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  1. i made a research article on it, maybe this would help: Fish and Sleep
  2. wow....how big are your orandas and how big were their tanks?
  3. maybe if you have something like an air stone the bubbles could get stuck on him, it happened to my fish too. sometimes Nipper even tries to EAT the bubbles, then he spits them out (seems like he's "burping"!)
  4. aww stranger has that cute "please feed me! " expression in the 1st pic
  5. cool pic kat! maybe other types of goldfish have teeth further in the back of their mouth.(after all, no two goldfish are the same, not counting clones!) i wonder how MANY teeth they have....
  6. oh. thanks guys! im glad it wasnt anything to worry about
  7. wow, what don't they eat? (other than human food, tomatoes, and other pet food)
  8. yes, i posted it in the diagnoses forum...Nibby's lost a tooth
  9. well...it looks like exactly like an arrow tip and it is pointy and hard
  10. well, is it normal for them to lose their teeth?
  11. wait....never mind someone can close this thread now (didn't notice the other topic...)
  12. every time i start to clean Nipper's tank (30 US gallons, 1 fish) i find some brown algae/gunk/whatever on the tank glass, and the filter intake tubes, and the air stone. is there a way to get rid of it (for good)?
  13. do you have any type of gravel? if so, do you have a UG filter?
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