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  1. Thank you Nickie yea they are really look happy and I have been feeding them 5 times a day with 5 different feeding products for two years
  2. yea Suzzy nice capture you right they are around 6- 8 inches two of them is around 8 and small calico ryukin is 6
  3. thank you for your all comments and ı dont wanna my goldies growth get stunted I hope I can change my tank but there is problem that I am taking my education abroad for this reason probably I am gonna buy a new tank after graduation which is mean end of this semester
  4. yea you absolutely right ı will transfer my fish in to the new big tank in a short time but ı would like to remind you all those fishes have been living together in the same tank almost for 2 years however ı am certainly sharing the same idea with you when ı got the big tank my goldies will have chance to get bigger and bigger yours faithfully, Volkan K?se
  5. wowwwwwwwwww they are awesomeee they are look so healty ,strong ,stunning congratulation,
  6. here is new member of my ryukin crew addtional notes: my tank is about 20 gallons Atman external filitre and atman air pump
  7. Check out my boy Ryukin he is much more stronger than the first time I bought him
  8. Actually I am sharing the same ideas with you guys however I have been bringing up my plants for 1.5 years they gettign bigger and bigger sometimes I prune them. ıf I have chance to take care of my tank all the time it would be much more beautiful unfortunately I am studiyng abroad and usually when ı come back home I see my tank little bit irrelevant Last time I saw my tank; it was to get covered with moss. I guess important thing is adjusment of lighting time 8 hours plant light will be enough but according to my dad he will never do that plus he doesnt turn off the aquarium light in a day time even during the nights for this reason my biggest problem is moss. I have told him many times it has just wrong let me tell u something never forget that no one care ur aquarium like you did even if ur dad thank u for all...
  9. sorry for the late answer two tubes will be enough for 30 galons aquarium if u runnig them around 9 or 10 hours a day
  10. ow hi dan u can find my lighting system on this web page I know its in Turkish but U may have an idea about the light which I use sera plant color http://www.petburada.com/pinfo.asp?pid=5233 here is the website
  11. Hi everyone this is mine 30 gallons goldfish tank I think all goldfish tanks looks much more great with alive plant therefor if u choose right plant for the right tank thus will not be any problem I mean we all know that goldfishs are really big gluttonous however u may choose hard leaf plant like anubias onion plant and these are mine final videos have fun
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