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  1. ali


    I have seen that your great about information and nutritional needs lol... So could you give the nutritional information on Cucumbers please? thanx alot!
  2. thanx guys! So many suggestions....I might try them all on all of my tanks
  3. LOL Fishface! yes we put up to many lights aswell. So scared that the fuse cant take it
  4. thats a good one! just be a bit more careful fishface lol
  5. Well as some of you know I have been trying to get kokos into the x-mas spirit (just look at my siggy) well I got another great (or stupid) idea. In my 30g Im going to put a x-mas gift wrap as by background....hehe, get the goldfish in the x-mas spirt aswell. I can wait its going to look great! So I just wanted to say that you should do something like that to!....Just dont get any cheesy gift wrap lol. I bet it would trun out geat. Just till x-mas of course.... Merry X-mas!
  6. ali

    Could It Be?

    I think that goldies change color on their own and theirs nothing you really can do to stop it really....It a genetics type thing ya know? The only foods that I know that change colors is Algea based products, If you feed your goldies enough algea they will most likely change colors. Oh every goldfish on this earth goes through a color change some of them we can barely notice others we cant bealive lol! Comes with the hobby
  7. Oh they are great!!! I have the 330s on all my 20/29gs and 3 of each in my 55gs. I use those and Empeors....but I like Peguins better I give it 5 out 5! :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup
  8. Well, Everyone has their own prefrences on how much light their tanks get, Since we all have diffent tanks with diffrent needs..... For me I turn on my lights at 8AM and turn them off at 8PM. Like what sandy said I turn off the tank lights but keep the light in the hallway on for a bit then trun that off so its seems like a sunset affect. Same in the morings I Turn on the hallway lights on first for a bit to wake them up and then trun on their tank light
  9. I test mine Before and after my weekly water changes to see how much of a diffrence I have done to the NitrAtes.... Mine usually stay around 20 but right after a change it goes down to 14. After that I record it in a notbook so if I have any problems.....I can see when it has gone a stray....
  10. ali

    " Feeed Meeee! "

    Well Goldfish need a bit more variety than just flakes. Try feeding Pellets (Such as pro-gold from goldfishconnection.com) Feed them veges aswell such as: Kiwi Orange Peas ( They love it and are good for them try feeding them this once a week) cucumber apple lettuce carrot green pepper cabbage.....The list goes on. just soak them in water and make them into bit size pieces. You can also get these foods from your LFS. Shrimp Tubfix worms Krill blood worms A variety of these foods will really show in the color and healthness of your fish. Such as color will become more vibrant, They will be more active, they grow nicely (If given enough space, filtration, and areation aswell). Just an over all healthy goldfish!. I feed my goldfish twice a day, as much as they can eat in 2-3 minutes. I also Fast them on sundays, this will cause them to clear their systems and give them a break. They will also look for food in the gravel and clean up the tank for ya a bit so it will keep them busy for a day!
  11. Ok well, is it a chance that you are willing to make? If you REALLY want him, your going have to take some special Precations and care. When you put him in there look out for any fin nipping this is stressful to the poor fish. Next your going to have to concentrate and see there swimming with out any problems, So make sure that your shubunkin is not being a bully and leaving the Lionhead alone since lionheads Swim much slower than your shubunkin and he might see the lionhead as a weak little fish. Next your going to need to be careful with feeding The lionhead has no chance to get food faster than your little shubunkin. So I would suggest Hand Feeding. Or even feeding with the lights off so some food can go to the vottom of the tank and the lionhead will learn to get its food down there. So its really your choice I would not do it but that does not mean it can not be done......Just some extra care. So remember look and make sure your lionhead is comfortable in its new home and the Shubunkin is not bothering him or nipping, Also make sure the lionhead gets it share of food. Tell me what you decide to do!
  12. Ornamets can be used for both security and buety lol. Make sure there not hollow and not sharp to where if your goldfish bumps here and there they wont cut them selves. So get creative, decorating an aquarium is so much fun!
  13. Why not! I would go for it, If your tank is atleast 30gs and you have good filtration....knock your self out. Like what touchofsky said, I would make sure they get their own share of food since their eye site is not as good compared to other goldies, I would try to hand feed them! Mine feed right from my fingers, So they always get there share. Oh and try not to have very sharp objects in your tank just in case they bump into something here and there.
  14. Well My biggest goldie (Oranda I just call him the big guy) is around 7 inches! Cant wait till all my goldies are that big!
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