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  1. Hey everyone - I'm an older memeber who has been gone for a while. I have two ponds and one has a major leak so we had to move everyone to the other pond and my hubby decided to tear the leaking one apart - I've got to stop leaving him home alone! Anyway he wants to make it bigger but I am not sure what to use for a liner. I have always used the heavy duty tarps and they last for years. If we make it bigger, the tarps won't work because I can't find them bigger than what I have used in the past. The largest liner Lowes carries is for a 13x20x18 and is $128. I might go this route, but I am not sure how big he wants to go. What have others used for their ponds?
  2. They seemed so curious in the store, they are still alive and I am watching them closley. Thanks so much and I'll keep you posted as to how they do. Maybe get a picture if they come out of hiding!
  3. Anyone have much experience with Oscars? I bought two last weekend and they are hiding and not eating much. They have a little ick but I am treating that. The ph was high, but I got that undercontrol the day I got them. All my other water tests were good. They are about 2 inches in size. I added salt to help with the move. I have tired the lights on and the lights off. They seem to swim around a bit when we are not in the room, but hide when we come in. Any suggestions?
  4. The pond can not freeze solid and can only be froze on top for a short time. Gases can build up under the ice. I use a stock tank heater in my ponds when the temps do not get above freezing for more than a few days. I do not keep the heaters running all the time because I want the fish to go dormate. Do not feed the fish in the winter as they can not digest food and it will rot in their stomachs. Also, keeping a pump running year round keeps the top from freezing solid if it does not get too cold. Keeping a 100 gallon pond inside should be just like an tank.
  5. Ok I have spent all morning making a new batch of gel food for my fish. My fingers are all wrinkled from removing peas from the shell. While doing this I was thinking some one should sell "deshelled" peas. Then I had the bright I idea to use baby food! Not just for the peas, but for all the vegetables. It's already pureed and there would be no cleanup. Baby food is suppose to be all natural - I haven't went and bought any to check out the ingredients. I'll give it a try and let you know how it went.
  6. I have posted this several times before, but for new members here is a simple, cheap way to replace your filter media. They media you can buy from the store gets expensive and usually comes with carbon that you don't need to use - unless you need to remove meds from the tank. I buy quilt batting from the craft section of nooppee and cut it to size, I fold it over the inserts and bingo - clean and cheap! They seem to need replaced every week, but I see that as it is getting lots of stuff out of the tank. I have done this for at least 6 months with no problems at all. And one roll lasts for a long time!
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