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  1. dont buy a dojo, cuz i bought one like a year or 2 ago, and the stupid thing jumped out of the tank when i left the room, so i found it and i popped it back into the tank and i covered ALL holes on the lid.. next morning i found the dojo on the floor dried up.. .###### thing must have crawled up the water fall of my aqua clear and then made it way across the tank lid and onto the floor. sneaky little things
  2. goldfish (fancy) cost more in Canada than they do in the US on average... and that applies to jsut about everything....
  3. the lionhead i named Fat Albert and the new oranda, i'm thinking of calling him Calvin Klein
  4. http://img358.imageshack.us/img358/3134/img07128hi.jpg
  5. wont let me upload a 80kb file...
  6. the oranda on the backround... about 4 inches excluding tail, still not as big as my lion head which is 5 inches excluding tail, or whatevers left of it......
  7. well there are 2x40 watt flourscent tubes as room light, they are turned on like for most part of the day. the room lighting is about 4 meters above the aquarium with that said, you guys think i can have anything more than just boring javamoss, i'm also afraid that java moss will clog my filter
  8. not really, only room light, sunlight for like 2 hours during the summer time, thats it
  9. hi, i want a plant in my tank that, doesnt require an aquarium light to thrive (only room light) a sturdy plant that doesnt break offwhen shaken (to avoid filter clogs) easy to take care of thrive in room temp thanks
  10. did an 80% water change cuz my grandma kept nagging about the nasty tank, i also put in some zeolite rocks, those things have worked in the past for me as forthe phosphate, the carbon should take care of that no?
  11. well, i thought it was the sun at first, so i curtained the window. Now the only source of light is the room's flourscent lights. i do about a 20-30% water change every week or bi-weekly, depending on how busy i am. i've never had this problem last summer, only this summer, and i also keep my tank empty of decorations to ease cleaning
  12. ok, its always above 30 degrees in the room due to hot weather, and it has already claimed the life of my black moore. but even with decreased bioload on the 20 gallon the water still turns green really fast this is the 2nd time i;ve done a 100% water change AND cleaned out the tank but the green water comes back and it gets worse everytime
  13. 20 gallon LONG, 2 medium fancy goldfish, its been 2 months + since i've done a water change i feed 2 times a day...... i dont even wanna imagine how the filter smells like, i almost puked last time when i went 1 month without cleaning the filter
  14. well i'm from Toronto, Ontario, thats in Canada eh! why i still live in an igloo and i dog sled to school in july where we have at least 20 cm of snow and alots of polar bears!
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