I looked like it exploded XD There was a big hole in the moss and moss everywhere. I actually have a betta that lives in a little 3 gallon alone, but was afraid the strong current of the 12 would not be good for him.
  2. I've had these moss balls for over a year and they're green as can be. I did have one explode once though, there was moss all over the aquarium. Figured it was seeding but it sure looked funny
  3. Ah okay, thanks The tank housed a single cichlid until this morning when he died inexplicably (not sick or anything, was about a year old) and I was just longing for the goldfish I used to have. Suppose I'll have to wait until I move and can set my 40 back up hehe. Good to know they're not poisonous though, I do love to decorate with them and don't mind them getting munched on from time to time.
  4. I have a 12 gallon marineland tank that I am considering putting a goldfish in, but I have a couple of Marmino moss balls from Petsmart that I have been told are poisonous to goldfish. Is this true?
  5. Aww they're sooo cute I just love the chubby ones ^-^ That tub setup is really well done, it looks great and they look so happy
  6. Thanks for all the help, sorry for not replying for so long, lost my password lol. Everyone is fine, I treated with maracynII then did several massive water changes, and a weekly 70% or so change. =)
  7. eep I knew I was overstocked, but my sister's tank (12gals, has 3 goldies same size and a betta) was fine, so I thought it was okay to put less in a big tank...oh well, thats why im here. Peaches is again swimming upright and seems to be fine, as do all the other fish. I had to seperate the single tail into one of those breeder thingies that you put in the same tank and it floats, because he was picking on peaches (which he hasn't done in the 2 months I've had him o.0). As far as the bad stuff levels go, I went to re-test and my kit is expired -.-'. I really dont have any way of getting a new one, either, money is tight. I do have live plants in there, although that has not changed since April. As far as the minnow goes, it was wildcaught and quarintined in a container for several hours, then placed in the main tank. I would have quarintined it for longer, but I do not have an operational quarintine tank at the moment, as it is being used by some surprise baby guppies (all females in my tank 0.o). 50 gals, unfortunately, is not going to happen with the parents. I had to strain to get the 3 fancies out of a 10gal to the 37 I have now, with a special filter that hadles more fish (the marineland biowheel system, I think it does 250gals an hour). I have not fed them today, because I was worried about constipation with peaches, although I still do not know what is wrong with the trops that died. Last night, I also massaged peaches (like you do to release milt when breeding) and got out a lot of milt and some normal looking poop. I think that helped, because he seemed to feel better and started trying to flip right-side-up after I did this. The temperature of the tank is kept at room temperature, around 70, which has not been a problem for the trops or the goldies since January. There is no heater on the tank, although I do have one avaliable to use if necessary. Thanks for the help, by the way =)
  8. Okay, i havent been on in a while, so hi.....unfortunately peaches (male oranda, 4-5in with tail) seems to have septicimia. This morning I went to feed my fish (i have guppies in there as well) they were fine. I came home tonight to find a guppy, minnow, and an algae eater dead. I removed them from the tank to discover that they seemed bruised and bloody. The guppy even exploded at a touch. They were oozing with blood, and seemed rotted. I am confused, and the only thing i have found to be a potential cause is septicimia. The ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, and ph are all fine. 37ga tank. Biowheel filter with a carbon thingy (marineland brand). I change the water once a week, around 50% at most, 10-20% if it seems okay testkitwise. Several small guppies, 2 female bettas and 1 male betta, 1 upside down catfish (supposed to be that way) and 3 other small goldies. I know this is overstocked, but I keep the bad stuff levels down. Bacterial supplement added for the nitrate&ntrite and ammonia eating kind, dechlorinator, slime coat. New minnow (caught from river and quarintined) 3 weeks ago. I feed them a mix of algae, shrimp (dried) and betta bites for the bettas. Peache has bloody streaks in fins. Peaches is also floating upside down at the top, not moving much. Keep in mind that they all looked 100% fine this morning, even the ones that were found dead. I was considering salt dipping/baths/treating the tank, but i would need instructions on how to do the dips/baths. I am sure that all 4 of the goldies in there are males, 3 orandas and 1 singletail speciesunknown. Please help any way you can, I dont want peaches to die.
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