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  1. man, I remember back in the days. I started with a 10 gallon fish tank and my single tail grew so big I had to buy a new one then its never ending upgrades. I now have 1 150 gallon and 2 75 gallons all gold fish. I hope you dont end up like me, but they are wroth it. Nice looking setup.
  2. Ick is all gone the Popeye is not really visible or i can't say is popeye Hopefully I can get some help here
  3. http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/80528-ich-needs-advice-911/page__st__40 this was the orginal thread now one of the Fish have pope eye i think white clear circle aroudn the eye need Advice thank you eveyrone
  4. ok will do that Happy new year Trinket and everyone on this board
  5. its about 7 days since I see any ich i need the math help for reducing salt
  6. The 3 Remainning Fish looks good no Ich visibile. How long do i need to keep .3 salt?
  7. Ph is 7.2 to 7.4 I'm gonna do a 50 perent water change tomorrow would be day 4 for .3 salt so if i take out 10 gallon i need to add 30 tsp to match the .3 salt right?
  8. 100 percent water change from 0 salt to .1 then 50 percent from .1 to .2 then another 50 percent from .2 to .3 today i dont see the peeling effect but around temple there are some white spots looks like a pimple on human face the 3 fish looks active today is day 2 of .3 salt when should i do antoher water change?
  9. looks like pilling off I woke up this morning lost the black and red one he looked ok last night I think the .3 might be too strong for him the other 3 are swimming fine
  10. No Fish was bottom sitting as of today STill lots of water ich on the body but it looks a little differnt today instead of white spot (there are still white spots) they looks weird just did .3 salt after 48 hrs of .2 salt
  11. NOw,!!!! i'm lost with all these data haha i was at the pet store they have some vit drop thing suppose will add vit to the water i don't trust that what do you think?
  12. wow!!! that looks hard I can't cook or do anything in the kitchen LOL I'm gonna have to see about that Will ask mom for help
  13. can i give them orange? I can't figure out how to give them vit c except that i'm at .2 now which i remember Trinket told me at .2 ich will not surrive I'll do .3 tomorrow night I just hope they will start swimming
  14. Just added .2 salt today there are A LOT more ich on the body
  15. just got off work gonna work on the .2 salt today 3 fish only swim when i feed them 1 is active all the time
  16. whew~~ thats alot of salt I done it one time to my 75 gallon which the fish were ok I guess the bigger tank have higher buffer but for a 20 gallon can my fish handle it?
  17. so when i do my .2 salt i plan to take out 10 gallon of water so when i replace with the new 10 gallon of water I need to first add 10 tsp of salt to replace the water came out right? then I have to add 20 tsp to make it .2 right? so day 2 is 30 tsp to make it .2 for .3 that would be 10 more gallon coming out since the water have .2 that would be 20 tsp then another 20 tsp to make it .3 so day 3 is 40 tsp tell me if i made any mistake
  18. how do i add vit c? they are on their regular food wheat germs i'm gonna do the water change tomorrow on 48 hrs I dont want to distrub them now they looks the same as yesterday 1 of the fish i dont see any ich the other 3 i still see them on the head body and tail
  19. not sure if the fish is playing with me or what came home after work now 3 of them are in the bottom only 1 swimming I am scared to do a water change now to do the .2 salt
  20. Four Little Crazy Fishes got me worried all night. I feed them this morning before i went to school they all came up and fight for the food even these 3 bottom sitting lazzzzzzzzzy fatties now they are all swimming like normal when i got back. When should I increase to .2 salt? thanks
  21. Update after 5 hrs one fish looks active and swimming two of them are bottom sitting but moves a little bit (vertical movements) one is still hiding in the corner not moving at all Temp is set at 78.3 I dont want to mess wit the heater now as I wont be home for a few hrs going to school I will Update when I come back hopefully there are no more copper in the water
  22. Just watched the Fish for 10 min two of them are actively swimming =) temp is at 77 now the third one he was the one bottom sitting all the time now swims a little bit the fourth one is hiding in the corner i saw him lift up for a little bit then drop back down at the same spot again I will be back in 5 hrs thanks everyone for the help
  23. so anything i can do for the 20 gallon tank? thanks
  24. 75 tank is fine that big red oranda is still the same but he is still #1 when its feeding time so i guess i shouldn't worry too much he does swim around actively as for media this was the old Filter C330 with the Fluval 450 and i swap out the C330 with a Emperor and moved the C330 to the 20 gallon the Bio Wheels should have some good stuff in it and this tank has been running with them for 4 weeks My tap water have heavy ammonia and I can't do anything about that but some how the 75 gallon shows very little ammonia Thanks P.S i'll be here for few more hrs studying for my final and watching over the fish so feel free to write back
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