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  1. I wouldn't know about it, from what I know, even human been using Garlic as a prevention of getting ill, since it boost their immune system.
  2. lol the water is good, I dont have money to buy a whole bunch of filtered water for water changes, so I do use Tab water, Tab water pH is 8.3 while my normal tank pH is about 7.
  3. I have never heard of them meanwhile many of them look like a common goldfish to me, except a few but the photos are definitely been photoshoped. Fish 7 is quite interesting, would be amazing to see it in an actual video rather than an edited photo.
  4. well i got them for a while already...not sure..maybe a year? depend on which one you are talking about haha. The Fantail is a dropsy survivor so is the tiny Sarasa. Lol I am still scared of big amount of water changes, the last time I did 50% water changes, it shocked my fish so much they all almost died haha......even tho I did put conditioner and everything, i mean even 10% of water changes can harm them without conditioners, even tho i put conditioner in everytime i have water changes. S Shameful to say that I do not have a lot of time as I use to, on weekdays, school, home is homework and projects, Sat and Sun. 8 in the morning I go to temple and wont return home like very late, sometime I haven't come home yet and it's 10 pm! But I try not to let that be an excuse to not taking care of my fish haha
  5. I believe garlic just boost the immune systems of the fish, so it can fight off the diseases or as a prevention of catching diseases, but not really the treatment itself. but wow ....even if you are planning to feed it, I would do it in VERY small amount once a week or 2 week.
  6. Why isn't my goldfish not growing, I swear they look the same, and I keep the water in good condition, I change 20% ...sometime like 10% each weeks, and i fed it all kind of good food, from flakes, pellets, to dry blood worms, to frozen blood worms and brine shrimps, they aren't growing...-___-" this is making me sad, like seeing your own children not growing ...haha maybe that's not a good example but I'm start to get worry. The tank is 55 gallon and I have 1 fantail, 1 ryukin, 1 oranda, and 1 sarasa. I dont think it's over crowded .....hmmmm lol oh and in the summer i'm planning to take them outside to see the sun, going to buy a big kiddie pool and use that as a mini outdoor above ground pond haha....should be fun.....and i'm dying here, we have a 50,000 i thing above ground pool, and I wanted to use it as a goldfish pond, but mom wouldnt let me, she want it to be remove wahhhhh
  7. oooh I'm so sorry Shamu! I hope it will recovers I hope someone can come by and help you out soon. CG
  8. Well, from the picture it does look like whole in the head, and no the metro med will not harm the healthy fish in anyway, but as the label instructed that it should not be fed on daily basic because then later on the medicine will not works when you really need it, so I guess you are using it as a prevention, probably no more than 14 days in feeding, I think it will be fine. I hope your fish will get better soon CG
  9. Thanks all for the nice replies! You guys are giving him much ego! thanks I dont think it's a sakura ryukin, it's a calico one. and what funny was i went to LFS just to buy a filter pad! lol it's funny how i always go directly to the fish sections whenever i go to LFS! I decided to name it.......I haven't have a name yet, would be nice if someone could help, i was thinking of calling it RASHY! earlier because of the red color on it! lol
  10. YEah yeah yeah i know iknow i said i wont get anymroe fish but I just cant help it, >....<" this is a calico ryukin that i saw today he was absolutely BEAUTTTIFUL! So .....welll I dont know what happened after that, I'm like possessed but when I got home, I realized i'm carrying a fish bag with a ryukin in it! LOL the worse part is you cant deny he is beautifullllll....or maybe it's a she lol well he/she is much more beautiful in real life, the photos are horrrrribleeee Gosh i wish i can show what he/she looks like. Front Back Side
  11. barebottom should be the best choice actually, it's easier to clean. Not mentioning those little gravel can be dangerous for goldfish, many member up here have goldfish that got a gravel stuck in its mouth and actualy die from it. I use to have barebottom and loved it but i decided to change so i can make it a natural looking planted tank. But I do not use gravel, i use pebbles or river stones, they are bigger, and not as dangerous.
  12. AHHH lol everytime there is goldfishconnection auction, I'm SUFFERING! Lol i'm seriously killing myself just looking at those goldfish. hahaha Ya ya i know i'm crazy but i cant help it, WAHHHHH i was banging my head earlier lol
  13. I'm glad to hear that she made it. You should start feeding metro-med when you get it right away, I did, to my fantail and he responsed to it very quickly, his scales all lay down and the swollen is lessen the next day after I fed it metromed, the best thing about it also is that he doesn't spit out metro-med, i guess it taste good So i dont have to go through the trouble of picking it up and forcing it into his mouth or anything. The problem is that if your goldfish is to small then it might be having abit problem swallowing the whole pellet,soak it first for a few minutes then feed it. It should say on the metro-med container that don't feed it any other food except metro-med for no less than 14 days. It's a miracle The order should arrive quickly, since i order near the end of friday, so there was Sat. and Sun. and they only work on business day, so my metro-med was ship right away on monday and i got it by tuesday.
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