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  1. Sorry I haven't been on much lately. I'm getting ready to move to Nevada at the end of the month and I've been busier than a cat covering it up trying to get all my ducks in a row. Three of the babies got their color. I sent all but two of them to a charity auction so they could find new homes for a good cause. I felt pretty bad about it though coz their all TINY. I didn't have much of a choice though coz I don't think they'd do well being shipped all the way to NV. I saved the two best for nickie and An and I'll be sending them their ways probably around the end of next week or so.
  2. This is all I get back when I give my guys oranges. It's like then bare skeleton you get back from piranhas LOL
  3. About two weeks ago I took Shari's fishies for treatment while she's cycling her fish tanks. I've been keeping her updated with pics here and there and I even made her a little video. I figured some of y'all might be wondering how they've been doing so here ya go! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0nBYQ0DSn2Y This is a pic of Kingyo as of yesterday. Their doing really good and are putting on weight like crazy! We've also gotten rid of all the little buggies that have been chewing on them Here's a pic of little Wink. He's getting so chubby I hear the cycle on Shari's tank is coming along well so hopefully we can reunite her with her little one's here soon. Yay!
  4. Hey we're neighbors. What else could I do?
  5. That's ok we still love you anyway!
  6. There are a lot of member's that we need to take time out to thank but Trinket and Pix just really popped into my head there.
  7. I love Koko's forum! There's so many wonderful people here who are so knowledgeable and helpful. But it seems like the two I see the most are Trinket and Pixiefish. They always seem to be busting their behinds to help out the folks that come here with some very difficult problems. There'd be a big void here if they ever left and I just wanna thank them for taking the time to help out SOOO many of us!
  8. No the first brood of GF fry I raised was when I was 10. I lost a lot of those to crummy mistakes.
  9. These guys were laid when I moved their parents into a new tank. I kind of spoil them and wanted them to have their own space but they plastered eggs every where. So I took mom and dad out and caped the filter intake with a sponge. I was hoping most of them wouldn't hatch but most of them did. These guys were the biggest and best of the bunch.
  10. Awe their so pretty! I'm in love
  11. LOL thanks jewels! One of those babies is going to An and another will be shipped to Nickie after they get some age on them!
  12. To save my life I can't get a halfway decent pic of these babies so I put them in a bowl and took a few seconds worth of video of them. I did my first culling today and these were my top pics for this go round. This batch turned out a lot of weak fry and some deformed. These are the strongest and best of the bunch. http://s84.photobucket.com/albums/k21/mags...nt=KKbabies.flv
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