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  1. Thx everyone. Unfortunately my situation doesn't allow another tank to be setup atm. Down the track I move the bubble eye and celestial.
  2. I got my old corner tank back from my brother plus some fish I gave it to him as a housewarming present but now he's heading overseas for a while. To make room I had to take down the chinese new tank which I had http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/...showtopic=66829 Size - 120 to 140 litres (When moving it filled up 2 x 60 litre bins and then some) Fish - 1 x celestial, 1 x bubble eye, 1 x black moor, 1 x ryukin, 2 x red caps, 2 x pearscales, 4 x lionheads (The pearscales and lionheads were my fish to begin with) Filtration - 1 x Ehiem 2213, 1 x Jaqno 301 (From researching the net I believe that Jaqno seems to be a popular brand from Japan) The tank is overstocked so I tried to compensate with the extra canister filter. So far its been running for almost 3 weeks. The water is crystal and all fishies are very happy. These pics were taken in the first week. I'll post some more recent pics when i get a chance
  3. Have updated some more pics of the lionheads in the tank - http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/...showtopic=66853
  4. My first post has a link to the tank section where their tank is. Here are some tank shots. The marco close up shots i might post in another thread. All three tend to huddle around that corner. I figure they are still getting use to life in a tank. Haven't given them any names. I'm not in ther habit of naming my fish. Never did and not sure why
  5. These are the guys calling it home. Posted in goldfish photo section - http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/...showtopic=66853
  6. Related to my stand and hood redesign for Chinese New Year - http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/...showtopic=66829 Todat I got myself some lionheads. They didn't have any Ranchus but these guys are just as good. Pick up them $13 each. I think the darker one is a blue more than black. Let me know what you reckon. I'll be adding more pics with them in the tank later on. May be in a new post, I have a few pics and some interesting macro close up shots
  7. I was considering black gravel but decided to try a bare bottom tank for a first. I'll be looking around for anything "appropriate" for decor. Ideally I want a stone dragon
  8. Being Chinese New Year I decide to the revamp my 2ft tank. A Chinese temple / Japanese Toji gate was theme i was aiming for. See below. Previously it was home to a group of guppies happily multiplying. After relocating them to spare tank this is what I started off with. I would say about 36hrs later I had the finished product. I'm thinking about putting another tank underneath when I get a chance and prolly pick out some better looking river rocks. Tomorrow I'm planing on going to get some ranchu's or lionheads
  9. Egyptian theme tank is very clever. Well done! How big is that ranchu in the the first pic?
  10. You mean 10ft x 4ft x 4ft tank? That's huge. BTW - very nice looking commons
  11. Roxanne is a good find. Congrats. I think it's the fisrt time i have seen an all white oranda myself
  12. Alucard is looking as mean as ever You just need to you get the rest of the Hellsing Organisation
  13. I was tired of seeing air tubes all over the tank and didn't like to suction cups with clips. Note this tip will require some silicon work and you will have to empty the tank. 1. Empty your tank and dry 2. Go down to your hardware store and purchase some 6mm clear piping. The local hardware store was selling the 6mm piping in small section and as joiners for larger tubing. I found these in the gardening section 3. Silicon the 6mm piping to the corner of your tank and allow to set To my knowledge, the air tubing is 3 or 4mm so it has no problems sliding thru the 6mm tubing. To clean the inside of the 6mm tube you can just use a standard tube brush. You could opt for a single length all the way down inside of the corner but i believe this will be a hassle to clean.
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